EP 113: 5 Simple ChatGPT Hacks To Make It Easier to Use

  • 2 Oct, 2023
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As a business owner or decision maker, harnessing the power of AI can be a game-changer for your company. One AI tool that has gained popularity is ChatGPT, a powerful language model developed by OpenAI. In this article, we will explore five simple hacks to help you make the most out of ChatGPT, enhancing your business operations and driving growth.

Default to Plugins Mode:

When using ChatGPT, it is recommended to default to Plugins Mode. This mode allows you to access additional functionalities and capabilities that can greatly benefit your business. By defaulting to Plugins Mode, you can tap into specific plugins like ‘Browse with Bing’ for browsing queries or ‘Advanced Data Analysis Mode’ for in-depth data analysis. Maximizing the potential of Plugins Mode will enable you to leverage the full power of ChatGPT.

Swap out Google Search:

As the future of the Internet and search engines becomes increasingly reliant on generative AI, it’s time to consider alternatives to traditional search engines like Google. Various AI-driven search experiences, such as Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), are emerging. Exploring and embracing these new search engine options can provide unique insights, improved user experiences, and innovative ways to meet business needs.

Streamline Decision-Making:

AI-powered tools like ChatGPT can help streamline decision-making processes within your business. By feeding ChatGPT with relevant data and scenarios, you can obtain valuable insights and perspectives to inform your strategic choices. Whether it’s forecasting sales trends, analyzing market data, or evaluating potential risks, ChatGPT can provide valuable input to support your decision-making process.


ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that can revolutionize the way your business operates. By employing these five simple hacks, you can unlock the full potential of ChatGPT and drive growth for your company. Whether it is optimizing workflows, enhancing customer interactions, or generating creative content, integrating ChatGPT into your business strategy will undoubtedly yield positive results. Embrace the power of AI and stay ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Topics Covered in This Episode

1. Using plugins with ChatGPT
2. Connecting the internet to ChatGPT
3. Ways to get more out of ChatGPT

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:17]:

Alright. If you are stuck on Chat GPT and maybe you’re not getting the most out of it, this is a great show for you. I’m gonna share 5 simple chat GPT hacks to make it easier to use. Welcome. My name is Jordan Wilson. This is Everyday AI, your daily livestream, podcast, and free daily newsletter, helping everyday people like Me and you make better sense of AI and how we can make it grow our company and grow our career. So If you’re interested in knowing how to better use ChatGPT, this is a great episode for you. So, whether you are A beginner or you’ve been using Chat2BT just about every day like me, I think that you’re gonna find some value in today’s episode.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:09]:

So, first of all, thank you to everyone joining us live. This is a live stream. So, if you are joining us on the podcast, make sure to check your show notes. Join us on the live stream in the future. It’s a lot of fun. So, you know, everyone joining us live. So, joining us. Thank you.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:32]:

Douglas. Douglas, good morning. Thank you. Brian Kennedy joining us. Trevor. Alright. So we’ve got a lot of people, here joining us live. Thank you as always, for Learning together.

Daily AI news

Jordan Wilson [00:01:47]:

That’s what this is all about. But let’s first, before we get into all this chat gbt and I think some ways that you all Well, really like. Let’s first talk about the AI news. It’s something that we do every single day. So first, Meta has released its LAMA two long AI model. So the LAMA two model’s been out for a while, but, Meta Kind of stealthily over the weekend, released its long AI model. So, Meta Platforms, designed, this new AI long model is designed to handle longer text sequences, and it outperforms some leading AI models. And this model is based on, the open source LAMA 2, but it has gone, it has undergone continual Training with longer training sequences.

Jordan Wilson [00:02:39]:

So it’s it’s definitely something to, keep an eye on. And, yes, some of y’all have asked, and I will do it, Dedicated, llama episode here in the future. It’s kinda fun to say that. Right? A llama episode. Alright. Next piece of news. So celebrity AI fakes are on the rise. This Kind of 2 different stories that came out right one after another.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:04]:

So the first one, Zelda Williams, the daughter of the late Robin Williams, recently expressed her disapproval of AI recreations of of her late father’s voice. But another one that just, happened less than a day ago, Tom Hanks is now warning fans about a promotional video for a dental plan featuring an AI version of himself, and, obviously, he had nothing to do with it. So, especially, here in the US as the, 2024 election cycle is going to start to heat up. This is gonna be something that we’re gonna see a lot more of is just kind of these AI, fakes ad And what the US is going to do about it, if anything. Alright. Some big news. It’s speculative, but I think it’s worth bringing up today. So, is is Apple building a generative AI search engine? So a recent report from Bloomberg looks at what Apple may be doing under the scenes and, kind of some of the rumors are suggesting that it may be releasing a Search engine to go up against Google and other search giants.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:20]:

So reportedly, Apple is working to integrate its internal, it’s internally named Pegasus search engine into Ios and macOS and may use some AI tools to enhance it. So very interesting, news happening over the weekend in the world of generative AI, and It’s something that we do every single day. So people always ask, hey, Jordan. When is when is this everyday AI show? When when do you do it? It’s every day. You know, there’s always so much happening. There’s always so many new, developments, happening in the world of generative AI. So We do this every single weekday. We go live Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM Central Standard Time.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:04]:

So, thank you everyone for joining. What a great what a great crew. I’m excited to to go over this today. I hope you are too. Doctor Harvey, thanks for joining. He says, like Apple Maps, Apple search, smart idea. Yeah. We’ll see.

Hack #1 – Plugins mode

Jordan Wilson [00:05:20]:

There’s been plenty of, There’s been plenty of different stories that show just how much Apple has to pay essentially, different, I think right now they’re paying Google, to use the default search on Safari. So, it’s it’s definitely a a future move, but it’s also a move that in theory, would help them pocket, 100 of 1,000,000 of dollars or might even be more than that. Alright. But That’s not what you came here to listen to. You came here to listen to 5 simple Chat gbt hacks to make Chat gbt easier to use. So Let’s dive right into it. And, please, if you are joining, maybe maybe you have, maybe you have a hack. Maybe share your favorite too.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:09]:

Maybe I’ll I’ll I’ll pick a pick a couple at the end, and and shout them out here on the show. Alright. So my chat GPT hack number 1 is to default to plug ins mode. Okay? So when you use ChatGPT, it used to, always go to default mode. It doesn’t do that anymore. But I encourage people not only to use The plug ins mode by default, but also, I have a little URL on the screen here, and I’ll I’ll share this in the show notes. Don’t worry. But You can also grab and a lot of people don’t know this, but there is this URL here.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:52]:

It’s just slash question mark model equals GPTdash4dash Plug ins. Right? You can actually just save that as a bookmark and launch, Chat GPT in plug ins mode. And you’re you might be asking, and I’ll try not to go on a long rant. Like, okay. Why plug ins mode? Why anything else? Right? Or why not anything else? So it’s also worth noting that in order to access plug ins mode, you obviously have to have the $20 a month Chat GPT plus subscription. I very highly encourage people. Go find this out for yourself, and I actually just had a show about this last week. But, you know, ChatGPT and OpenAI, the parent company, just rereleased, browse with Bing after, they had to pull it for a couple of months due to some, some copyrights complaints and some lawsuits.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:50]:

So they just did reintroduce this. So a lot of people are trying to flock back to browse with Bing. I did an entire show on why you probably shouldn’t do that, but, I always encourage people to use plug ins mode by default. Don’t use the default mode. That has access to nothing. There is the browse with Bing mode that allows you to essentially query, Bing. There is advanced data, analysis mode, which is Exactly what it sounds like, in advanced data analysis mode. And then there’s plug ins mode.

Hack #2 – Swap out Google Search

Jordan Wilson [00:08:22]:

I tell people always, always, always use plug ins. Right? I’ve consulted now hundreds of of people, individuals, companies on chat gpt, and this is always What I tell people is start in def, start in plug ins mode. Alright. Next, And this is very much related. Swap out Google search. Alright? And this is something, actually had Mark DeGrasse, the president of digital marketer, on the Everyday AI Show couple months ago. And this is one of his suggestions as well. I’ve been telling people this for many months, but this is one of his suggestions as well is, The future of the Internet, right, is generative AI.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:14]:

And it’s the same thing with Search engines. Right? So we talked about the top of the show that Apple is working on a search engine competitor to Google and others, but they are trying to infuse AI. So, even Google. Right? If if you’ve used Google search recently, you’ve probably seen the new, what’s called SGE, which is the search generative experience. Right? So I’d say if you are still using the traditional Google search or Yahoo search or Bing or, I don’t know. Does does AskJeeves still even exist. I’m actually curious now. That’s one of the first search engines I used.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:54]:

Let’s see. Does Jack yeah. Okay. Now it’s just ask.com, apparently, but, You know, swap out. If you are using a traditional nongenerative AI search, Swap it out. Right? You can use, sure, SGE, from Google. Their generative search, you can use. Bing kind of has a, you know, Microsoft.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:18]:

Bing kind of has a smarter, you know, AI search that Seamlessly integrates into their, Bing chat. I recommend plug ins. Right? There’s so much that you can do in the plug ins mode inside ChatGPT. And probably one of the best ways to to learn how to use it is to go ahead and swap out your Google search. Right? Yeah. Doctor Kaster is saying, I love plug ins. This is my default. Same.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:47]:

Same. Peter Peter, thank you for joining us. Peter saying, It’s the only way you can do it in chat gpt. Absolutely. Absolutely. And and as a reminder, if you are joining live, thank you. But go ahead. Put put in what is your 1 biggest chat GPT hack.

