Ep 144: How AI and Business Consulting Can Help Companies Win

  • 14 Nov, 2023
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In an era driven by technological advancements, staying ahead of the curve is the key to success for businesses of all sizes. Embracing cutting-edge solutions like artificial intelligence (AI) and business consulting can open doors to unprecedented growth and profitability. In a recent episode of the “Everyday AI” podcast, industry experts shed light on how integrating AI and business consulting can help companies triumph in today’s competitive landscape.

Maximizing AI Potential:

One of the significant highlights of the episode was the transformative potential of AI highlighted by Damon Pistulka, a seasoned business consultant. Pistulka explained how AI can revolutionize various aspects of a business, from research and data analysis to content generation and sales improvement. By leveraging AI-powered tools, business owners can gain novel insights, streamline processes, and make informed decisions to enhance their overall strategy.

AI’s Role in Marketing and Web Structure:

In the digital age, marketing plays a pivotal role in attracting customers and standing out among the competition. Generative AI, in particular, has emerged as a game-changer, enabling small businesses to compete against industry giants. With AI-driven marketing techniques, businesses can refine their strategies, improve web page structures, and create engaging content tailored to their target audience. This empowers companies to level the playing field and achieve remarkable results with limited resources.

Data Analysis Redefined:

An often overlooked but crucial aspect of business operations is data analysis. AI tools can uncover patterns, identify trends, and extract valuable insights from vast volumes of data that might elude human analysis. By utilizing AI for data analysis, decision-makers can make data-driven choices, identify new opportunities, and optimize processes, leading to greater efficiency and informed business growth.

Overcoming Privacy Concerns:

Addressing privacy concerns associated with AI usage is crucial for businesses seeking to incorporate these technologies into their operations. Working with reputable companies that develop AI applications and prioritize privacy safeguards is paramount. By partnering with trustworthy AI providers, businesses can navigate privacy pitfalls and ensure ethical AI practices, earning the trust of their customers.

Looking Ahead:

The podcast episode also shed light on the rapid evolution of AI tools. From advanced computation to answering complex questions, AI is becoming more versatile and accessible. It is imperative for business owners and decision-makers to choose the right AI solutions that align with their specific needs, maximizing their chances of success.


The fusion of AI and business consulting represents a significant opportunity for companies striving to achieve a competitive edge. AI can revolutionize various aspects of business operations, from marketing and web structure to data analysis and decision-making. Business owners and decision-makers need to embrace the potential of AI, experiment with its various applications, and leverage its transformative power to drive their organizations forward in an increasingly dynamic and demanding marketplace.

Topics Covered in This Episode

1. Benefits of AI for Businesses
2. Using AI as an employee
3. Marketing and Data Analysis with AI
4. ChatGPT’s Capabilities and Limitations

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:17]:

How can you use AI in your business consulting to help your company grow, to help your company win? So many times on the Everyday AI Show, we we talk to experts who are in very specific fields from all over the place. And today, I’m Excited to have a general conversation about practical ways that we can use AI to grow our companies and to ultimately help us win. So if If you’re joining us live, thank you. If you’re joining us on the podcast, make sure to check out the show notes as always, and go to your everyday AI.com. Sign up for that free daily newsletter. But welcome to Everyday AI. My name’s Jordan. I’m the host.

Daily AI news

Jordan Wilson [00:00:56]:

And before we get into our livestream and podcast, let’s first take a look at what’s going on in the world of AI news. Speaking of business consulting, Accenture is going all in on AI. So they just announced today that they’re looking to double The headcount for their employees working in and around AI to about 80,000 or more than 10% of its current global workforce. The company, the consulting company announced in July a $3,000,000,000 that’s billion with a b. They announced a $3,000,000,000 investment Into generative AI and AI for their clients over the coming 3 years. So, after a very slow start from, Business consulting companies. Accenture is now really picking up the steam. Next piece of AI news.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:45]:

AI. Well, this piece of AI news is good for your heart. That’s because a new study from Oxford shows that AI can predict and Heart attack risk up to up to 10 years in the future. So they use AI to more accurately analyze CT scans, and this tech could Potentially save thousands of lives and improve, treatment for patients. So the study was funded by the British Heart Foundation, and they use AI to analyze data and routine cardiac CT scans, and they found that even patients with seemingly healthy arteries could be at risk for future heart attacks, Which is some very exciting breakthrough news, for AI in in the medical field. Last but not least, OpenAI is seeking more funding for superintelligence. So in a recent, interviews with the Financial Times, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Said he is seeking more financial support from Microsoft as his company pushes forward with research into creating superintelligence Through artificial intelligence models. That’s like the next level of artificial general intelligence.

