Ep 130: Build a Brand with AI Live (Part 1)

  • 25 Oct, 2023
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In today’s digital age, businesses are continuously seeking innovative solutions to effectively build and establish their brands. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and its ever-expanding capabilities, harnessing its power has become a game-changer for entrepreneurs and decision-makers alike. In a recent episode of the “Everyday AI” podcast, industry expert Jordan Wilson delves into the exciting realm of brand building using AI, leaving us inspired by the endless possibilities that this technology offers.

To truly grasp the extraordinary potential of AI in branding, Wilson shares his experience of leveraging ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI tool that enables tasks such as internet browsing. He highlights the importance of using internet-connected plug-ins in conjunction with ChatGPT, a crucial aspect of his brand-building journey.
By incorporating ChatGPT with internet-connected plug-ins, Wilson was able to accomplish tasks that would have otherwise taken hours, such as comprehensive research, reading articles and analyzing competitor strategies. This AI-driven approach enabled him to gather accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring the brand-building process was based on the latest trends and insights. Wilson emphasizes the significance of staying updated with daily AI news, encouraging business owners to subscribe to newsletters dedicated to this transformative technology.

Throughout the podcast episode, Wilson demonstrates the power of AI in real-time, providing practical examples of how ChatGPT can autonomously research from multiple sources using predefined categories. This ability eliminates the need for human intervention, saving valuable time and enabling entrepreneurs to focus on strategic decision-making rather than menial tasks.

One aspect of brand development that Wilson explores is the creation of a logo. Discussing different design styles, he specifically highlights the appeal of minimalistic and futuristic designs, targeting the growing community of digital nomads. Employing generative AI, Wilson plans to demonstrate the live creation of a brand logo, seamlessly intertwining human creativity with AI’s vast capabilities.

AI technology, such as DALL-E, plays a pivotal role in this creative journey. Wilson emphasizes that DALL-E allows for natural language processing, enabling a more fluid and dynamic conversation with the AI logo designer. By utilizing AI in this manner, entrepreneurs can unlock a plethora of innovative possibilities, effortlessly bringing their brand concepts to life.

One unique aspect of the “Everyday AI” podcast is its live and unedited format, providing an authentic experience for the audience. By using generative AI, Wilson involves the listeners in the brand-building process, encouraging their active participation in suggesting brand ideas and features.

As part of a two-part episode, the podcast offers a comprehensive guide to building a brand from scratch using AI. In tomorrow’s episode, Wilson will delve deeper into refining the brand concept with the audience’s input, focusing on creating video assets, developing a website, and possibly finalizing the logo design.

Topics Covered in This Episode

1.  Leveraging AI for Brand Building
2. Using ChatGPT for marketing research and copy
3. Designing logos with DALL-E 3 inside ChatGPT

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:18]:

Can you build an actual brand with AI? What can you actually build and Launch inside of ChatGPT. Is it any good? These are questions I hear all the time. You know? Hey. What can ChatGPT actually do to help me grow my How can I actually use AI? We’re gonna go over a couple of those things actually live today. So welcome. My name is Jordan Wilson, and I’m the host of this Very Show Everyday AI. This is a daily livestream, podcast, and free daily newsletter helping everyday people like me and you learn and leverage AI. So, First of all, thank you for joining us, especially if you’re live.

Jordan Wilson [00:00:57]:

But if you’re on the podcast, I’m gonna do my best today. But this is one of those you’re probably gonna wanna check the show notes And come and watch the recording of this because we are going to be building today live a brand from scratch, From your ideas live. So make sure if you are joining us, you know, if you’re maybe doing your dishes or walking your dog, maybe get get in front of a computer, get ready to type some suggestions in because we are gonna be taking your suggestions live to build this thing. This is I like to tell people, this isn’t one of those podcasts where We spend, you know, 3 weeks editing a single episode. We are doing this with you in real time. This is the realest thing in artificial intelligence. Let’s be honest. Alright.

Daily AI news

Jordan Wilson [00:01:38]:

Before we build a brand live, and I’m gonna give you time to get in front of your computer, let’s go over, the daily AI news as we do Every single day. And as a reminder, if you’re not already and maybe why aren’t you? Please go subscribe to our daily newsletter. We put this out every single day. It’s your everyday AI .com. So make sure you go subscribe to that if you haven’t already. Alright. So here’s what’s going on in the world of AI news. So even with AI, and, you know, people are saying AI is taking away SEO, but Google’s earnings are still and So the parent company, Alphabet, just had their Q3 earnings call, and it showed that Google’s ad business is still performing well despite competition and investments in AI.

Jordan Wilson [00:02:24]:

So Google’s search business earned $44,000,000,000, in its rate, in its reported, which is an 11% Year over year jump. And Google obviously is experimenting with new AI powered ad formats, in the wake of its new search generative experience. So You are starting to see and testing, you know, kind of this new AI version of Google search. It’s kind of gone with the traditional search, and it’s more of this AI powered, SGE search generative experience, but you’re starting to see those ads, even being placed inside SGE. Alright. Moving on. This one’s interesting. I think we should have a whole episode on this, but, a prep school is giving executive staff roles to AI chatbots.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:06]:

So, the prestigious Cottesmore Prep School in England has appointed 2 AI chatbots named Abigail Bailey and Jamie Rayner, to serve as the school’s principal, head teacher, and head of AI. So, the headmaster there at Cados Mor, which I guess headmaster is the person in charge, sees AI as a benevolent servant and believes it will play a crucial role in preparing students for a future with advanced technology. So this, kind of Giving AI staff roles is part of the headmaster’s plan to prepare students for a future where AI and robots are prevalent, But it is raising a lot of issues and concern because the role of AI, in this, scenario and the racial implications because they asked, the, chatbots to essentially, perform as people of color. So, a lot of, You know, kind of controversial things going on with that, so make sure to check out more in the newsletter. Last but not least, YouTube may actually let you mimic your favorite musician with AI. So YouTube is developing a new tool using AI that would allow users to have their favorite artists sing whatever they want. But negotiations with major labels have stalled. So, YouTube was supposed to, release this tool to a select group of creators last month, with the artists themselves serving as project advisers.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:29]:

But, obviously, the music industry is divided on the use of AI in music with Some seeing it as a tool and others seeing it as a potential threat. I don’t know about y’all. I would love that. Right? I’m not a musician, but for me to be able to sit down and type What my favorite musicians should should sing or rap would be incredibly fun. You know, you could make an entirely new music catalog for yourself. Alright. So I’m excited for today’s show. So let’s talk about let’s talk real quick what we’re doing, and I do see, you know, I love this.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:03]:

You know, Mike said, good morning, fellow real people. Yes. This is real. Yes. We’re doing this live. So, as a reminder, I need I need your help today. I need your help. I need some suggestions.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:16]:

So let’s start at the top first, and then I’m gonna explain to you, what we’re going to be doing, but, I need some suggestions. So what is what is a A product. I wanna create a product live with y’all, and we’re gonna create a brand around this product. So I I I’d like some suggestions, but This product should be probably like something like a consumer product good, so a CPG or an ecommerce product. Something that’s easy to visualize. Okay? And nothing crazy. Right? Not like you know, I know we have those shows where it’s like, alright. Let’s use mid journey to, you know, create a, you you know, 6 legged pegasus, you know, walking the streets of Chicago eating ice cream.

