Ep 96: ChatGPT and Zapier: A Game-Changing Duo

  • 7 Sep, 2023
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Business owners and decision-makers are keen to explore innovative tools and technologies that can streamline processes and drive efficiency. Recently, a groundbreaking duo has emerged, combining two powerful platforms to revolutionize business automation: ChatGPT and Zapier. In this article, we delve into the potential of this transformative partnership and how it can empower businesses across various industries.

Unlocking the Potential of ChatGPT:

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a cutting-edge language model that offers exceptional capabilities in generating content, analyzing data, and even automating certain tasks. Previously, businesses had limited access to ChatGPT’s full potential, but recent advancements have enhanced its functionalities, establishing it as a vital tool in the realm of generative AI.

Streamlining Automation with Zapier:

Zapier, on the other hand, is a game-changing marketing automation platform that connects different apps and enables seamless automation of processes. It has become a go-to solution for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and save countless hours of manual work. From lead generation to data management, Zapier empowers businesses to automate tasks with just a few clicks, eliminating repetitive and mundane activities that hinder productivity.

The Perfect Match: ChatGPT and Zapier Integration:

The brilliance lies in combining ChatGPT’s creative capabilities with Zapier’s robust automation features. While ChatGPT is known for its content creation and analysis prowess, Zapier allows users to automate a wide range of tasks. By integrating these two platforms, businesses can tap into the best of both worlds, exponentially boosting their productivity and efficiency levels.

Imagine a scenario where you need compelling content for your website or social media platforms. With ChatGPT and Zapier, you can automate the content creation process, generating engaging articles, blog posts, and marketing material in a matter of minutes. This not only saves time but also ensures consistent and high-quality content creation that aligns with your brand’s voice and vision.

Furthermore, by leveraging the power of ChatGPT and Zapier, businesses can automate lead generation, customer management, data analysis, and numerous other vital processes. This integration facilitates the flow of information across multiple apps and systems, minimizing manual input, reducing errors, and enabling seamless scalability.

Making the Most of Zapier and ChatGPT’s Combined Strengths:

To leverage the potential of this revolutionary duo effectively, one can utilize ChatGPT’s plugin packs, which offer additional functionality and customization. Plugins like WCI (Web Copy Images) enable content writers, digital marketers, PR specialists, and e-commerce professionals to create compelling content embedded with AI-generated images. By strategically connecting these plugins with Zapier, businesses can automate research, content optimization, and image generation processes, further amplifying their productivity gains.


In the dynamic business landscape, staying ahead requires embracing cutting-edge technologies. ChatGPT and Zapier present a powerful duo for business automation, providing unrivaled capabilities in content creation, analysis, and process automation. Whether you are a small business owner or a decision-maker in a large enterprise, integrating these platforms unlocks the potential for streamlined operations, reduced manual work, and increased efficiency.

Topics Covered

Primary Topic: Introduction and Recommendations for Zapier
– Speaker highly recommends using Zapier for businesses, having used it themselves for 5 to 10 months.
– Describes Zapier as a marketing automation platform.
– Mentions using Zapier for clients in their digital strategy company.
– Highlights the ability of Zapier to automate tasks and save time.
Primary Topic: Underutilized Business Tool: ChatGPT with Plugins
– Introduces ChatGPT with plugins as an underutilized business tool.
– Believes ChatGPT with plugins will be most beneficial until Microsoft Copilot is released.
– Discusses the capabilities of ChatGPT for creative content creation.
– Mentions the lack of comprehensive automation capabilities in ChatGPT.
– Emphasizes the importance of combining ChatGPT and Zapier for business automation.