About Damon and Exit Your Way

Jordan Wilson [00:02:49]:

It’s when, the machines no longer need us. So OpenAI is focused on researching how to make artificial general intelligence, AGI, safe and beneficial as well as developing more powerful AI agents. So that may be a little off in the future, but don’t don’t worry. If if you wanna know about how to use AI today and and how to use it to grow your business and not AGI. That’s what today’s show is for. So I’m I’m very excited, to have on this show, and please Help me welcome. We have Damon Pastolka who is the cofounder of Accent Your Way. Damon, thank you for joining the Everyday AI Show.

Damon Pistulka [00:03:27]:

Alright, Jordan. Glad to be here.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:29]:

Alright. I’m excited. Well, hey. 1st, give give everyone a brief overview of a little bit of what you do at, Exit Your Way.

Damon Pistulka [00:03:36]:

Yeah. Well, we we help business owners improve their businesses, build value, and sell their businesses when they’re ready. It’s really about, generating wealth with your business for whatever you wanna do next.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:51]:

So for all the business owners out there, maybe this show’s for you. So so so, Damon, a little bit more. So is it only when companies are kind of get at that point where they want to sell their company, or are you working with companies over the long term, You know, on a multiple year kind of growth. We work

Damon Pistulka [00:04:08]:

with them long term, definitely. I mean, we’ve got clients right now that have been with us over 5 years, but we’ve been to quintuple Plus, you know, values and things like that and revenues with them because we’re really about helping owners create the exit they want, when they want. You know? And that could be a decade from now. We’re really just helping people build very valuable businesses.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:30]:

Yeah. And I’d say just the world of growing your business has changed, especially, I’d say, If you’re a small business owner, you know, with generative AI, you know, I’ve experienced it myself. I have a small business, and I’m using it in all aspects of my business. I’m curious, Damon. How are you using, you know, different generative AI systems and, you know, whether it’s your day to day or You’re week to week, but how are you finding value in using AI right now?

Damon Pistulka [00:04:59]:

Well, us personally in our business, we use it extensively for, research, combining, you know I mean, there’s just so many things that it’s it’s red almost everything. Right? And you you’re looking at it and you say, how can I combine this huge mass of data into something that I can understand? That’s huge. Or even things as simple as generating ideas for content. Right? If you’re if you wanna look at content or pain points for your, for your the people that you wanna you wanna talk with, just understanding those kind of things. Because we all have these, you know, perspectives, and that really helps us take the blinders off and really understand what we’re trying to do and be better at what we’re doing.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:47]:

And, hey, as a reminder, thank you everyone for joining us live. Mike Lamer is joining us. Thanks for joining us. Harvey Tuck saying, He’s happy to be here. Good conversation. What do you want to know about how to use AI, to to grow your business? Get your questions in. We’ll see if, we’ll see if we can tackle them here, live on the show. So one one thing, Damon, I’m curious about.

Are business owners curious about AI?

Jordan Wilson [00:06:09]:

So, when business owners are coming to you, Are they curious about generative AI? Are they asking you, hey, Damon. How can, how can I use AI to to grow my business’s value, or are you kind of introducing it? You know, I’m I’m always curious if if people like you and I are a little ahead of the curve or if everyone out there is is already figuring generative AI out.

Damon Pistulka [00:06:33]:

For me, it’s definitely helping to introduce because oftentimes, the businesses we work with, They’re they’re focused on what they’re doing. Right? They’re really good at what they do. And when you think about, well, have you thought about using AI for something like this? They’re like, What? What? You know? And, whether it’s a medical application. You know? That is one of the things the latest things that we’ve really been helping one of our clients do is They have to take large amounts of medical data and summarize it succinctly and and, accurately. And it’s really interesting, the the applications we’ve been able to, research and then develop with them to do that or or something as simple as, you know, just the simple things like making you better. If you’ve got, say, an accounting Or a a finance person that doesn’t know how to do something in Excel. I mean, just just the simple stuff that AI can do to help them be an expert in a in a program that’s been around forever like Excel to to do solve whatever challenges they want or or data analysis, you know, from that financial perspective. It’s just so much it can do right now, but we’re introducing it to these clients because they don’t realize how it can help them in their daily lives.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:54]:

Yeah. And and what’s kind of and and walk me through the, maybe and The typical first reaction. So, you know, you have these these business owners, and they obviously have clear clear clear goals in mind when they’re working with you. Right? Like, they’re They’re trying to create some sort of exit plan, some sort of strategy. So they’re trying to presumably either either grow things toward the end or to set up systems that make something, you you know, more sustainable and more scalable. But what does that look like maybe when a business owner that’s been doing some of those things like you said, Damon? Maybe They’ve been, you know, spending hours and hours in Excel even if that’s maybe not one of their strong suits. What’s kind of the reaction been so far from business owners when they’re looking to grow, looking to sell, and they see this AI thing working for the 1st time.

Damon Pistulka [00:08:39]:

Well, it’s It’s amazing, really, their reaction because they’re like, wow. I had no idea that I had tools like this that were simple and available to me, especially with the with, you know, these latest the the latest whether you’re using any of these. The, you know, the latest iterations of these things have gotten so easy for people to really generate, useful just use do useful task for them every day.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:06]:


Damon Pistulka [00:09:06]:

That that’s been Not not even to mention the the larger, more complex things that are going on, but just initially these these fundamental things that they can help with, they’re so excited about it.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:18]:

Yeah. And then already already a great question here. So let’s take this in. So, Michael Forgy asking, what are the most popular types of businesses that are bought and sold at least, you know, maybe in the areas that you’re working in, Damon.

Damon Pistulka [00:09:30]:

Well, you know, there’s when you look at what are the most Commonly sold kinds of businesses. Right now, I think there’s a lot of online businesses that get get transferred. You know? You look at Some of the special marketplaces for those, those things move around a lot. And, you know, but other you just look look at the most common kind of businesses. They get, You know, the main street kind of businesses are the ones that that sell the most. But, online businesses now, you can go to the the online brokerage places and and see thousands of them. Everything from an Amazon business. I mean, those product businesses Amazon, Amazon change hands a lot, and, those kind of things definitely are popular.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:15]:

So so, well, Well, I’m gonna I’m gonna try to better understand this myself and maybe explain this to the audience. So are are are you saying, you know, kind of like marketplaces, that people go to, you know, sell an online business, maybe something like, like an Empire Flippers. Yep. Something like that where you go and list a a business. Right?

Damon Pistulka [00:10:34]:

Yeah. Yeah. Those are the places where you can find the the popular ones. And then, I guess it’s not coming to me right now, but there’s another one that’s just for online businesses. Empire Flippers is is more for, like, ecommerce kind of businesses and some online, but there’s some that are, actually just for, like, I’ve got a website that’s that’s selling this kind of product or I got an Amazon business, and it’s really pretty good. It’s those are really pretty good where you can find a lot of different deals there.

Ways AI help businesses

Jordan Wilson [00:11:03]:

Yeah. And I’m curious. I’m curious because, in this scenario, maybe when someone’s listing, you you know, kind of a a business they create, for sale or, you know, kind of, like like what you said, Damon. You you know, maybe they created a, you know, pretty successful Amazon business or something like that, and Maybe something happened, you know, during the pen pandemic and supply chains, and maybe it’s just not as profitable as as they would like. In these scenarios, are you able to find maybe areas where generative AI can make difference because maybe some of these business owners just didn’t know, and it could make, you you know, their day to day so much easier. Is that something that you’re now specifically with, you know, the shift toward putting things online, maybe the pandemic threw a a wrench in people’s plans over the long term. Is this something you’re seeing?

Damon Pistulka [00:11:54]:

Well yeah. It and it’s and it comes primarily in, right now, in the marketing. Right? Because The generative AI and and and others is it’s so much so robust And it’s knowledge about what are really good marketing techniques, what’s language we should use, what are the things that we’re missing in our current marketing objectives, you know, because it can browse your stuff now. It can compare to others. It can do so many things that A small company can’t afford to go out and hire a very expensive CMO, but with with AI, you can bring them into your company by Taking the time to really explain your company and then let it do that work for you. It’s it’s amazing what it can do, you know, down to How do I structure my web page appropriately? You know? Because all these things that you would normally go out Today, and and experts are really good at this. Right? But if you’re a small business and you’re trying to bootstrap your your your constraint on the amount of cash you got, You can go a long ways with AI compared to where you’re at today.