Creating a real world product idea

Jordan Wilson [00:05:57]:

No. Let’s I I I’d like some ideas of a real actual product, something that you would buy, something that we would use. Alright. So, think of that, and I’m gonna I’m gonna look at your suggestions here. Hopefully hopefully, they’re coming in live. And we’re gonna build this together. We’re gonna build this together. Alright? So let me now explain, what we’re gonna do.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:19]:

And, again, get get your product suggestions in because I wanna build this live with you. That’s the thing I love about everyday AI. We are a growing community where we’re doing things together. We’re learning together, so I wanna make this one, fun and engaging. Alright. So what are some ideas? I’m gonna I’m gonna throw some up on the screen. Alright. So, Alar says phone case sweatshirt.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:42]:

Alright. Michael. What’s up, Michael? Michael says, Yeti style mugs for everyday AI. Jay says, star trek tri coater, device. Oh, I love this. I love this. Mike says hair gel to make my hair look like yours. If you’re joining on the podcast, That’s funny because I can’t tell from the, from Mike’s small little picture, but it looks like Mike does not have, very much hair.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:07]:

So, I I don’t know if we can create a a a hair gel to make you grow hair. Okay. Let’s so let’s get those suggestions, keep coming in, and then I’m gonna hopefully walk what we’re gonna be doing. So I’m gonna pick one of these suggestions. We got a couple so far. So thank you, Mike, Jay, Alar, and, Michael, for for the suggestions so far. So here’s what we’re gonna do, and we’re gonna do this live. So we’re gonna see how it goes.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:32]:

It could be amazing. It could be catastrophic. So we are going to create a brand. So we’re gonna create a brand name and identity, all of that. We’re gonna Identify with our fake brand here live. We’re gonna identify a brand’s competitors, and we’re gonna help create, USP, a unique selling proposition. Alright. Then we are going to identify potential clients or customers for our fake brand, and we’re gonna do almost all of this inside ChatGPT With Internet connected plug ins, so I’m excited about this.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:01]:

Then we’re gonna use ChatGPT to write some basic marketing language. Okay? Then hopefully, if time permits and this is a 2 part episode, so we’re gonna do part 1 today, and we’re gonna pick up tomorrow, with part 2. So part 2, we are gonna take literally from what we have today, what we, create and develop As a as a live community here, and we are going to create, probably some, video assets and probably a website as well. So hopefully, today, we’re gonna get some some basic marketing copy, some images, maybe even a logo if if if we can get through this fast enough. And then, tomorrow, we are literally going to go over the course of 2 shows. Go from an idea to, in theory, a live website With images, with with video, with a lot of different creative, and we’re gonna do it all live on my screen Using generative AI because people are always saying, hey, Jordan. Doesn’t seem like generative AI can really do anything for me. It’s like, alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:04]:

Let’s put it to the test. Let’s do it live. Right? I’m not spending 50 hours on this. We’re doing it live together. Alright. So let’s jump in. Let’s see if we have any other, any other fun ideas here? Tanya, thanks for joining us. So she says a section structured for the trunk of my car to divide groceries and items.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:21]:

Okay. I kinda I kinda like that one. That one’s very, very specific. Gabriel, thank you for joining us. So Gabriel says rosemary hair growth Leave in scalp treatment. Alright. So we have, we have a couple ideas. I wanted something that was and Kind of easy to visualize, and I think if we go with some of these, you know, hair products, we’re gonna get some, some crazy things.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:47]:

So, I think for what we’re going to do. Alright? So we’re going to do Yeti style mugs. Alright. So I like this. So let’s work with this, y’all. Give me give me some ideas, but we’re gonna do this live. So we’re gonna have some Yeti style mugs. Yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:05]:

Maybe or maybe not. They’ll they’ll be for everyday eye. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be great, and we’ll sell them. But Yeti style mugs. So let me start here. You know, probably all of us. Hey. Even right here, this this thing’s huge.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:17]:

If you ever hear me sipping on something, this is like This is not AI. This thing is literally like 50 like, a 50 ounce huge YETI style water bottle. But maybe what would be better about a Yeti style mug. What are some things that maybe we should improve upon? So as I ask those open ended questions, here’s what we’re gonna do. Here’s what we’re gonna do y’all. So, and and if you are joining if you are joining me live, thank you for your patience because Today’s today’s gonna be one of those where there’s gonna be there’s gonna be a little typing. Alright? There’s gonna be, you know, some some delay as we wait. But I’m gonna explain everything that we’re doing.

Brand names using ChatGPT and plugins

Jordan Wilson [00:10:59]:

Okay? So right now and please get yours tell me everything right now. Give me your ideas on a Yeti style mug, And I’m gonna actually, I’m gonna make my, my head here a little smaller. So, again, if you’re listening on the podcast, this is 1. Hopefully, you can come back and have some fun with us. So I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen now. So I am inside, ChatGPT. And sorry. So I have some very basic prompts ready Because I didn’t want you to have to, listen to me type these, in full.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:29]:

So, so now I’m gonna say using, Actually, let me fill in these kind of, placeholders. So this category is, I’m gonna say, geti styled mug, Category. Okay. So let me go ahead and copy and paste this. And as this goes, I’m gonna explain what we’re doing here. Okay? Alright. So here we go. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:58]:

I just hit enter on a prompt. I’m gonna explain exactly what’s going on, and I’m kind of zooming in here on the screen. So, hopefully, you all can see as well. So I am using ChatGPT. Alright? So you also for what we’re doing, you need to have ChatGPT plus, which is $20 a month, and it gives you access to plug ins. So I started a new chat with a couple of plug ins already enabled. Don’t worry. I’ll I’ll leave, you know, in the show notes, we’ll leave some links to Previous episodes where we talk a lot about plug ins, so this isn’t that.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:31]:

So I have browser op plug in, which is one of my favorites. I have a box script plug in in Scholar AI. Also, we did a show with the cofounder of Scholar AI. So here’s my prompt. I’m saying using use the browser app plug in to research, current naming conventions in the Yeti style mug category from 2023. Based on the findings, generate Three unique brand name suggestions for a Yeti style mug category. I probably should have, put brand in there, so I might have to change that. And then I said, additionally, provide a brief back story or rationale behind each suggested name.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:04]:

Please also create simple brand identities for each of the examples. Alright. So now I’m getting results. So as you’ll see in, in my, kind of browser here, and let me just walk you through it. I use browser up for so many things. And normally, FYI, normally, I would not just start this Chat like this. I would go through the process. I would prime it.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:30]:

Right? We teach prime prompt polish, which is our free prompting match method, which is literally amazing. But I wanna show you that even without going through this, because I didn’t wanna do that live, but if you want access to our free courses, type p p p. I’ll send it to you. So, essentially, browser app, I can click and see exactly what it’s doing and what it’s doing. And this is why ChatGPT with plug ins is so powerful for research ideation strategy. It It is doing what a human would probably be doing in these scenarios. I can click and it’s googling exactly what we said, and it’s reading Different pages here. So I’m scrolling through kind of the source code of of what it’s seeing.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:06]:

So now it’s, okay. So now, unfortunately, what we’re gonna have to do is I’m gonna have to modify this a little bit. So this was just a poor prompt. So I’m going to say I’m gonna follow it up with I’m gonna say, please help us create A new brand based off this category. Alright. So sorry. We’re typing live, which is never my fun, a fun thing to do, and And I’m gonna say I’m gonna copy this previously. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:38]:

So I’m saying, please help us create a new brand base off this category. Kind of some of my filling in copying and pasting didn’t make that, didn’t make that relevant enough. Alright. So I’m gonna take I’m gonna take a second here, get to a couple questions, and let’s keep let’s keep this going. You know? Tonya says, wow. This is fun. Brian says you should sell the mugs after. Maybe.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:02]:

We’ll see. Love this mic. Mike says it needs to be spill proof. I absolutely agree. Jay says, is the browser app plug in just to search the Internet or doing something else? Yes. Jay, thank you for this question. The reason I use browser app, Yes. I’m a dork.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:16]:

I’ve tested more than 20 Internet connected ChatGPT plug ins, across 4 different criteria because not every single plug in, until Peter, wherever Peter’s at. Peter’s been working on this. He’s actually waiting for me to, reach out to him. But, so Not all Internet connected plug ins are the same. I like browser op because it can open end query, which means it can search the Internet just like a human can based on a prompt, But it can also visit specific web pages and also read PDF. So it’s a very flex flexible plug in. Because when you’re using plug ins within chat g p t, You can only have 3 at a time. Okay? So in theory, I would be working in this chat and training it up, around this, this new brand that we’re creating live.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:59]:

So I’d wanna be very thoughtful and strategic on which plug ins to to use because, again, ChatGPT is great because it has a memory. You can go back and forth and train it and teach it and guide it. But at a certain point, it’s going to, you know, after about 64 100 words, it’s gonna start to lose some of the memory. So that’s why we’re using plug ins so we can access the web and not just have to copy and paste large chunks of text. Alright. Monica, question. Can you explain why you have each plug in enabled? Yes. So browser app, let me scroll to the top.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:29]:

Browser app is a very flexible plug in that, You you know, does those Internet things very well as well as PDFs. So I have another plug in called VoxScript, which is very similar, to browser ops. So the reason why I sometimes build plug in packs, this is what we teach in PPP and our free PPP course. Both of those are free, by the way. But I’d like to have some redundancy on the most important plug ins, which is Internet connectivity. And so but they are a little different because browser up, The plug in can read PDFs very well, VoxScript cannot. VoxScript can summarize YouTube videos fairly well, browser app cannot. So We do have some redundancy in case there’s a break in the plug in, but then you also have functionality across so many different ways to research.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:13]:

Right? So If we had more time, I could throw in YouTube videos about, you know, mugs. Right? Like, mug reviews and and go and see things that they like and don’t like. Right? So What we’re doing in Chattopi and why this is so powerful in building a brand is because you can literally go through 50 hours of research in a matter of minutes and pull away the most important details if you know what you’re doing by building plug in packs, by using the right plug ins within chat g p t. Alright. Here we go. Let’s let’s keep it going. Mike, I love hey. Mike’s Mike right now is getting the MVP.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:48]:

So so, Mike, thank you for all your comments. What else should this Yeti style mug do? Because we’re gonna be building it all live within ChatGPT, so let’s get back to it. So we have some ideas now, I think. Let’s let’s scroll down. So, So I’m gonna go ahead. I’m gonna I’m I’m gonna say these are great. We have some suggestions. Don’t worry.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:09]:

What else do we want our mug to do? Our YETI style mug. I like Mike says it should have a large bottom. It should be spill proof. I like that. This thing, The one I have, it’s kinda top heavy, so I get that. I like that it’s a little wider at the bottom. So maybe it’s short and stout, spill proof. What else? Because I’m gonna I’m gonna type these things in and see if we can ideate, and and brainstorm and get some great suggestions on new names.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:34]:

So what else? What else? Okay. Brian says it should be able to fit in cars and work bags. This is great. So I’m gonna type in right now, and I’m gonna go ahead and hide these comments. I’m gonna say these are great. We also, we also my gosh. We also want this mug To be spill proof, wide at the bottom, able to go in a car and gym bag, and not very heavy. And let’s just say, we also want it to be eco friendly.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:18]:

That shouldn’t be the focus, but keep that in mind. And then I’m gonna say, now here’s what I’m gonna say. I’m gonna say, also, Please use the browser app. Plug in to research other brands and companies in a similar space. And then I’m gonna go ahead, and I’m gonna take what I said last time And say after this after all of of this, please give us 5 new name examples with, Brand identity basics. Alright. So hopefully, that’s enough. We’re gonna pick 1 we’re gonna pick 1 and move on, and and and keep going.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:12]:

So what we’re doing right now, again, if you’re just joining us or as a recap because this is I know this is one of those we’re gonna be bouncing all over the place. So we’re creating a brand With ChatGPT. So we took ideas live. And next, what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be, identifying a brand’s competitors and USP. Okay? So that’s what we’re gonna do next. Okay? So I’m gonna go ahead and copy and paste this in. But I want I’m gonna alright. So here’s here’s what it’s doing.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:47]:

This is why it’s never good to be prompting live because what it’s, what we actually did, which is fine, It said based on the research, here are some notable brands and features in the eco friendly spill proof travel mug category. So this is good. Don’t worry. This is good. But We are now going to ask okay. Here we go. So now it says considering the above trends and features and requirements, here are 5 unique brand name suggestions. Okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:12]:

So let me know which one you like. Hey. Whoever shouts out the most, this is the one that we’re gonna use. Who knows? Maybe we’ll make and sell this thing. So, tell me which one you like. We have eco voyage. We have stable sip. We have light lift.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:26]:

We have bag buddy, Nature nest. I’m not a huge fan of all of those. I like I like one of those. I’m not gonna say which one, but which one do you like? I’m and and and I’m actually gonna say, please give me 5 more brand name ideas with Less of a focus on the eco aspect. So I did just put that in there. Right? Like, hey. We want it to be eco friendly Just because right now in in consumer product goods, ecommerce, like, eco friendly is is huge. So I do wanna even keep that in mind because we’re gonna be developing, unique selling proposition and how we can differentiate ourselves from the other competitors from these other big names.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:06]:

Okay. What names do you like so far, y’all? Like, what what sounds good? So, get, Gabriel likes bag buddy, stable sip. Yeah. We have a couple stable sips. Alright. Monica with a question. So do you have to tell ChatGPT to use the browser out plug in, or will he use it regardless? Fantastic question. You should always use that.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:28]:

You should always use that. Here’s the thing. And it’s it’s it’s a kind of a long drawn out answer, but I’m gonna keep it simple. After a certain amount of time, ChatChapiti is gonna start to lose its memory. So it’s always easiest just to say use the browser app plug in to do a, b, and c. Alright. So, yes, we should. Oh, I love this.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:50]:

Val says, can we add Wi Fi connectivity to the mug So it reads what we drink. That might be a little too much to to to to do live, Al, but I love the idea. Alright. Already, Stable Sip is The far winner, and I’m glad. That’s that’s what I liked as well. So we’re gonna call this the stable SIP. Okay. So here’s what we’re gonna do.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:13]:

How? Have this up on on the screen. So I am saying back to ChatGPT. We’re creating a competitive analysis for our new imaginary brand, Stable Sip. And I’m gonna say, please use the browser app plug in to research. I’m gonna say the I don’t even know how you would describe a Yeti mug. So I’m gonna say I’m gonna say to, research the, mug travel mug trends. We’re just gonna say it’s a travel mug. Right? Because we said we want it to be stable.

Competitive analysis and target audience for your brand

Jordan Wilson [00:23:46]:

We want it to be easy to, to use. So let me go ahead and put this in. So in the travel mug niche, then we have our stable sip. Sorry. Bear with me as I copy and paste this. Again, I’m not trying to do crazy, crazy long prompts. So here’s here’s what I’m doing here. Right? So we we decided we decided.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:11]:

Alright. We have the stable SIP, and we’re creating this From scratch. So right now, we’re saying, we’re creating a competitive analysis for our new imaginary brand, StableSip. So I need to tell it, Here’s what we chose, and this is a new imaginary brand. And then I said, please, yes, use your manners when working with ChatGPT. I’m saying please use the browser app plug in to research the travel mug trends from 2023. That’s the other thing. When you’re don’t just say query this.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:38]:

I want trends from 2023 because even on the Internet, I don’t wanna pull up things from 2019. If I’m actually building a brand from scratch, I want to use the most up to date and recent information out there. And, normally, I would give ChatGPT very specific commands. It would just take longer. So, normally, what I would say in this scenario, just so you all know, but we’re doing this live. I would say research at least 10 different Sources of information. And then at the end, I would say something like this, complete this task autonomously without human intervention. So I would want, In theory, to say, please look at at least 10 different sources of information, 15 different sources of information, And I might even give categories.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:22]:

I might say 5 in trends, 5 in product, 5 in ecommerce as an example. But we’re doing this live. We don’t want it to take forever. That prompt would probably take about 4 minutes to, to get through. So I wanna make this quick. Alright. So here we go. We have research already.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:40]:

This is fantastic. So it says based on the research, here are travel bug trends from 2023. You see what we’re doing already? You see what we’re doing already? We are already starting to not only develop a product, but we’re, looking at current market conditions. Okay? And this is good because ChatGPT knows all this. So as we as we continue to develop this brand, It already has it in its memory. That’s why we’re keeping this light and short so we don’t have to worry about ChatGPT running out of memory after those 8,000 tokens, which is about 64 100 words. Alright. So it has top competitors, and it’s also saying, here’s here’s what customers expect.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:17]:

They want a leak proof vacuum lid with a rubber seal. They want double wall insulation. They want a slide lock or BPA free sippy lid. Yeah. Look at this. Hey. That’s kinda what I got right here. I have a vacuum lid on on my big mug.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:31]:

I also have 1 with a straw. I would want a short one maybe. Right? Like, a short one fits in the car. Yeah. I like this. Okay. Also, it says some mugs even offer a built in mesh strainer for tea leaves or a free fruit infuser. Interesting.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:47]:

I like this. I like this. Okay. And then it says top Interesting. I like this. I like this. Okay. And then it says top competitors.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:52]:

Here’s some of our top competitors. Okay? And then it says, given the above information, here are 5 unique selling propositions for stable sip to help it stand out from its competitors. Right. So you see what we did just by giving it correct prompting information and telling it, study industry trends. Look at all the different competitors. Here’s what our product is. Here’s what it stands for. With that with that little bit of information, Right.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:21]:

That very little bit of information, it’s already starting to help us carve out, kind of some marketing angles or our unique selling proposition, our USP. It’s doing so much of the brainstorming. Even, like, basic market research, it’s doing it all for us. Are we getting yet the power of ChatGPT with plug ins with even some basic targeted prompting? Right? Yeah. This is good stuff. Alright. So here’s some of our USPs, advanced spill tech spill proof technology. Ergonomic wide based design, feather light build.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:55]:

I love that. Multipurpose lids, and Sleek and stylish aesthetics. I love this. I love this. Alright. So here’s what we’re gonna do now. And as this runs, I’m gonna update this. I’m gonna tell y’all what’s going on.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:06]:

I’m gonna jump to your comments. Let me know. Are you all enjoying this? Is this is this good? Because I I I hope this is fun for you. This is exciting for me because we’re seeing live different use cases for chat gbt because everyone’s always like, chat gbt is not smart. It hallucinates. It makes things up. Well, if you give it access to the right plug ins, if you do proper prompting, If you give it examples of good and bad, which I’m not even doing all of that because it’s a lot to type live. I hope you’re seeing.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:34]:

Alright. So here we go. So we are going with let me scroll up here. Sorry. We have a lot going on. I I I gotta get my okay. So now I’m saying based on the above results, please help us research potential clients or customers for Sable SIP. Use the browser app plug in.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:54]:

Let’s see trends in the, I’m gonna say travel mug category. Alright. And then this is stable sip. Alright. So I’m I’m gonna go ahead and run this live, and then let’s talk about it. And I’m gonna get to your comments. What do you wanna know? Are you enjoying this so far? What parts of the process are you seeing value of? I wanna know. So here’s what we’re doing next.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:20]:

Okay? So we created a brand already. We already identified our competitors and already started to develop a USP. So now what we’re doing is we’re doing a little bit of market research. Okay? And we’re identifying potential clients or customers. So here’s here’s the prompt, that I just ran. I said based on the above results so we’re telling ChatGPT, yes. Keep this keep this going. I said help us research potential clients or customers for Stable Sip using the browser app plug in to research consumer behavior trends and travel mug category from 2023.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:54]:

Based on the findings, identify 5 specific target demographic examples for stable SIP. Please take your time, go step by step, and complete this task autonomously without human intervention. That’s just a little tip because a lot of times, chat gbt likes to be collaborative, which I like. But when I’m trying to do a live stream, A podcast, bring in your suggestions, and type not always, not always the best. So, let’s see. Are we enjoying this so far? Tracy says this is amazing. Thanks for joining, Tracy. Brian says this is fabulous.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:24]:

Stable SIP. Yeah. If you joined us live, stable SIP, we said, We wanted a mud, maybe not like this. I got this tall one. Sometimes I knock this thing over. We wanted something a little more stable with a wide bottom, Something that wasn’t gonna spill, something that can travel, something that’s light. Right? Yes. And this is coming.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:42]:

This is, Jay Jay, thank you. Jay says this is great As this is what we want to try and see what the expert results are. Mike says interesting to see if DALL-E 3 can draw a prototype based on these descriptions. You know that’s coming, Mike. That’s coming in in part 1 if we can if we can, keep keep this thing going here. Alright. So here we go. It says for our podcast audience and if you are listening on the podcast, thank you all.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:07]:

But hey. Go go click the show note. You gotta see these things happening live. It’s gonna help you Understand chat gbt and how to use it, but I’m gonna do my best to describe what’s going on. Alright. So it says chat gbt is based on the research. Here are some insights into consumer behavior trends in the travel mug category for 2023. So we said shifts in consumer behavior, growth in travel and tourism sector, change in priorities.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:31]:

I like this. It says the consumer packet good. The CPG industry has identified changes and consumer priorities which could influence their purchasing decisions. And then also because I’m using BrowserUp and it’s a feature of BrowserUp, It has a source here. So if I wanna know more about this, FYI, I can click to read the source or I can drill down on any of these things. So ChatGPT gave me responses numbered. You know, 1, shifts in consumer behavior. 2, growth in the travel and tourism sector.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:58]:

3, change in PR priorities. So I can go and ChatGPT, and I can say, Hey. Based on number 3, change in priorities, please tell me more about these recent changes and help me build this out into our product marketing as an example. Right? So we say emerging coffee industry trends. Okay. I like this. There’s wellness oriented coffee menus, in rotation and roasting. So we’re we’re we’re we’re getting pretty deep here into our market research.

Jordan Wilson [00:32:23]:

Alright. And then it says trending ecommerce products. Alright. And then it says, given the above insights here, 5 specific Target demographics to, go after first, stable SIP. Alright? And here’s where I want you all to chime in because I want us to identify maybe one of these, that is is gonna be our best target demographic. Okay? So it gave us 5 different target demographics. I’m not gonna read all the details. So eco conscious commuters, Outdoor enthusiasts, office professionals, health and wellness advocates, or digital nomads and remote workers.

Jordan Wilson [00:32:58]:

Which one of those is is best y’all? Eco conscious commuters, outdoor enthusiasts, office professionals, health and wellness advocates, Digital nomads and remote workers, and I’m asking because we are trying to get a focus on 1. Like, as we create, you you know, some of our additional creative materials, some of our marketing. When we go when we dive into part 2 tomorrow and and and do a website, We’re gonna wanna be, appealing to this consumer base. So which one which one do you like? Let me know. Tanya says this saves so much time in gathering this information. Absolutely. Tracy, there’s value in all of the parts. Agree.

Developing marketing language with ChatGPT

Jordan Wilson [00:33:40]:

Alright. So we have we have some votes here, some for 4 and some for 5. So I think number 4 was health and wellness, but we have the most votes for number 5. So thank you for everyone, which number 5 is digital nomads and remote workers. Okay. So stable SIP, we are going to, you know, kind of position it, to go after digital nomad remote workers. It’s an on the it’s an on the go, kind of product, you know, so people don’t spill their drinks. We want it to be stable and lightweight.

Jordan Wilson [00:34:08]:

Here we go. So here’s what we’re gonna do now. We’re we’re gonna keep this going. I know this is a longer episode, but I hope you see value in it. So I’m saying, please using the information above, Help us develop, some basic marketing language, for our new brand, Stable SIP. I’m gonna say I’m gonna say here. Please help us Target our ideal, demographic, which is Digital nomads and remote workers, and I’m gonna say, keep in mind our preferred USPs mentioned above. Now I’m gonna say specifically, the stability of the mug in the, portability that it provides To our target demo.

Jordan Wilson [00:35:07]:

I’m sorry I have to type this live. I had some of them ready to go. But right after this, I know this is, you you know, this this isn’t the most exciting thing to seen see text on screen, but, again, we are demonstrating how and valuable ChatGPT can be. We’ve only been doing this live now for about 17, 18 minutes, and we’re already, going through what would normally take If you are working with an internal team, an outside agency, a consultancy group, again, we’re not getting the same level of of results because I would go much more in-depth in the prompts. I would go back and forth. I would train this ChatGPT. I would create an expert chat. That’s what we teach in our prime, in our free prime prop polish course.

Jordan Wilson [00:35:49]:

I would give it much more background information, but I wanted to start from scratch to show you even without being, you know, an an expert in ChatGPT, Even with some basic back and forth and plug ins, we can do some amazing things. So we are asking for some basic Marketing language. Okay. So let’s see what we got. So we’re saying based on the research, here are some of the popular marketing, phrases and trends. So the rise of augmented reality. Let’s see. Did I did I paste the wrong one? Let’s see what I did here.

Jordan Wilson [00:36:23]:

Okay. Okay. So what’s what’s going on now? It’s it’s giving us some marketing trends, that we ask for to, better tar, to to better market to our target audience. So, some of the things that says the rise of augmented reality, we’re gonna skip that. Personalized marketing. I like that. High demand for chatbots, influencer marketing, visual searches. Okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:36:47]:

So and then it says, giving the above trends in USPs of and Here are 5 persuasive marketing messages or taglines targeting digital nomads and remote workers. Alright. So here is Some potential basics for, you know, some taglines and some basic marketing messages. And then later, We are going to turn these into, kind of tomorrow in part 2. We’re gonna turn these into some landing page copy and build out a landing page. Alright? So Let me know which 1 you like. Number 1, steady on the move. Number 2, your desk anywhere.

Jordan Wilson [00:37:19]:

And we can tweak these, and we can give some feedback To chat gbt because you always should. Right? That’s what we teach when you, polish in our prime prop polish. When you polish, You should be giving feedback and say this is you know, number 1 and 2 are pretty good. Don’t like number 3, but 4 and 5 are great. Okay. So 1, steady on the move. 2, your desk anywhere. 3, sip with confidence.

Jordan Wilson [00:37:41]:

4, crafted for the digital journey. 5, beyond the desk, beyond spills. Which one do y’all like? Which one do y’all like? Mike says they’re all awesome. Tanya says love sip with confidence. Tracy says it’s amazing to see you talk through your thought process. Yes. Thank you. This isn’t the easiest thing if I’m being honest to go on on 2 different screens, trying to talk to our Podcast audience as well.