Hack #3 – Internet-connected plugin

Jordan Wilson [00:11:04]:

If if we have some good ones, I’ll share 1 or 2 at the end. Alright. So let’s keep going here. Our third one is to always use an Internet connected plug in. Okay. Why? Right? Something that’s very important to keep in mind with ChatGPT Is the knowledge cutoff date? It is September 2021. Okay? And if you are using any large language model, it’s always important to know what the cutoff date is. Right? So, any models that use the GPT technology, which is from OpenAI, has a knowledge cutoff of September 2021.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:51]:

You know? If you’re using Bard, I believe it’s a a a little later. Same thing with cloud. But still, if we’re talking just chat cpt right, right now, You should always be connected to the Internet, which is another reason. You you know, if you’re only using the free version of ChatGPT, I like to tell people then you’re not really using it. You know, you’re not. So that’s important to keep in mind. Always Use an Internet connected plug in. Talked about this on the show.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:21]:

We’ve gone over some of our favorite plug ins for business use cases. But 2 that our team, really finds a lot of use of and we use them a lot is, browser app plug in and the VoxScript plug in. So, talked about this before, but we’ve we’re dorks. Anytime we give you advice, it’s it’s not just, you know, on a whim. We’ve actually tested more than 20 Internet connected plug ins across 4 major functions. We took dated screenshots so, you know, people can see the results of, you you know, what works and what doesn’t because not all Internet connected plug ins inside ChatGPT are created the same. You know? And if you are very new I should probably explain it. If you are very new to Chat GPT, and maybe this, episode title Caught your eye, and you’re like, okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:10]:

I could use some chat GPT hacks. Plug ins. Again, you have to be on the chat GPT plus mode, but you can only have 3 plug ins enabled at any time, which is why we teach plug in packs in our free, prime prompt polished course. So if you want access to that, just in this chat, just go ahead and type in PPP. We do these free trainings twice a week. There’s no upsell at the end either. So we always teach people to always use an Internet connected plug in. You have 3 kind of slots.

Hack #4 – Use Custom Instructions

Jordan Wilson [00:13:42]:

Whenever you start a new, chat inside Chat GPD plug ins, and one of those should always Be an Internet connected plug in so you can cut down on the likelihood of getting those hallucinations, of of making sure that this large language model, you you know, OpenAI’s GPT 4 does not lie, does not hallucinate. That’s one of the best ways. Alright. Number 4, use custom instructions. I’m smiling on this one if you’re not, you know, joining us live, if you’re listening on the podcast. So I say this. I have to take myself out of the equation a lot. And what I’m saying here is use custom instructions if You have limited use cases because I actually did.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:33]:

Yes. I did a video last week on the reasons why you probably shouldn’t use custom instructions. So this is a big asterisk. So only use custom instructions if you have limited use cases, And here’s why. But I still do recommend it, again, if you have limited use cases in Chat GPT. Right? I do not. Our team uses ChatGPT for many different things. Right? We use it for our own internal purposes.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:00]:

We use it, You know, for, accelerate agency. That is the small, the, digital strategy company that I own based here in Chicago. So we’re we’re using it for accelerate agency. We’re using it for everyday AI. We’re using it to test different things. So here’s Essentially, very short version of what custom instructions are and why they are a hack if you have very limited use cases, of ChatGPT. So custom instructions are essentially that. Right? With chat gpt, they, their their naming of different features and modes are very self explanatory.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:36]:

But, every time you start a new chat, if you have custom instructions enabled, you can essentially give chat gpt A list of steps or a list of facts. You know, if you wanted to, kind of respond to you more in your voice, if you always wanted to say, hey. You know, do a, b, and c before ever responding. It is a shortcut and a hack for many, not for us, but Something to keep in mind. It can save you a whole lot of back and forth with chat GPT. You know? So you can give it access. Let’s say, If we’re talking limited use cases, let’s say you are only using it, you know, for your job, and it’s 1 position. You’re just working, you know, let’s say, in the marketing department, of a Fortune 500 company, whatever that may be.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:25]:

Right? And instead of having to go back and forth all the time and say, nope. This is our brand voice. Nope. These are the campaigns, that we’re working on. And, again, I always have to shout this out. Make sure to never upload confidential or sensitive, information into chat CPT or any other large language model because all large language models use that to train their models. But Custom instructions can essentially, save you time from going back and forth and trying to get a new chat or a current chat to, kind of get up to speed. So it’s it’s instead of, you know, training an employee from scratch, which is what we teach people to do, if you’re only working in 1 major, area inside Chativity, it just saves you time.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:10]:

But, again, what’s important to know is when you start if if you have custom instructions enabled and you start a new chat, they are on by default. So if you do wanna go in into a different, work project or maybe you wanna use it for, you know, your personal life to plan out, you you know, your meals for the week or whatever. If you have custom instructions enabled and you go to start a new chat and, you know, you just dive in there and you start, you’re gonna have to start over and turn custom instructions off Because you can’t toggle it on and off at the chat level, which hey. If anyone ever from OpenAI is listening to this, please Give that as an option because then we can use custom instructions across the board. But it’s important right now is, if you have that enabled, Every single new chat that you make with it enabled, it will be stuck there, and you can’t undo it. Right. So it’s important to keep in mind, but it is a good hack if you have very limited use cases. Alright.

Hack #5 – Give ADA internet access

Jordan Wilson [00:18:09]:

Number 5. Last but not least, Give ADA access to the Internet. Alright. So advanced data analysis. Actually drop this one into our also free, prime prompt, polished pro course. And and people seem to like it. So I figured out. I’ll just share this this one little tip.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:29]:

Won’t go through it, kind of step by step. But, also and I believe someone in here, in the comments, mention this. Mentioned a couple different Couple different, sorry. We have our Canva wasn’t working today, so I I have on presentation mode. So, someone in the comments mentioned different, Chrome extensions, that you can use inside ChatGPT. So that’s that’s another, another conversation for another day. But, inside advanced data analysis. It is a mode inside chat gpt that, again, does Really, like it says, but it is great at data visualization.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:12]:

It is great at, coding. Right? If if if you’re working a lot in programming languages, advanced data analysis is better, than other modes when you are doing heavy data lifting, When you’re doing, heavy development mode, coding, whatever it may be. But the downside, again, even when you are in those modes, you are working with in 2021 knowledge cutoff. So, even best there there are even, like, right, best practices. You know, if if if you are using it for, web development, something like that. There’s best practices, obviously, that have changed drastically, in the last, 2 years since that knowledge cut off. So, you can actually give advanced data analysis access to the Internet by using, a Chrome extension. You you know, you can use one called WebGPT.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:01]:

There’s a couple of others, but, and kind of go over a couple use cases of this In our pro, PPP course, again, it’s for free. So if you want access, just shout it out PPP. I’ll send it to you. But, advanced data analysis is such a I think it has great potential. The reason why I don’t use it too much more is because anytime you’re in, that mode as an example, you can’t use plug ins. Right? I would love if you could use plug ins inside any mode. So whether you use the default mode, the browse with Bing, the plug ins, Or the advanced data analysis. Those are the 4 different modes inside of ChatGPT plus, but you can only use plug ins inside, obviously, the plug ins mode.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:46]:

So, that’s why I don’t use ADA a whole lot, the advanced data analysis mode a whole lot because it needs access to the Internet, to make sure you’re not getting hallucinations, to make sure, you you know, even if you’re talking, you know, coding and development, you know, Changes changes happen, and you need to let your chat inside ChatGPT, inside advanced data analysis know. And that is one kind of, little hack that we shared in In our pro training of a way that you can do that.

Audience questions and comments

Alright. So what was your favorite? What was your favorite simple hack? And and and, again, I wanted to to have a show where we could talk about the basics. Right? But, hopefully, where, some of y’all can can still, if if if you are, you know, heavy users of ChatGPT that you could still find value, in this episode. So I’m gonna take a couple questions. And, again, If if you have, if you have a favorite chat gpt hack, let me know. So, Jaypaluzzi, sorry if I got the last name wrong there, Jay.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:48]:

But asking if the group has a top 5 lift list for for plug ins. Jay, check check the show notes after the show. I’ll leave a link to an episode where I went over some of the best. But, yeah, definitely VoxScript and and BrowserUp are 22 of the ones that we almost always use inside plug ins mode. Woozy. Great. He says the most random plug in I use is photorealistic, gives you a Prompt to copy and paste for mid journey images. That’s a fantastic, fantastic one as well.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:18]:

There, Woozy. I really do like that one as well. Let’s see. Let’s see. I wanna make sure if if anyone left their one great hack, the the best Internet connected plug in. Again, it depends on what you need it for because there’s with Internet connected plug ins without going too deep, there’s really 4 big things you wanna look for. You wanna look for the ability to inquiry the Internet or ask the Internet something. You want to be able to visit a specific web page.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:45]:

You want to be able to read a PDF, and, Hey. Icing on the cake. If you can also summarize YouTube videos. So there’s 4 different, there’s 4 different kind of main elements and no one plug in, At least now, I do know we have, an every day or, Peter, I think working working on such plug in. But, yeah, right now, there is no plug in that does all 4, But, box scripts and, browser app do, 3 of the 4 each, just different ones. So, alright. Let’s see. Here we go.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:16]:

Doctor doctor Harvey, Castro has a hack. Thanks for sharing. So, he says mix and match. He says use the output from ChatGPT plug in, and then he takes that and uses it in cloud AI. So cloud is another. If you are new, cloud 2 is a large language model from Anthropic. So he uses that to get more tokens. This way, cloud is primed by chat gpt, and he then puts it to use bigger tokens from cloud.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:43]:

Yes. That’s a great, and even when we talk about, you know, some of these hacks, and, you you know, a couple of them are to avoid hallucinations. So it is important to know that, you know, chat gpt does have a much more limited, at least right now, token, output, which is essentially memory. Right? So large language models, after certain points in time, They will start to lose their memory. Also, if anyone working in AI, is listening, please start building these in to large language models. Right? Like, Get token counters. It’s it’s it’s gonna help the average everyday user so much, you know, if they’re working in Chat GPT or anything else, and they get a warning. Right? Like, hey.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:27]:

The initial conversations, the initial inputs that you first put in, Our our large language model is starting to forget that information. It is one of the, for newbies using large language models. It is one of the the most important things to keep in mind, that, you you know, some of that information that you put in in the beginning and you’re having these conversations, you know, whether it’s, You know, the 8 k tokens, which is about 64 100 words inside of chat GPTs, GPT 4. It’s, 32,000 tokens if you’re using, the API or the playground. But at a certain point, and Chat GPT and other large language models are going to start to lose, lose the context, lose the memory, and to start to, hallucinate, A little bit more. Alright. Doctor Asafal, thank you. You said if you have not, If you have not done the PPP course yet, what are you waiting for? I agree.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:22]:

Thank you. Thank you for that. Alright. I don’t I don’t see, any other, I don’t see any other hacks here in the comments, but, some some people sharing. Jackie saying SEO plugins are great for keyword research. Absolutely. So, yes. And I did share this one.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:41]:

So it looks like some people are are sharing this, as a hack. But, I did do a, AI in five. So every single day, we also put this in a newsletter. So if you are new and just listening on the Yes. I did do a, little AI in 5, which is a 5 minute recap on a toker, token counter Chrome extension, last week, so make sure to go, to make sure, to check that out. Alright. Speaking Speaking of that, of that newsletter, check it out if you haven’t already. Alright? So Please go to your everyday AI .com.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:21]:

Sign up for the free daily newsletter. There’s actually paid newsletters out there. We keep ours free. In every single day, you know, when we most days on the show, we bring on, an expert or even just an everyday person and talk about some and Really unique use cases of how they’re using, generative AI. So every single day, we break down, the conversation for the day, Add in other great insights tips. We cover the AI news, and and and we do a lot of other things. Yeah. Like the AI in 5, which, Douglas knows.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:49]:

He says, the AI in 5 is more like 8 to 10 minutes sometimes. Absolutely. It is. Alright. So thank you for joining. I hope you learned 1 or 2 new little hacks that can help you use ChatGPT a little bit better. As a reminder, we’re gonna go over them very quick here. Default To plug ins mode, number 1.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:08]:

Number 2, swap out Google search. Number 3, always use an Internet connected plug in. Number 4, use custom instructions if You have a limited use case. And 5, give the advanced data analysis mode access to the Internet. And, hey, I’ll throw a number 6. Go sign up for that daily newsletter. Alright. Thanks y’all.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:32]:

Appreciate everyone’s input. Whether you’re listening on the podcast, the live stream, we appreciate you. Hit us up. We always like to hear from you, and I hope to see you back tomorrow and every day for more Everyday AI. Thanks, y’all.

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