Safeguards around AI

Jordan Wilson [00:13:07]:

You know, and already we have we have 2 different people, kind of asking, about privacy. So, you you know, Cecilia, Cecilia here asking on the back end of her question, saying, How are you getting businesses beyond the legal and privacy challenges to start using AI? What are the basic safeguards you are helping them establish to start using AI? So, Yeah. That’s that’s a great question, Damian, because, if you are maybe using it more from the high level marketing end, probably not as much that you need to do, in in terms of privacy, if you’re just doing, you know, competitive, intelligence or competitive research. But, you know, what about for those companies that wanna go a little deeper and Maybe they wanna use AI to, you know, help them with their bookkeeping. What are some, you know, some, safeguards that companies should should keep in mind when when using AI?

Damon Pistulka [00:13:56]:

That’s a great point. You know, with our clients, we’re only gonna use companies that are that are developing stuff that that ensures privacy. Like, we’ve got something that we have to use HIPAA compliance with, and you just gotta make sure you’re working with the right companies to do that. You can’t just go out to a To, you know, to whatever AI site that you like and start working with them, obviously, because the privacy is not there. That’s where you really have to go to the companies that are developing the apps that do and are certified and protect your privacy like you need to. Really, there’s there’s limited application for that, though. I think that more Often, small business owners don’t need to worry about it because your competition already knows. They already know what you’re doing.

Damon Pistulka [00:14:45]:

You’re not gonna be doing anything special. You’re probably just gonna be doing something that they’re not. And they’re I mean, although unless it’s some secret IP thing that, you know, you know, formulas or something, Or like I said, HIPAA compliance. It’s really not as big a concern as people make it to be.

Easy wins with AI

Jordan Wilson [00:15:06]:

You know, Damon, in in your experience sense, you know, with Accent Your Way and helping companies specifically use AI to, you you know, create more business value. What are some of the most common kind of wins that you’ve seen? Right? Because there’s no shortage of way to use generative AI to help companies grow, To make them more profitable. But what are some common themes that you’ve seen from the companies you’ve worked with that you’re like, hey. Most, You know, 9 times out of 10 or or more often than not, this approach using generative AI is a win.

Damon Pistulka [00:15:42]:

Yeah. It’s it’s in the the 2 areas mainly or 3, really. 1 is in the marketing. Right? It come back to that again because It helps them so much without having to hire a CMO or something like that. They can get their internal marketing people a long ways down the road without spending that money. The the second thing is is as I talked about too is helping their internal so called be better because they’ve got access to this wide range of knowledge. It doesn’t matter if I’m a developer, if I’m a finance person I talked out, or I’m I’m a a medical expert. There’s There are so many different things that it can help us answer questions that might give us that 1 idea, that 2 the 2nd idea that really helps to answer our our The question we need answered to help our that person move forward.

Damon Pistulka [00:16:33]:

And the last thing is data analysis. I can’t you know? AI will put together patterns that we can’t see in data or take multiple sources of data and pull pull some really interesting, points from it that we won’t be able to come to without significant effort. And that’s where where, really, those 3 areas are are really driving our clients to be able to go forward faster.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:01]:

Oh, great. Look. Great breakdown there. So marketing, helping. Number 1, marketing. Number 2, helping internal experts become better at their job. Number 3, data data analysis. That’s a that’s a huge one, Damon.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:12]:

And and, hey, if if you are just joining us now, thanks for joining us. We have, Damon Pastolka, the cofounder of Exit Your Way, and we’re going over different ways how AI, can help businesses just win. Right? I love number 3 that you just mentioned, Damon. It’s it’s one of it’s one of my favorites, actually. So when we’re talking about data analysis, I’m someone personally I love spreadsheets. I love data. I love Google Sheets. I love creating formulas.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:41]:

Right? However, AI is better. Right? Like, I can go into chat GPT, you know, use the the mode that’s, advanced data analysis is the mode inside of chat GPT that does that, and it just goes nonstop, and it goes faster. Right? And it’s almost always better than me or any other, you you know, person in and who’s working in data. What’s what’s a piece of advice that you can give to people that are maybe like, you know, my numbers are important. I’m not sure if I wanna leave that up to a tool like like chat GPT, but maybe what’s a piece of advice that you can give to people, Damon, on on actually using it for data?