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:19]:

Chad GPT is cool, but I can’t do anything for my business. You think that Buckle up? Because I think no. Actually, I know. today’s show will probably blow your mind if that’s your way of thinking. So today, we’re gonna talk about how the combination of ChatGPT, GPT, and Zapier, you can put your business on autopilot. Alright. Welcome. If this is your first time, my name is Jordan Wilson. I’m the host of everyday AI. We are a daily live stream podcast and free daily newsletter helping everyday people learn and leverage AI. So as a reminder, if you are listening on the podcast, please check the show notes. We leave a lot of helpful links there each and every day. if you’re joining us live, thank you. Actually, let me know. It’s just me today. Normally, we bring on a guest every day Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM Central Standard Time. We go live, but today is just me. So sometimes I like to do, you know, really in-depth shows like this, but I I also like to shop people out. So where who’s joining us live? Just go ahead and drop in the comments whether you’re joining us on on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, think it goes a couple other places, but where are you joining us from? I wanna shout you out here in a minute. alright. So before we get to, what I think is probably going to be one of our best episodes we’ve ever done here every day AI, and we’re almost near a 100 episodes. So before we get there, let’s talk about what’s going on in the world of AI news, something that we do every single day. So Google has just announced that political advertisements must say when they’re using ai. So Google is introducing these new rules, to essentially combat a lot of disinformation and misinformation coming from political campaigns ahead of the US presidential election, which is only about 14 months away. so these new rules are scheduled to take effect this November. So They will be in effect for a full year. So, basically, any advertisements on any of Google’s properties will have to disclose if they use generative AI. So kind of in related news, actually, some some news coming out of California. So California governor Gavin Newsom just signed an executive order on AI. So why does that matter? Right? We have people tuning in and listening from all over the world, and thank you for that. But, here’s why, at least right now, United States is the world leader in generative AI and California and Silicon Valley are taking the charge. so actually what is coming out of California has implications on the world stage in terms of not just generative AI, but how businesses are run. so this new executive order, essentially, it’s it’s a very early step, but it’s calling for risk assessment reports to be created, across multiple state agencies on how AI could impact, California’s economy and also An interesting one here. They’re energy usage. Right? we always think is is California being, very progressive in terms of, energy and climate something that we don’t talk about a lot is all these generative AI models, that are running all the time. They require huge computing power, and that requires a lot of energy. Alright. Last but not least, it’s a jam packed day for for AI news today, by the way. So, Apple, right, we’re we’re hitting we’re hitting the big ones. We’re hitting, you know, Google, government, and Apple. So Apple, is reportedly spending 1,000,000 of dollars a day training their new conversational AI. So we’ve actually talked about this on the show before. We had a dedicated sowed just on Apple. But, Apple and and this is according to multiple reports that just surface, they have a new unit called foundational models. so an entire team of people working on this conversational AI. So we’ve mentioned their, their model believe it’s either called Apple GPT or Ajax, but essentially, reportedly, it is much more powerful than GPT 3.5. So whatever Apple has been working on for months or years, is apparently more powerful than the base version of OpenAI’s, GBT 3.5. and also they are, reportedly developing an image generation model and also researching a multi model AI. So wow. A lot going on. A lot going on. in the world of AI news. But let’s get back to the live show. Who’s joining us from where? Thank you. And also let me know. What are your biggest questions? What are your biggest questions on ChatGPT, GPT, and Zapier? Alright. Now I’m gonna explain, you know, what what these things are. So don’t worry. but go ahead. Let me know. What are your biggest questions? and and let’s go ahead and shout people out here. I said I would. So, Michael, thank you for joining us from New Jersey. Alright. Cool. Thank you, Michael. Sorry. There we go. Alright. Kevin joining us from Atlanta. Hey. Kevin says it’s