Jordan Wilson [00:38:05]:

Get comments in from you all, but, I I appreciate that. So, we’re getting some feedback. It’s it seems like most people like 1 in 5. Most people like 1 in 5. So here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m not satisfied yet. Right? Like, like the Hamilton musical, Never never satisfied. I will not be satisfied.

Jordan Wilson [00:38:23]:

Right? Okay. So here here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna say, I like number 1 and 5, but I’m not satisfied. I’m gonna say, please give me 10 more that are Similar to 15 make some of them more general and make Some of them more niche and creative. So in this instance, I don’t have to recall on browser app research or anything like that. It already has that research in its recent memory, and I’m just talking back and forth. So this is, again, what you should always be doing if you’re working insight ChatGPT. It’s ChatGPT has the ability to be next level Einstein, but it walks into the chat with Zero knowledge.

Jordan Wilson [00:39:14]:

Walks in with a ceiling to the heavens, but it actually has a floor below the surface. Alright. So keep that in mind. You always when working inside ChatGPT, talk to it like a human. You always wanna be giving it constructive feedback and steering where it should go. Alright. So we have alright. So let’s let’s look at some more here.

Jordan Wilson [00:39:36]:

Let’s see, how it took some of our feedback. Alright. And let’s let’s vote on our favorite because we’re gonna move on now, and maybe we’re gonna create a logo and an image. I know we’re going long on this one, but I hope you’re enjoying it. So Here we go. Let’s let’s choose here. Number 1, stay stay steady, stay sipping. Number 2, every journey, 0 spill.

Jordan Wilson [00:39:56]:

So, uh-oh, I like that. Number 3, for the nomad in you. 4, sit secure wherever work takes you. Oh, I like that. I don’t know about you guys, but these are pretty good. 5, beyond boundaries, beyond links, beyond leaks. 6, your adventure, spill free. 7, desk or destination, always steady.

Jordan Wilson [00:40:16]:

8, roam free, spill free. 9, globetrot with confidence. 10, crafted for wanderers, built for stability. What do you all like? I know that’s a lot. I’m I’m gonna zoom out here, so maybe, maybe you can see see them all on the screen. A couple of these y’all, I really like. Some of these are really good. What do you think? And, again, if you’re joining us if you’re joining us midway through, Let me give you a very quick update.

Jordan Wilson [00:40:41]:

We are building a brand live with chat gbt, with feedback from our everyday audience. Y’all are awesome. So we created a brand, stable sip. That is a a travel coffee mug, and we aimed it at digitalpreneur. So we identified brands competitors in our USP. We identified potential clients or customers, and now we’re going through some very basic marketing language. And hang on for another, I don’t know, 5 to 12 minutes, And we’re gonna jump into DALL-E within ChatChigot, and we’re gonna start building, some imagery and maybe some logos as well. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:41:13]:

So what do y’all like? Alright. So I see a lot of, Monica says every every journey, every spill. Jay says, thank you, Jay. Are you paying attention to your token use at this point? Jay, I am not, but thank you for that reminder. So here’s here’s what I’m gonna do. I have another episode on this. I’m gonna go ahead. So so forgive this little refresh here.

Jordan Wilson [00:41:35]:

I’m gonna go ahead and refresh, and, we’re gonna get a token count. Thank you. Thank you, Jay. So, yeah, we’re we’re still good on tokens. It’s weird. I can count tokens in my head. I’ve been doing this so long, so I knew we still had plenty. But Thank you for that, Jay, because at a certain point, Chat g p t so so far, we are about 34 100 tokens in about 25 100 words.

Jordan Wilson [00:41:57]:

So we are almost halfway to where ChatGPT is gonna start to lose memory, and that’s the number the the 2 biggest mistakes people make in ChatGPT. Number 1, not giving well, 3. Not using, something like prime prompt polish. I’ll I’ll put that out there. You gotta be using something like that. Number 2, Internet connected plug ins and the right plug in packs. Number 3 is memory, token. Right? If you keep those 3 things in mind, ChatGPT is gonna be an amazing business building partner for you.

Jordan Wilson [00:42:24]:

Alright. So we’re good on tokens. What do y’all like? Okay. I’m I’m going I’m going through I see some, like, let’s see. 6 here, 10, 4 or 10, 4 or 7. 4. Every journey 0 spills. Which one is that? Every journey 0 spills.

Jordan Wilson [00:42:39]:

That’s 2. So I see 2 I see a lot of 2, 4, and 10. A lot okay. A lot of 2, 2, 4, and 10. Alright. So what should we do? 2, every journey 0 spills, 4, SIP Secure, wherever works takes you, or 10, crafted for wanderers built for stability. I see a lot of votes. I see a lot of vote for all these.

Jordan Wilson [00:43:01]:

All these. All d. Maybe we could sell this at all. I’d love all d. Anyone else out there love all d? Alright. So I see a lot of 4, a lot of 10. Okay. People are asking about the token counter.

Jordan Wilson [00:43:11]:

I have a video for that. I’ll I’ll try to share this in here later, but it’s a Chrome extension. It counts tokens, inside chat gbt. Alright. So I see a lot of oh, I don’t know how to choose y’all. You’re gonna make me choose because I see a lot of 2, a lot of 10, and a lot of 4. Alright. So we’re gonna go I think I see mostly I think I see mostly 2 because the people that typed it out, every journey zero spills, they all did it for that one.

Jordan Wilson [00:43:36]:

So we’re gonna go with 2. I’m sorry, y’all. We can’t please everyone. It’s it’s a new audience. So I’m gonna say, okay. We’re going with Please, write some more copy around this. Okay. This is more or less just as a reminder to myself later When I jump in here, what we’re going with.

Jordan Wilson [00:43:57]:

So for stable sip. Don’t worry about this. That’s just for me. I’m just saying we’re going with every journey, 0 spills for Stable Sip. Please write some more marketing copy. Don’t worry about that. Alright. So Here’s what we’re gonna do now.

Jordan Wilson [00:44:10]:

We’re gonna get visual. Are you all ready? We’re gonna jump into ChatGPT’s DALL-E 3. Alright? I gotta take a stable sip here, y’all. I’m I’m I’m thirsty. This is a lot of talking. I love the feedback we’re getting. Again, podcasters, thank you for supporting us, you know, out there on Apple, Spotify. Did you all know this? We’re we’re, like, a top ten Tech podcast on Spotify.

Designing a logo with DALL-E 3 inside ChatGPT

Jordan Wilson [00:44:37]:

Thank thank you, Spotify listeners. But, hey, check the show notes. Come in, watch the video for this. I know this one’s gonna be a little difficult to follow, but hopefully, we’re getting it. So, alright. Let’s go ahead. We’re gonna start a new chat. Why are we starting a new chat? Well, DALL-E 3 is now available inside ChatGPT.

Jordan Wilson [00:44:55]:

However, it is its own mode. It is not a plug in. So I need to start I need to start a new, chat. And, actually, no. I don’t. I’m gonna go back here. Give me a second. So I’m gonna say, I’m back in our I’m back in our original.