Damon Pistulka [00:18:18]:

Well, I think for In the big complex datasets, I mean, it can pull out things that you don’t understand, you know, or you you’re not gonna say. Now that’s one thing. The other thing that that we see a lot of people and and really helps us help others is what should be we we be talking about what should be what are some of the things that we’re not thinking about in this data that we should be? And that that’s where it really looks at things differently Like, we we can’t easily do. And then you begin to go, okay. Here is something that we should be looking at that we’re not now, that will make a big difference for us. That’s it’s just, and I see someone’s talking about advanced data analysis For Google Ads. I mean, that’s that’s a really good use of AI. It’s like pulling all the the sources of leads and things together in your marketing and going, okay.

Damon Pistulka [00:19:12]:

What are the commonalities across these? Because it’ll find things that you just don’t understand, and and we can’t easily determine, but that key piece of information that it pulls out could be huge or you’re going further in in your you know, getting better return on your spend and and things like that, or even in your business to really understand how to shape The operations of your business to better meet customer needs.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:40]:

Yeah. Absolutely. And and and that’s a great point, Damon, that that that you bring up, and I think it’s important for people to understand about generative AI. And I think, you know, for the most part here, it seems that our conversation and kind of going around chat GPT, but, you know, Damon just said, you you know, talk ask questions, right, of generative AI. You don’t have to know everything. You don’t even have to know what the data is. You can upload a spreadsheet with tens of thousands of data points, and you’re scratching your head. And you can say, hey.

Using AI tools

Jordan Wilson [00:20:08]:

Tell me what this is all about and tell me how it relates to my business and and, you know, chat GPT or most other generative AI systems We’ll tell you that. Mhmm. And and and maybe, you you know, had a question, had a question here as well. Let’s bring it up here. So, David David, thanks for joining us. David said, on the data analysis side, what are some, some AI tools that best align with that? So, You know, Damon, we were kinda talking about chat gpt and, advanced data analysis, but is there any other kind of data tool, in the AI space you might recommend?

Damon Pistulka [00:20:42]:

I I really wouldn’t recommend any specific ones. I would say go out. The you know, the thing about it is the the AI tools are evolving so quickly. What I can be talking about today, it could be gone tomorrow or surpassed by someone else. So I think you really need to look at it. You know, the ones that we have been looking at, specific industry specific or in health care, which are so interesting to be able to take, like, say you’ve got a patient that’s been I in the doctor a lot about a certain thing. They got a serious injury, and I’ve seen 17 different doctors. And what are it The way that it can summarize that kind of data to pull out relevant points is really incredible, really incredible, And make it easy to understand.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:30]:

Yeah. Damon Damon brings up a great point. I actually had a, an episode, like, 2 weeks ago saying, hey. Be careful of what AI tool that you use because a big update from an OpenAI or a Google or a Meta Could could wipe out that tool. So it’s it’s great advice. And and even personally, I say probably stick To the bigger systems for that very reason. You know, some of these small ones, they’re not great at really developing, you know, a unique proposition so they could be gone pretty quickly. Yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:04]:

Great another great we have great questions today. I’m excited for this one, Damon. We’ll get to this one. So, Arts are asking, can we double down on some learnings and examples of success and setbacks? So, I think we’ve talked a little bit of on the success unless you have, Damon, You know, a one kind of a good success story you’d wanna talk about. Otherwise, maybe what are some setbacks, you know, by using generative AI to help grow your business value?

Damon Pistulka [00:22:29]:

Well, the, you know, the the setbacks can be if you’re if you’re trying to get it to do something it’s just not gonna do. Right? You know, you get you get so far into looking at something. And if it’s not going anywhere, you just need to go, okay. Maybe it’s not ready. Right? There were some things in the beginning where we were trying to to do some of, like, the medical stuff. We were trying that a year or plus ago, and and it was just like, It just there, you know, wasn’t ready. Things weren’t ready and able to go like we wanted to do. And you look at The the setbacks is just really wasting time trying to get it to do something it’s really not meant to do at this point, And and something in where you need ultimate accuracy or or just things like that that you you gotta, It’s just not good at some things yet.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:20]:

That’s that’s a good point. Yeah. And and I think maybe, Damian, that’s it’s worth pointing out because we talked about, You know, data analysis, and, I also wouldn’t trust chat gpt to math. Right? Chat gpt by itself is not good at math. If you are using advanced data analysis, it is great at advanced computation. So that’s a great call out is is you do have to really know what you’re doing, and make sure that you’re using kind of the right feature or function for the right, for the right reason as well. David, maybe, I’m curious because I’m sure you’re working with a lot of different clients, and it sounds like, you know, ChatGPT and other Gen AI tools, have become a great, resource for for you and your clients looking to, you you know, increase business value. So we talked about those 3 earlier.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:11]:

You you know, the the marketing, helping internal people become better experts, data analysis. Is there one of those areas that even for, you know, you on a day to day basis that you keep going back to because the value that it creates is is is so, is so great. You know? Is there any one area that you keep using generative AI and and you’re like, wow. How did I do this? You know, or how did my companies do this before Generative AI?

Damon Pistulka [00:24:39]:

Mhmm. It’s it’s really about, making experts smarter. I mean, for us, it’s it is because if you go into we’re we’re generalist in some ways in what we do because when you talk about building business value, it hits different spots. You know? It’s could be an operational. It could be a financial. It could be these things. And for us to be able to go in and and really understand, how to use, like, a chat GPT plus and and then to understand how to feed it the right prompts to be able to get The information. The information’s in there.

Damon Pistulka [00:25:15]:

It’s just really getting the right information out by asking the right questions, giving it the right information. But to make you smarter every single day to help your clients better. That’s what we we come back to it all the time for that. It’s like because I don’t know what I don’t know, and maybe it can help me know more of what I don’t know that I need to know for my clients.

GenAI as an employee

Jordan Wilson [00:25:39]:

Yeah. That’s that’s such a good use case. And I think especially, you know, when we talk small business owners. Right? You know, we we said, hey. Whether you have an online, you know, an online company or, you know, a main street company, I’d say in those scenarios, Damon, it’s it’s not like these companies always. I mean, sometimes they do, but it’s not like they always have the budget to go hire more people, to maybe hire someone in admin, To hire a consultant to help them grow. Right? Maybe can we talk a little bit about because I love your example of helping, You know, experts become even better in their role, but I like to always encourage people to look at, you know, Chat gbt or generative AI as The employee they can’t afford right now or the help that they necessarily don’t have on their team. Maybe what are some ways that that company is trying to increase, their value and to get some get some good wins.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:31]:

What are some ways that they can do that and maybe look at chat gpt or generative AI almost as, like, The person that they don’t have right

Damon Pistulka [00:26:39]:

now on their team. Yeah. Well, it it it will help them understand again what you don’t know. I mean, everything from We’ve used it we’ve used it to help build processes in businesses. We’ve helped it to to help and, I mean, in I’m not just like, hey. I wanna, You know, do this whatever simple process, in detailed processes, in in pretty technical businesses like, okay. How do I. What is my proposal process? What is the process for completing this type of work? And and really, like you said, Being able to do things that we don’t have someone to do, that we don’t necessarily know how to do, but it’ll spit out what I want, and I can go, okay.

Damon Pistulka [00:27:21]:

I’m 80% of the way there on something and and finalize it and go. Because it’s just there’s so much that you can have it help you with.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:30]:

Yeah. I love that processes and procedures because if you are a small business trying to grow, it can be some of those more mundane tasks.

Damon Pistulka [00:27:39]:


Jordan Wilson [00:27:39]:

That that can really weigh, a small business owner down or a solopreneur down or a small team down. Yeah. Damon, what what are some, practical, you know, tips that maybe you have for people specifically around how they can use maybe chat gpt To help develop those processes and and procedures because sometimes if you’ve never had them, you don’t necessarily know how. So what’s some advice that maybe you have?

Damon Pistulka [00:28:08]:

Well, I think the thing that really changed it for us is when we took the time to explain in detailed terms who we are, what we do, and how we help people. Because if you give background, you, your business, what you’re trying to accomplish, even personal things about you That that, will help the AI to understand more about How it should act, how it should think, then it can give you better solutions. You know, if I’m an engineering firm and I’m trying to develop something, a process for something, if it knows we’re an engineering firm like this, We’re this size. We do these things. This is how how we work. These are our internal systems. I mean, if you take it and you develop Five, 10 pages, whatever, of details, and keep ask the AI to say, what do you need To really do this, ask me a 100 questions, ask me a 1,000 questions, and you answer them, it can give you so much Higher quality information back. I just that is the first thing I would say if anybody wants to get in it.

