EP 114: Canva and AI – A Winning Combination?

  • 3 Oct, 2023
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s businesses adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape, design solutions that are both user-friendly and efficient are becoming increasingly essential. One platform that has been making waves in the design industry is Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool that combines creativity with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). In this article, we will explore how Canva’s AI features are revolutionizing design and enabling business owners and decision makers to create professional-grade designs effortlessly.

Streamlining Design Workflows:

Canva’s AI integration has made it a go-to tool for business owners and decision makers seeking to streamline their design workflows. The platform offers a wide range of templates, graphics, and visual elements that can be customized to suit any brand’s unique aesthetic. With Canva, users no longer have to spend countless hours learning complex design software or hiring professional designers. The intuitive interface ensures that individuals with minimal design experience can create eye-catching designs in a matter of minutes.

AI-powered Image Editing:

One of the standout features of Canva’s AI is its image editing capabilities. With the magic grab feature, designers, marketers, advertisers, and agencies can now effortlessly extract foreground elements from images and manipulate their positioning and size. This saves considerable time and effort, particularly when creating product images for social media or advertising campaigns. The AI algorithm in Canva intelligently identifies and separates the subject from the background, allowing users to create stunning visuals without the need for complex editing software.

Design Assistance in Presentations:

Canva’s AI features extend beyond just image editing. The platform’s AI integration also offers assistance in creating presentations. By simply inputting a short description, users can generate entire presentations with AI-generated content that matches their desired topic. Canva’s AI analyzes the input and presents users with various design options that complement their theme, ensuring a consistently professional and cohesive look across all presentation slides. This feature is a game-changer for business owners and decision makers who often find themselves pressed for time when preparing impactful presentations.

Taking on Traditional Design Tools:

While established design software like Adobe Photoshop has dominated the scene for years, Canva’s growing popularity and AI capabilities make it a worthy contender. Canva’s user-friendly interface, combined with its ever-expanding library of templates, graphics, and AI features, is increasingly appealing to business owners and decision makers looking for a one-stop solution for their design needs. Moreover, Canva’s approachable pricing model and cloud-based accessibility make it a valuable tool for startups and small businesses that need to create professional designs on a budget.


Canva’s AI features have undoubtedly elevated the design landscape for business owners and decision makers, offering an intuitive and efficient design solution that empowers users to create professional-grade visuals effortlessly. With its AI-powered image editing, design assistance in presentations, and continuous development, Canva presents itself as a viable alternative to traditional design tools, democratizing the creative process and equipping individuals without design experience to produce stunning designs. As AI technology continues to revolutionize the design industry, Canva stands at the forefront, providing a winning combination of user-friendliness, accessibility, and innovation.

Topics Covered in This Episode

1. Canva AI and its Effectiveness
2. Canva’s Dominance in the Design Scene
3. Canva’s AI Image Generator
4. Canva’s Magic Grab Feature

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:15]:

Is Canva’s AI a game-changer? Will it be competing with Adobe Photoshop and MidJourney and DALL E, or Is it just gonna be a marketing piece for the giant design maker? We’re gonna go over that and a little bit more today on everyday AI. Welcome. This is your daily livestream Podcasts and free daily newsletter helping everyday people like you and me make the most out Out of what’s going on in the world of generative AI. Alright. So if you are joining us live, thank you. We actually had some, Some issues with the, the LinkedIn livestream, but, so thanks for sticking around and, finding today’s stream. And if you are joining us On the podcast, thank you as well.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:08]:

Thank you for joining. Every single day, make sure to check the show notes, inside the podcast episode. We always have, complimentary content. You you know, we we break down each day’s episode, on our website as well as the newsletter, so make sure you go sign up for that. But before we get into we start answering some of those, some of these questions about Canva’s new AI features. Let’s first get into the AI news. Alright. So first, will AI be your new money manager? A recent report from Bloomberg suggests maybe that’s the future.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:47]:

So this Bloomberg article detailed the efforts of the Volion Group, which uses AI to pick stocks and manage its $5,000,000,000 in assets. And the results, Well, so far, Volleyon is using AI to pick stocks and beating the market. So Make sure to keep an eye out on that. Next, was Bing’s AI chat overhyped? Well, its own CEO said maybe so. So Microsoft CEO, Sata Nadella, said that he may have overhyped the impact of Microsoft’s new AI Bing searched when it was first announced a couple of months ago. You know what? I think we’re not hyping enough. Microsoft’s Copilot Coming out in November. I’ve talked about that once or twice, but I think I think that’s gonna be truly transformative.

Jordan Wilson [00:02:41]:

Speaking of transformative, Google BARD, or Google’s BARD AI chatbot is hoping That their new feature is transformative at least. So, they did we mentioned this in the newsletter, but it came out right after our our livestream yesterday. But, So they just announced memory. So, essentially, Google BARD’s new memory features is pretty similar, to custom instructions from, ChatGPT, OpenAI platform, where instead of having to reremind, the chat All the time, maybe who you are or what you wanted to talk about. The new Google Bard, Google Bard’s new memory feature just allows you to input it once, and then Google Bard will remember. Alright. So, let’s let’s get back to it. Let’s talk about Canva’s AI, and Is it any good? And and, you know, I’m I’m very curious.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:38]:

Who out there is using Canvas AI features. Because if I’m being honest, we use Canva almost every day. And it’s it’s become a really crucial part for a lot of small businesses workflow, I’d say. And even just, you you know, brief very brief background before we get into it. I’ve been using, different designs, programs, You know, Adobe Photoshop since probably 2002 or no. 2003 maybe. So I’ve been using Photoshop for 20 years. I used to use these other, you know, archaic programs when I was designing newspapers back in the day in my hometown of Freeport, Illinois, I was using QuarkXPress.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:23]:

So I’ve, you you know, I’ve I’ve used all the Adobe Suites. I I’ve used all of, you know, Dozens, probably more than a dozen other design programs. If I’m being honest, Canva, I think, has really taken over the design scene. You you know? So, I do think what we’re gonna see now, especially when it comes to AI, we’re gonna see, Canva and Photoshop, you know, specifically Adobe Kind of compete. Right? And and try to roll out better, better AI powered features, and kind of 1 up each other. So, you know, to to catch everyone up if if you haven’t seen, you know, Adobe and specifically Photoshop have really invested heavily, in AI features. So, you know, things called generative fill, and and and there’s a whole host of other things that Photoshop has announced. And, you know, recently, I think it was last week, Photoshop announced that they were bringing, its basic version of Photoshop online, which they really hadn’t done before.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:20]:

So that Seemingly was a a shot, at least that maybe Canva in saying, alright. You know, it’s they’ve been taking market share. We’re gonna bring, you know, kind of everything online and, bring Photoshop and all of the new AI features to to the desktop. So What’s also important to know before we jump in, very brief history of of Canva. If you haven’t used it before, it is, I wouldn’t even say it’s it’s really a a Photoshop competitive per se. I’d say it’s more of if you’ve used, Adobe InDesign, but, it is essentially the easiest, I think, the easiest way for anyone to design Anything. Canva is. Right? And and and we’re gonna jump in.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:01]:

I’m gonna share my screen here. But to describe on the podcast, if you haven’t used Canva, you can very easily, You know, create a presentation, a flyer. They have thousands of templates that are very well designed. I think that was probably one of the things that helped, Canva kind of catapult itself, to kind of dominance, and to instantly compete, with Adobe was just the number of Extremely high quality templates, how easy they are to use, and now we do have some AI features as well, which we’re gonna show you the basics. So let’s let’s go ahead and do one more quick reminder because this is timely. Alright? Because tomorrow, actually, Canva has their magic event, I believe is what they’re calling it, so, on October 4th. And they’re going to be announcing presumably a lot of new Features. Right? So I wanted to give everyone a precursor first, you know, an episode that you can kind of go back and watch, you know, as, you know, Canva is releasing presumably a lot of new AI features because everything Inside of Canva, all of their AI offerings are called magic.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:08]:

Right? So, with the magic event tomorrow, presumably, we’re gonna be seeing a lot of new AI features. Alright. So let me know let me know in the comments. Are you are you all using Canva? So Mabry said it would be great If Canva would integrate with Webflow. Yes. Absolutely. Love love Webflow, another great tool. I think Figma might, connect with Webflow, FYI.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:34]:

Alright. Let’s let’s jump in. I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen. We’re gonna go over some of the basics of AI, of different AI features in Canva. Alright? And we’re gonna talk a little bit about how to use them. Alright. So here we go. We have, I’m actually sharing.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:54]:

I’m gonna make I’m gonna make myself kinda disappear here. There we go. Perfect. Alright. So I’m gonna do my best to describe what’s on screen. Nothing crazy, but you’ll see we actually use Canva. So for our cover art, things like that, we use Canva All the time for the Everyday AI Show. So I’m gonna go up here, and I’m gonna click create a design.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:12]:

And then I’m gonna go ahead let’s just click presentation. Alright? So I’m gonna start with something that I think a lot of people don’t know, and it’s something that is a little hidden, actually. So Canva used to have a dedicated button for something called magic design. Okay? Again, I’m gonna I’m gonna zoom in here and, Hopefully, everyone can see it, but I’m gonna do my best, to describe this for, you know, anyone Listening on the podcast. So, eventually or sorry. Essentially, Canva used to have an area called magic design where you could, You know, create, anything really from scratch, and they got rid of the button. So it’s it’s kinda curious. I’ve I’ve seen a lot of people say, oh, no.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:06]:

They just got rid of it. Nope. It’s not. It’s actually just here in the corner, in the search bar, which is probably not the best, user interface, user experience to let people know that this Amazing feature is here. Right? Because this is, I think, one of the better features of Canva’s AI, of their magic, is you can create an entire presentation just by typing something in right here in the upper left hand corner, which looks like a normal search bar. Right. And all it says is it says use 5 plus words to describe. So many people don’t see that.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:38]:

So I’m just typing in something. I’m saying the history of artificial intelligence. Alright. And I’m hitting enter. Alright. So what you’re gonna see at the top, you’re gonna see essentially things kind of rendering. And then you see something pop up that says magic design. Right? So it’s it’s It’s curious that they kind of took away that visual, reminder that this feature even exists.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:06]:

So, yeah, like Jackie, as an example, Jackie says, have not found a great, you know, PowerPoint or slides Gen AI tool. I think this could be it. It’s just actually Canva, for whatever reason, has, deprioritized. Right? So you’ll see right here, it says magic design in the upper left hand corner. Now these, icons are filled in. I should actually it would probably help if I, did did the correct tab. Right? So I’m gonna I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna go ahead. Sorry.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:37]:

I’ll I’m gonna go ahead and, show you this again. So what you’re gonna do is go to the upper left hand corner, And you are gonna click, in that box, put in a short description. So I put the history of artificial intelligence, and now you have these magic design Elements popping up. Right? So all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead. I can scroll through these with my mouse, and you’ll see there’s about 6 or 7 different options. Right? And I’m gonna go ahead and choose 1. So I’m gonna choose, I’m gonna choose this 1. And you’ll see now when I click on that one, I get all of these different pages that pop up.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:16]:

So that’s the thing. I’d I’m not sure why Canva has kind of hidden or, deprioritized, to an extent, this this feature, but it is right there. Right. And then all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click apply all 7 pages. Alright? And now as you guys can can hopefully see, It’s all right there. So now, yes, I do have an entire presentation, You know, on artificial intelligence on the history of artificial intelligence. So it not only and I just I I wanna make sure that I’m explaining this correctly for those listening on the podcast. So it not only created me a design that I can edit.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:00]:

Right? I can go ahead and swap out any of these photos. I can edit these headings, But it also created the text. Right? So, again, Canva, I’m not sure why They they they really kind of almost hid this feature. It’s it’s hard to find. It used to be a large button, in the upper left hand corner of the interface, and now it’s gone. But you’ll see here, now I have an entire presentation showing me the history of artificial intelligence, which, again, I can go and edit. You know, it’s not, you know, you’re probably gonna wanna go through and make some changes. You know? Some of the text is a little small for the amount, for the amount that’s there.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:40]:

But what you can also do is go to any page, and you can still use the Canva assistant. Okay. So that’s another AI feature that’s worth, talking about. I’m gonna go ahead and, try to there we go. I’m gonna move myself over. So In the lower right hand corner, you can see the Canva assistant. So, what you can do right here is they have what’s called magic write. So, essentially, If I want to expand this text, I can.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:09]:

So I’m gonna let’s see if I can select the whole. I’m actually just gonna select 1, And then I have the magic, so the Canva assistant can bring up the magic right, or I can go to when I just click on something, the magic right tool will come. So I’m gonna click magic. Right? And I’m just gonna say continue writing. Right? So from there, it’s going to expand That piece of text. Right? And now we have much larger, group, a much larger piece of of text right here. So You’ll see right there. This is pretty impressive.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:47]:

Right? Yes. There are other, Tools out there that if you just wanna use AI to create an entire presentation, Tome is great. TOME, and Beautiful AI does a great job. We’ve covered some of these, other tools before. But right there, Canva I mean, I just showed you. It’s kind of a hidden feature, but it does Actually, a great job. Alright. So I think if you learn nothing else, upper left hand corner, when you go to start a new design, All you’re gonna do right there, I have it.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:20]:

All you’re gonna do is type it. Okay? And then it’s gonna come up. Alright. So couple questions. Cecilia asking how much is Canva? Canva has a great free plan, but the majority of their offerings are not free, Especially the the AI offerings. Right? Those are not free. Those, I think it’s, 10 I I believe it’s $10, a month. Right.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:53]:

So, good good question there, and thank you for that question. Alright. So let’s get back into it And talk a little bit about some other AI features inside Canva. And, again, we are having, it looks like some some technical difficulties, but, hopefully, you still still able to follow, follow along here. So let’s look at, some other features. I’m gonna go and we’re gonna click, We’re gonna click out here. Let’s go ahead and go to file. We’re gonna create a new design, and let’s go back into presentation.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:35]:

Alright. So we’re gonna create a blank, a blank presentation now. Alright. So, again, hopefully hopefully, we’re still following. If someone if someone could could let me know in the comments, that’d there’s there’s a lot of issues today with the LinkedIn live stream, but, we’re gonna we’re gonna keep this going. So, another thing that we can do With the Canva AI is editing photos, which which I think is great. But actually before we do that, let’s even just go And find, their AI photo generator because I think that’s something that a lot of people again, it’s a little hidden. So you have to go to elements.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:18]:

You’re gonna scroll down and then go to AI image generator. Right? So I’m gonna go ahead. I have, a little prompt here. So So all you’re gonna do is click generate. You’re gonna put in your, description of the image that you want. So this is similar, this is similar to mid journey or, you know, DALL E a little bit, but it’s it’s not as good. Full disclosure. So let’s go ahead.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:42]:

I’m gonna click on create your image. Okay? As you could probably see, so what I did here, I I typed in, a simple prompt. I said an overhead shot of a white desk With working essentials on top. Very minimalistic, showing a few objects such as a laptop, notebook, pen, and coffee mug. Okay? So now all I’m gonna do, it gave me 4 different options to choose from that I can use in my presentation. Okay. So I’m gonna go ahead and click, they’re they’re pretty busy. Right? These are pretty busy, pretty busy elements right here.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:13]:

So I wanna I went ahead and chose one of them because I wanna show you, some other features, and I’m gonna resize this to go ahead and fit the screen a little bit here. Okay? So there we go. Again, If I’m being honest, I hope one of the new features that, Canva is is going to be releasing is a better image generator. Right. Because it’s really for a lot of use cases, it’s not that great anymore. Right? We’ve seen DALL E 3 start to roll out. Mid journey, I think we’re on 5.2 or 5.3. It’s just much better.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:49]:

But You see it right there. It is a very nice feature to have when you just can’t find, that that photo that you need. Okay. So, so So we have a photo now. We put it on our presentation, and I’m gonna show you a couple other, AI tools that I think are pretty cool inside of, Canva. So all I did is I clicked the photo and I clicked edit photo. Okay? And now these were actually added. A lot of these were added about a week or 2 ago.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:18]:

So there’s different things, and you can see all of these things are premium. So you do have to be on the paid plan. Shout out Woozy for, updating the price. I believe he said you pay 12.99 a month. I think we are probably we’ve been using Canva Pro for a very long time. I think we pay 9.99 just because, You know, maybe we were grandfathered into that price, or it might be cheaper if you pay annually, versus, versus yearly. Alright. And it yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:44]:

Thank you. Yeah. Sorry. I I I know the live stream is going in and out, but hopefully, we’re following now. So when you have a new image, in Canva, you can click on it, click edit image, And some of these, you know, some of these different AI tools all with magic in the first name, are available if you have the premium plan. Okay. So let’s try a couple. I’m gonna try this magic eraser.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:05]:

And then, this, as you can imagine, is going to erase something. So I I have a brush now, And I don’t even know what this image is right here, or what this, I’m not even sure. It looks like maybe a letter opener. I don’t know what it is. I’m gonna go ahead and hover over it, and you’ll see it turns it purple. And then all that happens is it’s gonna take about a second, and it is going to erase it. Right. And as someone that’s used Photoshop for 20 years, this AI feature in Canva is actually Fantastic.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:39]:

It works very well. So I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna go ahead and magically erase a couple of these other things because, Again, Canva’s AI image generator is not the best, and I don’t even know if I’m being honest what half of these things even are, because they didn’t come out very well. Okay? And, again, you’re you’re you’re gonna see some issues Even in the magic of race, it is, most of these features are in beta. Like, I tried to erase something just there, didn’t know what it was, and It essentially tries to see what’s behind the image to get rid of it. And you’ll see in this case, it’s not doing the best job. But that’s okay, you know, for a lot of, features. It does work pretty well. Let’s go ahead and look at a couple of these other AI features Inside Canva.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:24]:

Okay? So another one. And, again, these work when you just click the image and go to edit image. So let’s try magic edit, which is actually something I like a lot. So, let’s go ahead and say, alright. We like how this flower looks. So there’s all these different things on our desk. It’s an overhead shot. The computer looks a little crazy.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:43]:

Doesn’t look like an actual computer. So, hopefully, Canva’s upcoming, magic event tomorrow on October 4th. They, release an upgrade to their image generating model. But With this, magic edit, you can essentially highlight something and replace it with something else. So I’m gonna it looks like we have multiple, coffees on the table. So let’s just do this as an example. I’m gonna go ahead and highlight, and, again, you get this brush and you get the, kind of this purple outline. So I’m gonna Put that in.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:12]:

And then on the left hand side, there’s different options. So you can select your brush size, blah blah blah. So I’m gonna click continue because this it’s correct. It is correct in its selection. So I’m gonna click continue, and then it says describe what you want to add or change. Right? So, again, this is a very busy image, but I’m just doing it as an example. So I’m just gonna say a, I’m gonna say a vibrant vibrantly colored plant. Right? And then I’m gonna click the generate.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:46]:

So what’s gonna happen then Is it is going to essentially erase what I highlighted and replace with whatever I put in there. So this is very similar to, kind of, in Photoshop’s some of their new AI generative fill features, and you’ll see what’s what’s nice is I also have 4 different options at the bottom here, of, you you know, what I typed in. So I’m gonna I’m gonna click this this one in the bow bottom left hand corner. It looks to be pretty colorful. I like that one. So, there you go. So it didn’t again, sometimes these features work very well. Sometimes they don’t.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:21]:

You know, if I’m being honest. These AI features are very new inside of Canva, so it’s it’s worth, taking that into consideration. Alright. So now we have an updated photo on our, you know, overhead desktop. You know, we’ve we’ve deleted some elements. We’ve changed one. Let’s try a couple other elements. And these ones in this situation, I actually don’t think are going to work very well.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:45]:

So let’s let’s give it a try, and then we will pick A different image that it’ll probably work a little better. So another one which is going to save a lot of time. So if you’re a designer, A creative. If you work in marketing or advertising, these actual actually, these magic features, are great when when you can get them to work. So let’s look at magic grab, and I can already kind of predict that the magic grab feature is not gonna work on this image. So this image, if you’re joining us on the podcast, there’s a lot going on in this image. There’s, you know, things that don’t look right, there’s way too much going on. But, essentially, magic grab is, it’s it’s really useful for when you have a dominant, You know, foreground and background, and in this case, we don’t.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:25]:

So I’m gonna click it, and it processes the image. It it tries to Figure out on its own what is the background, what is the foreground, and in theory, it’s going to let you grab the foreground and move it. In this situation, I’m gonna go ahead and move it, And you’ll see it kind of thought it was the shadows, right, which is not what we were going for. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add a page. Right. And I’m gonna go ahead. I’m gonna find, so I actually had this one up before. So Canva also has a lot of stock images.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:57]:

So this one, I think, will work a lot better. It is a photo of a younger guy probably in his, twenties, just kind of like a portrait shot. Okay? So I drag that onto my presentation. Now I’m gonna click it. I’m gonna click edit photo. So now we’re gonna see where this magic grab hopefully will work a little better, because we have a clearly defined foreground and background. So I’m gonna click magic grab, and it is going to process. And you’ll see right away, it highlighted it it gave me a text or or or sorry, an outline box on the foreground and background.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:31]:

So now what I can do is I can move this. Look at that. That worked perfectly. And not only that, it fills in The background. Okay? So I save this for last for a reason. The presentation pieces are great. This right here, doing this in another photo, in another photo editing program like Photoshop, you know, like, you know, any other Adobe programs, you know, Illustrator, InDesign, it can actually be a time consuming process. I used to do this a lot.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:05]:

And, you know, in my background, I would always have to grab, you know, grab a foreground, separate it from the background, maybe do some editing. But now you’ll see I cannot only reposition it, and it looks fantastic. Right? Because in photography, there’s something called, like, the rule of thirds, Right? Where you, if you can imagine a kind of like a Tic Tac Toe grid, on the screen, there’s always going to be Four different points on your screen that that’s called the rule of thirds. And, you know, if you can get your subject right on one of those where those lines corresponding, you know, The study of of photography tells us that your image will be much more compelling. So what I can do is I can even make this smaller or larger, which is fantastic. So, this feature alone, if you have the right images, if you’re working, let’s say if you’re creating some product images, you know, for a social media campaign, for an advertising campaign, you know, maybe you’re you’re you’re running cross platform ads on, you know, Meta and Instagram and display ads on Google. You can spend so much time both on the photography on the front end and on the back end editing. This just this alone, this feature, The magic grab will save, designers, marketers, advertisers, agencies, Hours of time because this is, in my opinion, yes, the, image or or sorry.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:32]:

The presentation, feature where you can create an entire presentation with AI inside of photo, or or sorry. Inside of Canva. It is pretty nice. But if I’m if if I’m being honest, the feature that shines above the rest, at least right now, I would say probably 2nd place we have this magic edit. But I would say 1st place is actually the magic grab. In terms of from my design experience, I’ve been designing in different capacities For 20 years since I was designing, you know, newspapers as a 16 year old, you know, I was doing these kind of things. I was doing these in slow programs. This is a great feature.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:10]:

Let’s go ahead let’s go ahead and try since we’re in here. We’re gonna try this magic edit. So I’m gonna get a huge brush size. So we have this, you know, kind of this portrait where, you know, we had a subject. And this is I think it’s gonna go terribly, but we’re gonna go ahead and try. You know, that’s the thing with everyday AI. Canva’s not paying us to say how great or how not great this is. We’re gonna find out why.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:37]:

So what’s what’s doing now is we have this, kind of this, this person, this model, that we separated out. So now I’m gonna see if we can replace it, because here’s the thing. I’m gonna say a I’m gonna try to do a Similar things. So I’m gonna say a mid thirties, woman. I’m gonna say, portrait style, Photography, lifelike. But here’s the thing. At least for right now, people always ask, oh, do I need MidJourney? Can I just use Canva? You know, Canva has an AI image generator. No.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:18]:

You can’t. Because as you’ll see here, these these are not these results that came up, you know, these, my prompt, I gave it. I asked for a woman in her mid thirties. It’s probably giving me, the results here. I do have 4 different ones to choose from, It’s probably more likely women in their, you know, fifties or sixties. But still, it actually did better than it had been doing previously. So I can go ahead and replace it. Unfortunately, it does have kind of this background, shadow, so it’s not something that it looks like it’s gonna work out of the box.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:53]:

But Canva actually okay. It’s it surprised me there because, when I when I was previously playing around, with the, Canva’s AI images, you know, when it first came out, especially with people. They were not very lifelike. And I’m not even sure to tell you the truth if this one is AI image generated Or if this is actually pulling from their stock library. And that’s that’s kind of the, the crazy thing in today’s, day and age of artificial intelligence, and and, you know, what’s, what’s real and what is not. Alright. We were all over the place in this one. We had 50 tech problems.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:32]:

Everything that could go wrong in terms of this livestream did. But thank you all for sticking around. I’m gonna make sure let’s see here. I wanna throw up a couple comments. So, Jay Jay, thanks for sticking around. He’s saying, I wonder if you can fix the laptop by selecting the current laptop and replacing with another. Well, let’s see real quick. Let’s see real quick.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:52]:

Let’s go ahead and grab the, the matte oops. Sorry. Yep. The magic edit. I’m gonna go ahead and select. I get a little bit bigger brush size to make this faster. Let’s go ahead. I’m gonna say it might work.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:08]:

So I just I went back to that original image. I’m gonna keep it very simple. I’m just gonna say laptop. So the 1st laptop we used did not turn out that great. So, Jay Polosi Polisi just said, hey. I wonder if you can use, the magic edit to fix that, and you’ll see it Didn’t do the best job. Kind of where my brush stroke, kind of opened. It it didn’t didn’t do a great job.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:35]:

I do think I do hope that part of, Canva’s, announcement is gonna be, announcing some new features. Alright. Yes. The magic grab is absolutely in, impressive. Nadia, thank you. Thank you for joining, saying, loves the Canva AI tools. Get good images. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:59]:

So Thank you all for joining. I know this, this episode cut in, in and out. That’s alright. Y’all are the best. You stuck around. Hopefully, we learned some things. Make sure you go to your everyday AI .com. Sign up for the free daily newsletter.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:13]:

If you’re checking this out on the podcast, always check the show notes. We keep it all, All of this information there. Each day, we not only say what’s going on in the world of AI, so we always recap a couple pieces of news in the front end show, but we also have other pieces of news. You know, the latest, software and apps that are coming out with AI, different insights from different industries, as well as always breaking down the episode in great detail. So go check that out. Thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you back for another edition of Everyday AI.

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