great to see just Jordan. alright. Will is joining us just from LinkedIn. Thanks for joining us, Will. Mina from Stockholm. Stephan from France, Athena from Nebraska, Val from I believe joining us from South America. Brian joining us for Minneapolis. Spark from Atlanta and tuning in on YouTube. Very cool. Robert, joining us for Panama. We have so many people. so many people, Brian, joining us from the Mississippi Mississippi Gulf Coast, Doctor Harvey Castro, joining us from Texas. alright. Let’s get this going. Good morning from Chicago, Cecilia, me as well. let’s talk about Zapier. Alright? because well, here’s the thing. Before I even, you you know, I I have some slides So don’t worry if if if you’re listening to this on the podcast. I’m gonna do my best to describe what’s going on. But even before I bring up, you you know, kind of this this little slide show here, gonna come with some hot takes. hot take number 1 – Zapier is a powerhouse. If your business hasn’t been using Zapier for 5 to 10 months, first of all, I don’t know why. I don’t know why. I’ve been using Zapier. Zapier is a mark marketing automation platform. I’ve been using it myself in different businesses. We’ve been using it for clients. You know, I’m the CEO of a digital strategy company called Accelerant Agency. We’ve been using, you you know, Zapier for all of our clients. Hot tech number 1, Zapier is amazing. If you’re not using it, you should check it out. They have a pretty generous free plan. and then obviously some paid plans as well. hot tip number 2. ChatGPT with plugins right now, I think, is the most underutilized business tool out there, period. Until Microsoft Copilot comes out, I think right now, properly using chatgpt plugins is probably the most underutilized business tool. Alright? So we’re gonna combine those 2 things today. and this is an episode I’m extremely excited about. I’ve been planning this one, you know, on and off for more than a week. or actually a couple weeks now. So let’s get going. I’m gonna throw up, I’m gonna throw up this this slide here And we’re gonna get we’re gonna get after it. Alright. So hit repost right now. Please please do that. so what are you joining us from LinkedIn? Twitter. I don’t think you can repost anything on YouTube. I’ve got something special for you. Something kind of related to what we’re doing today. So If you are finding everyday AI helpful, if this episode is helpful for you, please just go ahead and click that repost button. It helps us help it it allows us to reach more people and teach more people generative AI. if you’re a a listener or a watcher, you know, we we put out a lot of great value, and I feel that there’s, so much bad information surrounding generative AI out there. which is why we do this every single day and why we’re not charging people and selling, you you know, a bunch of, subpar products We wanna put out the most high quality educational content on the internet about genai. So please hit that repost. It’ll help us. Alright. And if you are new, remember, we don’t just do this live stream. We also put, put this out on podcasts. So usually, 30 minutes or so after we wrap up the live stream. So every morning around 8 ish AM central time, we put this out on podcast, Spotify, Apple, wherever you get your podcasts. And then also, do any of you guys subscribe to the newsletter? Let me know in the comments if if you’d like the newsletter. We put so much time and effort into the newsletter every single day, not just recapping what we talk about on the live stream, but literally covering everything else that matters to you and your business in the world of generative.ai. So make sure you go to your everyday ai.com. Sign it for that free daily newsletter. Alright? So let’s talk Zapier first. And if you haven’t already noticed, this one might be a little bit longer of an but I hope you all enjoy it. Alright. Let’s talk Zapier. So if you haven’t used Zapier, let me do the simplest explanation possible. Zapier is a software that I’d say it’s the glue of the internet, especially for how a company can operate. So, essentially, there’s about 65100 different apps and softwares that you can connect inside Zapier. Okay? It’s gonna it’s it’s it’s gonna make a little a little bit more sense here as we go on. So, essentially, in Zapier, you can set any things as triggers and actions. Okay? So kind of the example from Zapier’s website that I have on screen here I’m gonna I’m gonna walk you through it. So let’s say as an example, you are running ads on Facebook. and you’re running a lead ad to get people to sign up for your product or service. So if you’re not using marketing automation, like Zapier, there’s usually a lot of manual work that goes along with this. Okay? And, again, If you are an advanced marketer and a lot of this might seem as kind of