Jordan Wilson [00:45:11]:

So I’m gonna say, please help write a, I’m gonna say a 5, no. I’m gonna say a 3 sentence. Three sentence description of stable SIP, marketing angle we want, ad line, And basics about competitors, USP, etcetera. I’m gonna say also write a simple Prompt we can use in doll e 3 to create an image. Okay. So now we gotta get the basics of this information without you all having to see me struggle in type. We need to take, the most important information about this, and we need to transfer it to this new Dolly chat. Because FYI, when we start a new chat in Dolly, It doesn’t have access to any of this information.

Jordan Wilson [00:46:08]:

So when I start a new chat in DALL-E, I’m gonna give it some basic information. So I’m gonna copy and paste from here Before I even ask DALL-E, 3 to create images for us. So what we’re gonna do and I know we’re already 40 plus minutes in. I’m gonna try very quickly to do a basic logo. We’re gonna start with a logo. I don’t know if we’re gonna get to images today. Probably not, but that’s okay. That’s why we got part 2.

Jordan Wilson [00:46:38]:

We’re gonna really get after in part 2. Alright. So I’m copying this basic information over, and I’m starting that new chat in DALL-E 3. And I’m gonna say, here is some information for a company called stable SIP that we Like a logo on. So if I’m telling you the truth, I’m putting this in there. Gauley works much differently than a lot of other AI image generators. I think what’s gonna happen is it’s just gonna go ahead. Even though I didn’t tell it to, I’m giving it background.

Jordan Wilson [00:47:11]:

It is going to go ahead and shoot us over even though it doesn’t know anything about what we necessarily want. So let me tell you real quick as we’re loading here. And are y’all are y’all enjoying this? You know what? If you are enjoying this, please share this. Right? Even if you’re on the podcast, please share this with a friend. Go to your everyday AI .com. Sign up for the free daily newsletter. Repost this on on social media. Right? One of the biggest things that I’m trying to do with everyday AI is to create a community of AI enthusiasts that’s inclusive, engaging, and we’re just Building and learning together.

Jordan Wilson [00:47:46]:

Not selling y’all a bunch of crap, but actually showing you how to use and leverage AI. So the if this is helpful, Please go ahead and, you you know, share this with your friends. Tag them in in the comments. You know, post repost this, whatever. Alright. So, obviously, It’s it’s gonna create some crazy logos. Okay. So I wanna know from y’all what type of logo should we do.

Jordan Wilson [00:48:08]:

Should we do minimalist? Should we do futuristic? Obviously, we want this to appeal, to, digital nomads. So Here’s here’s the great thing. Let me know what you wanna see in a logo. We’re gonna do it live. But I’m gonna show you One great thing that nobody’s talking about, the difference between mid journey and DALL-E. Okay? Mid journey does not have Ongoing processing abilities. What that means is if you copy and paste a prompt and put it in there, and if you get something that’s not quite great, You need to copy and paste it, and you need to tweak it. Right? The great thing about working in DALL-E is you can do, you know, kind of what’s called NLP natural language processing.

Jordan Wilson [00:48:50]:

So If it makes logos that I don’t necessarily like like, these aren’t logos. Right? These are just images. So I’m gonna say, okay. I’m gonna say these are great. Let’s focus on logos only for now. Please give us logo only options For stable SIP, and try and incorporate, the unique features of stable SIP. So I’m gonna say wide base, not spilling, etcetera. Okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:49:29]:

Let’s just go ahead and do that while I get to your comments. Mike. Mike. Thank you, Mike. Mike says this is why we invest our mornings here. And I’m sorry. Maybe you’re off to work. Maybe you’re not gonna be able to finish, don’t worry.

Jordan Wilson [00:49:41]:

You can always come back and and check this later. Jay says, I was literally just doing this this weekend. Monica Monica says, I see when you using chat and You don’t always use proper grammar. Does this matter? No. It does not matter in ChatGPT. So the same way that, you know, Google or anything else kind of does autocorrect, Which is great. ChatChaktee is smart enough where, if you’re not if you’re not getting all of everything correct, it doesn’t matter. Yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:50:07]:

So, It can as long as it knows. Right? Like, if you misspell something and it’s close to, like, 8 other words, you should probably fix it. But Basic grammar errors. You don’t have to worry about it. Alright. So let me know right now. This is how we’re gonna wrap the show. What do you wanna see in a logo? So right now, I’m just having a natural conversation with DALL-E 3 inside of ChatGPT.

Jordan Wilson [00:50:29]:

And another great thing, which you can see, is Y’all, can you see this? I’m gonna go ahead and describe this. We’re not gonna use this, but this is pretty amazing. So it gave us, a mug. This isn’t exactly what we wanted, I don’t think. But it even put the tagline, every journey 0 spills On the cup. I don’t think we would ever put that on there, but, we have an image here, which this is amazing because it took the essence of what we wanted. You know, we were kind of going after this, you you know, kind of the the digital nomad slash remote worker. And right here, this is what it Screams because in the background, you have this very picturesque, you know, mountains.

Jordan Wilson [00:51:13]:

And then on the on the outside of the image, You have what looks like a cityscape, and in the middle, kinda parting the city is this mug with the logo. It actually looks Pretty freaking fantastic if I’m being honest. And DALL-E is great right now with text. Not all AI image generators are. So you can’t always get that. You know, if you wanted to include a tagline, in an image, in a poster, in a logo, it might not even work. So the other good thing about DALL-E three that I wanted to point out, it can take a very basic prompt, and it builds on your prompt, which is something that MidJourney and others do not do. So that is a USP For MidJourney.

Jordan Wilson [00:51:50]:

So right over here, I can copy. So it put this. It said photo of a sleek travel mug with a distinctive wide base placed on a table. I didn’t tell it to place it on a table. So, DALL-E 3 and ChatGPT took my basic prompt, and it said, here are 4 variations of the prompt. Here’s the text, and here is the image that it, produces, which is amazing. So we know if we like kind of where something is going, We can copy the text prompt it gave us and make some modifications to it. Also, you don’t have to speak prompt to get great images inside of DALL-E 3 with ChatGPT.

Jordan Wilson [00:52:25]:

It is really great at handling basic language. Alright. So let’s see. What are we feeling now? Alright. So we have A couple images, logos that are pretty good. So let’s check. And, again, I’m spending a little bit of time on this because it’s important. So few AI image generators can get text correct.

Jordan Wilson [00:52:51]:

Ideogram or ideogram is one of them. We we we had a whole episode yesterday, with with, Leonard Rodman going over AI image generators. I think Leonardo AI can can, do, text now. But right now, to be able to get text On a logo in in in something like this is amazing. So we have 4 different options. All of them have a cup, But not all of them look like a travel cup. So we have 4 different kind of logo options. So I’m gonna use some basic language processing, and I’m gonna say which one.