Damon Pistulka [00:29:27]:

Have the AI ask you everything it knows to be a good x for you.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:34]:

Y’all, do you do you Do you have your everyday AI notebook in front of you? Because Damon just dropped one of the things I always teach people. Right? So We have our free prime prompt polish course we do twice a week. And one of the things that we always always teach people is ask The AI questions. Right? You don’t have to come off as an expert when you’re working with a generative AI system. It’s oftentimes better just to ask Questions. Alright. I think we have time for 1 more question as we wrap things up, and this is an interesting one. So, Georgia Sun said, We recently saw the appointment of the AI powered CEO called Mika at Dikthedor, a Polish beverage company.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:12]:

What’s your opinion on that? I’ll leave it up. I’ll I’ll let you take this first, Damon, because I have some thoughts on this. But, yes, a, this is real. We covered this on the show a couple of weeks ago, but a Polish beverage company, I don’t know if it was more for press, but they did appoint, a human like robot with AI to be their CEO and to make all their decisions. What’s what’s your thoughts on that one, David.

Damon Pistulka [00:30:35]:

Well, I think that, you know, I’m mixed. Right? Because from from a certain standpoint, It’s nice because it could could work really well. But then in others, I just don’t know how creative and flexible that AI can really be at this point. I mean, we we can operate in in weird and and, awesome ways in our minds, and I just don’t know. I know we’re not there yet with AI. That’s the only thing. I mean, in in situations, it’s not gonna make the and it doesn’t make the right decisions. That’s Yeah.

Damon Pistulka [00:31:08]:

That’s the only thing.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:09]:

Yeah. 100%. Yeah. I think this was more of a publicity stunt. Yeah. But I love I love the concept though of hey. Maybe you don’t like Running the day to day. Maybe you love marketing or you love, you know, accounting, but but you’re a business owner.

Damon’s final advice

Jordan Wilson [00:31:24]:

You know? I think it’s okay to kind of train A chat GPT chat to help you run the business. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but I don’t know about the, the actual AI robot walking around and and telling you what to do. We’ve we’ve covered so much here, Damon. We’ve we’ve you kinda had your 3 points, you know, different ways that you can use generative AI. I love the the concept of asking questions, but maybe if there’s 1 takeaway that you really want people, to to kind of, glean from this conversation on on how they can use, AI and consulting, to help their companies win. What is that one major point that you want people to leave with?

Damon Pistulka [00:32:03]:

Well, if you’re if you’re not at least reading about how AI can apply to your business And you’re not looking at AI as if if you’re in business and not experimenting with AI right now, you’re screwed. Mhmm. Really. I mean, I’m sorry, but You’re you’re in trouble because there are others that are. There are others that are using for the things that we talked about today and you’ve talked about in other other shows, I’m sure, that They are going to pull ahead farther because of it. So I don’t wanna be doomsday about it, but, really, There are things that it’s gonna continue to evolve and do that if you’re not using it in your business or at least understanding what it’s being used for in your kind of business, You’re missing out.

Jordan Wilson [00:32:48]:

Oh, absolutely. I’d say there’s nothing doomsday about that. I couldn’t cosign on that one quick enough, Damon. That’s such Such good advice. Alright. We covered so much. Don’t worry. There’s always always more in the newsletter, but, Damon, I have and Thank you so much for coming on the Everyday AI Show to talk about how AI and business consulting can help companies win.

Jordan Wilson [00:33:09]:

We appreciate your time.

Damon Pistulka [00:33:11]:

Thank you for having me.

Jordan Wilson [00:33:13]:

Alright. And, hey, as a reminder, a lot of good information from Damon, so make sure you go to your everyday AI.com. Sign up for the free daily newsletter. Every single day, we break down the conversation in much more detail, share additional resources, and lay out a practical and tactical way that you can all of this to grow your company, grow your career. That’s it for today. We’re gonna be back tomorrow. We actually have the, marketing director at NVIDIA. I’m excited about that one.

Jordan Wilson [00:33:39]:

So Hope to see you back for that one and more at Everyday AI.

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