recap for you, this everyday AI is for the everyday person. So some things might be a little fundamental, but I’m trying to help explain this to everyone. So just keep that in mind. Alright. So In this example here, you are, when you collect a new lead on Facebook, you can essentially create a series of automations inside Zapier to, automatically essentially, you can program Zappier to do different things inside different programs that normally you reduce, manually along the way. So manually, if you’re running, Facebook lead ads, someone would a human would go in there into the system, which requires a lot of clicking around because, you know, Facebook and Meta are always changing their interface. Then you’re manually copying and pasting all of that data over into your CRM. So in this example, creating a record inside Salesforce. And then that person is going to have to manually take all that information and maybe message the team. This example, messaging the team in Slack. And then after all that, maybe you have a welcome email sequence that you would always send out to new customers. you would theoretically have to go inside your email marketing software like Mailchimp and do that. Right? So that’s probably either one human doing a lot of different manual tasks or in sometimes it’s multiple humans who are in charge of of different things. Right? So by using Zapier, that’s all done for you. You don’t have to do a single thing. Every time a new lead comes in, the rest of those processes are automatically triggered and those actions are all performed on your behalf without without having to do a single thing. Right? This is why marketing automation is is a huge thing, and you have large agencies or large departments that just work in marketing automation. Alright. So that is the most basic overview of Zapier that I can give. Alright? There’s downsides to Zapier. Automations can be very complex to build. Right? I mean, we’re talking about multi step zaps. That’s what Zapier. That’s what it’s called. The zap. multi step zaps You have con conditional logic, you know, only sending it down certain paths set on certain condition. You have branching So the downsides of Zapier is automations can be complex to build. The platform’s not very smart either. It’s not. Don’t get me wrong. I love Zapier, but it’s not it’s not a smart platform. And it’s unintuitive. Yes. I did spell unintuitive wrong. Sometimes on my slides, I like to put in, mistakes. I’m gonna claim that, you know, just just so you know, it’s not AI doing this. You know, human human spelling errors. Alright. So then what is ChatGPT? Alright. I’m not gonna spend a ton of time on this because a lot of you know what chatgPT is. But essentially, ChatGPT is a large language model, and the most advanced version GPT 4 has 1,800,000,000 parameters. So that’s essentially it’s it’s, chattyBT is trained on the history of the internet and more. and it has essentially 1.8 trillion connections in its big neural network brain. And, ChatGPT can can write So not just write words. It can write code, so it can write, analyze, and also automate. And that’s and that’s what we’re gonna get to today. Douglas saying, yes, Zapier is great. I agree. Make sure you get those questions in on Zapier and ChatGPT BT. I’m gonna try my best as I go along to, to handle your questions. So make sure you get them in. Today’s y’all If you’re just tuning in midway, you didn’t miss anything big yet. We’re winding it up, but we are talking. The power of chat GPT and Zapier. I’m excited for this. So now that we know what Zapier is and some of the downsides, we know what chat GPT is, let’s talk about some of the downsides of chat GPT. There’s limited usage. So you only get about 15 messages every 3 hours and then you hit a cap, and you have to essentially wait. Right? And if anyone’s been in our prime, prime prompt polish, our free PPP program, You know a lot of this. Actually, shout it out if you have been. okay, some, some other downsides of chat GTT limited functionality. So when we talk about chat GPT with plugins, I’m gonna explain that coming up here. You can only have 3 plugins active per chat. Alright? And when we teach people how to create expert chats through PPP, it’s a lot of work. It pays off, but It is limited in that regard. And, also, even when we talk about plugins, there’s more than a 1000 different, plug in connections right now inside ChatGPT. However, there is a lack of enterprise apps and software. So that’s one of the complaints I hear from people that, you know, talk about wanting to automate their business with ChatGPT plugins is they say, hey. You know, even that example that I showed Facebook, slack, Mailchimp, unless anything changed in the last couple of days, those 3 are not even available in ChatGPT plugins. So so many enterprise level plugins