Jordan Wilson [00:53:24]:

So I kind of I don’t know about you about you all, but I kinda like this one in the lower left hand corner. So it says stable sip. It it actually got all the letters right, which is good because sometimes you’re gonna have 1 or 2 letters that are wrong, and you have to go through and correct it. For some reason, it put the word Logan at the bottom of one of our options. So we didn’t even give it colors. So, you know, maybe tomorrow we’ll get into Color scheme and a little bit of that, identity. Right? But which 1 do y’all like? So if we say this upper left hand corner is 1, It kinda looks, I’d say this looks Starbucks Starbucks esque. It has kind of like a it looks like almost a Reusable cup.

Jordan Wilson [00:54:04]:

Stable sip on the right, this upper right hand corner. That one looks nice. It looks doesn’t really look like a mug necessarily. So I can even tell, ChatGPT, give me some options without even showing a cup. So so we could even do that. So which 1 do y’all like? Which 1 do y’all like? Thank you, Arturo. Arturo says so cool. 1st live episode.

Jordan Wilson [00:54:27]:

Love Mike says the first one’s pretty pretty good. Okay. People are liking number 1. Jay says the logo should be minimalistic and use other marking okay. Perfect. Let’s do this. Great, Jay. So I’m gonna say, Please give us some examples that are more minimalistic And focused less on the mug of stable sip And more on, branding elements like strong typography.

Jordan Wilson [00:55:11]:

And then I’m gonna say also try and include elements of stable sip without using a mug in the logo. So we’ll see. Like, as an example, maybe maybe chat gbt will, or DALL-E would create a wide Logo. I would like that because if it’s stable. Right? So I I might even say that just for fun to see how it does. Okay. So I’m gonna say, okay. Now maybe make the text.

Jordan Wilson [00:55:46]:

Sorry. And I know this isn’t, like, fun to hear me speak as I type, but I wanna make sure all of our, Thousands of friends listening on the podcast know what’s going on. So, I’m gonna say, okay. Now maybe make the text wider at the bottom for the logo To symbolize the USP 4, stable SIP. Please make 2 options very creative and make 2 options and straightforward. The great thing about using DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT, y’all, like what I’m doing right now, I’m having a conversation with a logo designer. Do you see how great this is? Do you see how great this is? We’re on mid journey, other AI image generators. You really have to speak in prompt in In, like, prompt language.

Jordan Wilson [00:56:32]:

Right? So you’d say, oh, minimalistic, you logo, this style, this color. I’m just having a conversation. Right? I’m just having okay. I like some of these. Some of these are really good. Some of these are really good. Yeah. So I’m gonna wait for it to be John generating.

Jordan Wilson [00:56:44]:

I’m gonna hit my next, prompt, and I’m gonna go back and we’re gonna look at these, And then we’re gonna wrap this episode up. Alright. We’re gonna wrap this episode up. Alright. So here are it looks like not all 4 of them rendered. If I refresh, Actually, this 4th one might render. So, it did okay. It did okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:57:02]:

So even though I told it not to really include, the cup. It did include the cup for 1, but we have at least 3 new logos, kind of Like what, what Jay was asking. Hey. Can we do something more focused on, you know, kind of just branding elements? Yes. And we can generate more options based on these. Yes. So we do have 3 new ones. All of these, I I don’t know about y’all, but this one here, it’s like a cup logo, but it’s like morphed into an s.

Jordan Wilson [00:57:39]:

I don’t know if there’s 2. It’s just 1 s, and I actually kinda really like that one. It is kind of blending like a traditional short coffee mug, with an s built into there, which is pretty it looks pretty cool to me. It looks pretty cool. Yeah. Brian says lower left has great promise. Alright. We have some people that like the first one.

Jordan Wilson [00:58:01]:

Alright. So let’s see, let’s see the new ones. So I said, maybe make the next Text wider at the bottom for the logo to symbolize the USP. Let’s see what these did. Oh, okay. Okay. So it didn’t get the words right, so I did 1 more generation. It didn’t get the words right.

Jordan Wilson [00:58:21]:

But what happened is, so it says stable sip. I love it. It even put the registered, like like, the trademark. Like, it’s already I love that. So we got some more creative ones because I asked for 2 creative ones. I asked for 2 2 basic ones. So we have one that’s very colorful, very futuristic. Right.

Jordan Wilson [00:58:41]:

We have another one that, looks kind of like a wordmark. Kind of just like more like a wordmark logo. We have another one in the lower left hand corner here. It didn’t get the the words right, which is fine. We can ask, and and run it again. And then I kinda like this 1 on the lower right hand corner. So it didn’t get it right. It just says stable IP, but it has that wide bottom of the logo, Which I really like.

Jordan Wilson [00:59:06]:

I really like. Okay. So whew. Whew. We are wrapping up part 1. So I think what we’re gonna do I think what we’re gonna do people like this one here. The stable sip, I liked it too. Almost everyone said lower left.

Jordan Wilson [00:59:22]:

So, again, DALL-E 3. If you’re listening on the podcast, it gives you 4 options in a quadrant. People like this 1 on the lower left. It kinda blends. So if you are just joining us, it blends like a cup outline with, the stable sip. It got all the words right. I like this. So we’re gonna run with this one.

Closing thoughts for part 1

Jordan Wilson [00:59:41]:

So what do y’all think? This was a fun episode, but Let’s wrap it up. And it is it is part 1. It is part 1, so don’t worry. Alright. So we have We created live to recap this because people always ask, alright, Jordan. Is chat g b t any good? How can it actually help me grow my brand? We did everything from basic. Again, this is basic. This is scratching the surface.

Jordan Wilson [01:00:12]:

We’re doing this live. I didn’t wanna spend, you know, 15 minutes typing in front of my keyboard. But we built the brand live with AI. We did almost all of this or we did all of this actually inside chat g p t. We did everything from browsing the Internet, which is so important. Again, you have to always be using plug ins. If you’re using ChatGPT And if you’re not using an Internet connected plug in, I did a whole episode on why you need Internet connected plug ins, okay, to do because what what we just saw there, what that gave us is that gave us brand building superpowers. It allowed us To in seconds, do what would normally take many hours of research, reading multiple articles, looking into all these different competitors, you you know, developing a USP, a unique selling prep, proposition against other competitors in the space.

Jordan Wilson [01:01:05]:

We did market research, looked at trends, helped create some marketing language around where we found with our imaginary brand, where its strength was with its USP in the market. My gosh. This was a fun episode, y’all. I hope you enjoyed it. And as a reminder, please, first of all, please join us tomorrow. But second of all, please go to your everyday AI .com. Sign up for the free daily newsletter. If this was helpful, And I hope it was.

Jordan Wilson [01:01:34]:

I know this was a longer episode. Please share this. Please, you know, forward the email to a friend, tag them, in the comments here in social media, Hit repost. Send this to someone. Sign up for the free daily newsletter. We’ll see you back for part 2. Can’t wait.

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