or sorry. So many enterprise level apps and softwares are not even on the chat GPT plugin database, so to speak. So you are already if you want to automate your business, with chat GPT using plugins, There’s already kind of a disadvantage. Alright. And you’re probably seeing where we’re going because the solution on how you can automate your business, and there’s so many people doing this. There’s so many people doing this. So if you haven’t already, Let me know why. Hit, like, hit me up with a DM. Actually, share this post. You’ll wanna share this post. Just just trust me on that. Alright? So the solution to this is using ChatGPT and Zapier. Alright? So hey. Shot out, Brian. Brian just said PPP is super helpful. Thank you, Brian. Yeah. Just actually if you’re if you’re listening and you don’t and you haven’t taken our our prime prompt, polish PPP course. Go ahead and just type PPP. I’ll send you the info. It’s it’s it’s actually private. We don’t we we don’t list it on the website. You can’t find it. So or if you’re listening on the podcast, look in the show notes. There’s a way to click and email me. Click connect with me on LinkedIn. Just say PPP. I’ll send the info to So let’s take a look on, chat GPT and Zapier in the different levels. And I’m gonna try my best to explain this if you are listening on the podcast. But, essentially, you have, here on the left, this green one. that’s ChatGPT 3.5. Not not really useful if I’m being honest. Okay? Then you have chat GPT plus, which is essentially GPT for extremely useful. Okay? But you still can’t talk to any outside. entities, apps, you you you can’t really automate anything even if you’re paying for the paid version of chat GPT plus $20 a month, well worth it. because in the next column, you need plugins. Okay. So then you have ChatGPT plus with plugins. And then with plugins, you can get around some of the most, limiting factors around using a large language model, which is connecting to the internet. you know, feeding ChatGPT PT, your company resources, in the form of, you know, PDFs, YouTube videos, whatever it may be, Also, I always have to say this. I should have a a, like, a button I can push, like, never upload confidential or sensitive or proprietary information into chat GPT. that that that was me pretending to, mimic myself, I guess. Okay. So then you have the chat GPT plus with plugins. Extremely powerful. One of the limitations I talked about is you can only have 3 plugins active. However, if you use one of those 3 plugin spots or each chat, you know, each chat, you can have 3 different plugins. all the way here on the right. This is the most powerful setup that you can have right now in all of generative AI. I don’t care what anyone else says. It is. It’s this is more powerful than, you know, any of Meta’s, you know, models. They’re they’re open source. large language models. This is more powerful than than Google Bard. This is more powerful than mid journey. What you have here on the right hand side, which is ChatGPT plus with plugins with one of those plugins being Zapier. That is the most powerful. I’m repeating this. That is the most powerful combination that you have in generative AI today by far, period. Alright? I’ve been using the GPT technology for let me do the math here. two and a half years since 2020 since it came out, commercially. And I’ve used 100 of different generative AI apps, software, and this is by far the most powerful setup, and that’s what we’re gonna be talking about. It’s gonna be a longer one. I believe someone someone may have asked me last night for an hour long. I I don’t think we’re gonna go there, but let’s keep going. So I’m gonna go ahead and skip to the end, and I’m gonna give you 2 examples. And we’re gonna try to do this live. Alright. We’re gonna try to do this live. I’d like to do things live, to show you how easy it is. Alright? So give me a second here. Let me share my screen. Don’t worry. I’m gonna try my best to connect, or to explain what’s going on on my screen as long as my Old slow computer doesn’t blow up. Alright? Here we go. So Alright. I am inside ChatGPT. I’m gonna go ahead and hit enter on this, and I’m gonna explain what’s going going on. as we go. So one thing that you can do, which is great with chat GPT and the Zapier plugin that people don’t know, is you can build zaps inside chatgpt with a conversational nature, which is huge, right, because sometimes I talked about, you know, you can do all these advanced multistep zaps. And and, obviously, look at this here, y’all. I I just did this 30 minutes ago, and now we’re getting an error. So let’s go ahead and try to regenerate that. So you can use ChatGPT to build out complex zaps with natural language where before, you know, I remember 5, 6, 7 years ago trying to build out these apps. It would take hours sometimes, hours to configure to configure a single zap if it was somewhat complex. But now let’s hope this works. There we go. Perfect. So in this example, I I I’m saying, please help me create a conditional logic zap. I’d like for people who use my book like a boss scheduling system. So that’s how I schedule guests on the everyday AI show. So I’d like them to be sending email for my Gmail and then to also post a preview on my WordPress site. Right? So this is multiple things that I want Zapier to do for me. And but I say, however, I want this condition in the zap. only send the email and post the preview on my WordPress website if the guest selects a date in the next 30 days. Please help me create a zap. Alright. So I scroll down and you’ll see ChatGPT setting this up for me. It’s it has the trigger. It has the filter. It has the action. You you know, both actions in there. So now all I have to do is click this to confirm it and create the zap. Alright? So I’m gonna click that. I’m gonna share this. And the first time you set this up, you do have to do a little configuring. Right? But it does the bulk of the work for you. You can see right here on my screen. And if you can’t, We have the trigger from book like a boss, which is my booking system, and then you have the conditional logic piece right there inside Zapier. only continue if the appointment date is within the next 30 days. And then you have send an email to the guest inside my Gmail, and then you have create a preview post on my WordPress website. So I obviously have to go through one time and configure this step by step. You know, I have to say, okay. Here’s, here’s what I want the the post to say. Here’s what I want the email to say, but you just see what happened right there. That right there saved. If you’re new to Zapier or if you don’t use it a lot, that’s that could have saved you an hour, maybe 2 hours. Right? You still have to go through and configure a couple things, but that’s extremely powerful. Alright? So let’s do the next one. Let’s do a something a little simpler. Alright. So I’m gonna go ahead. I’m a little zoomed in here on my ChatGPT, EBT. I’m gonna try to explain what’s going on. Alright. So I just hit enter. And what’s also important to note is I have another plugin active aside from Zapier. I have one of my favorite plugins called browser up. Okay? So I just said write write me a short and engaging bullet point recap of this article, and I leave a URL to a recent podcast that I did, with the president of digital marketer, Mark Degrasse, And I left the link there. So I’m saying, hey. Based on this content that I created, write me a brand new article, entitle it 5 marketing secrets, then create a Zap link to copy that content and publish it to medium without using any additional services or apps aside from Zapier ChatGPT and medium. That’s that’s a little advanced thing right there because sometimes This is in beta and sometimes, you know, the chat GPT Zapier combination will go a little off the rails. So that’s just a little extra guidance. So you’ll see here, I’m looking what ChatGPT is doing. It used browser up, and I can click that. So it went on that website. It read everything on that website. It wrote fine marketing secrets based on what we talked about. Pretty amazing. Right? Then it says now, I’ll create a Zap to copy this content and publish it to medium. So I’ve already, connected my medium account, but you can publish to anything. Right? You can publish to medium, WordPress, Tumblr, Google Docs. Right? within Zapier, it’s it’s it’s endless. I wanted to show you something that can hopefully work right away. So says, please so it’s done. It says please click here to review and confirm the publication on medium. So I’m gonna go ahead and click this. and I’m gonna share this tab. And this is a different interface than the normal Zapier. So, this is, essentially, the open AI Zapier interface. So if you have something that doesn’t require building those multiple steps, like on the first example, it’s gonna go to a page like this where essentially I can preview everything before I hit submit. But, literally, all I have to do I click one thing. I click run. Alright. And it says action run. So let’s go ahead and I’m gonna go into, my my medium here. And there it is. Just like that, the 5 marketing secrets that I just asked it to write. Alright? I’m gonna take a pause here because is anyone else blown blown away? by what technology can do right now? Do you understand? You can do this at scale all within ChatGPT all without really ever leaving aside from clicking one button to confirm. You can connect. within ChatGPT plugins and Zapier. The entirety of the internet’s services apps, and you can run an entire business. That was one small example of something that I did. It’s small, but it’s powerful. Right? It’s small, but it’s powerful. Are y’all, like, is is is anyone else scratching their head right now? Is it just me saying, Wow. Right? linked yes. LinkedIn automation. Yeah. You can. Probably it’s it’s against the rules. Nadia asking what plugin are you using in the demo? Great question. So I was using the Zapier plugin as well as the browser up plugin. I have tested every single plug plug in, that is connected to the Internet across what I deem to be the 5 most in things in an internet plugin, and browser app is one of my 2 favorite internet connected plugins. Yes. Doctor Muthana says, oh, that’s a neat feature indeed. Yeah. This is amazing. Brian just said mind blown emoji. Y’all understand that that’s so simple. That’s one example. But that’s a lot of people’s jobs. is is creating new content based on other things and then publishing it. So we’re taking it a step further. Okay? So I just showed you those 2 examples. So you probably are know why you might wanna combine Zapier and ChatGPT, but if those two examples didn’t do it for you. Let me go ahead and spell it out. Okay? With Zapier, there’s pros and cons to each. With Zapier, the big pro is you can automate anything. The big con is you cannot create. In chat GPT, the big pro is you can create anything, but the big con is there’s limited automation with the plugins. Right? There’s not a lot of enterprise plugins. It’s not where businesses do work. Right? In the beginning, when I said, oh, check GPU cool, but can it do anything for my business? Now it can. Right? When you set up this now, you know, this little Venn diagram, you have Zapier’s main, main skill or main, power is automation. and then you have chat GPT’s main power or skill, which is creation. When you combine those 2 and you have this green zone in the middle. That is the ability to automate and run your business at scale in one place with one click that we’ve never had before. Right. Guys, again, maybe maybe I’m the only one that’s as blown away. And and and I think, again, I think they plug in. the plugin feature and plugin packs. That’s what we teach in our PPP course, the prime prompt polish course. It is so underutilized because I I don’t think that the majority of people out there, even smart marketers, smart advertisers, smart automation experts. Don’t fully understand what you can accomplish just within ChatGPT plugins alone. Let alone when you tap into Zapier like this. There’s very few things that you cannot do when you combine Zapier inside chat GPT. It can save hours hours a day. This isn’t one of those, pieces of of hyperbole where I I share a bunch of, regurgitated kind of garbage prompts and say, these are gonna save you 50 hours a week. No. This is how business gets done y’all. This is how business gets done. I’m showing you. I’m showing you all. Right? Let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. So why would you wanna use them together? 1st, you have to understand chat GPT plugin packs. Like I mentioned, we teach this in our course. The pro course is coming soon, y’all. I’ve dropped the ball. I keep adding more and more to it. So we have a free, prime prompt polish course, and then we also have free pro version that I keep adding more and more to because things keep changing. Like, there is no code interpreter anymore. It’s called something else. you know, new features are getting added and deleted every day. I promise the ProCourses coming soon. So, yes, like Nadia said, this is how you scale. Yes. This is how you scale. So let’s first understand what you can do with a plugin pack. Very quick example. and y’all if you’re if if maybe you’re watching on YouTube or, you you know, on your phone, maybe this is now where you sit in front of a computer. or if you’re listening on the podcast, this is where you hit pause and you go in the show notes and you say, alright. I’m gonna pick it up. I’m gonna pick up the video from here. Okay? Cause I’m I’m gonna do my best to describe this, but there’s a lot going on under the hood. This is something that we talk about inside our pro PPP training. Again, it’s free, but we talk about different plug impacts. So this one that I’m gonna quickly explain is called WCI or web copy images. Okay? So, essentially, this is what I used to do. I was a journalist. Right? I would have to create articles. I would spend so many hours. A lot of time, though, yes, I’m interviewing original sources, but 90% of the work is reading things on the internet. when you create new content, even if you’re, you know, if you’re in marketing, if you’re in advertising, so much of what people do is they read content on the internet. They essentially rewrite what’s important to them and they make tweaks, get some images, and they throw it up online. Right? So WCI is a plugin pack combining 3 different plugins inside ChatGPT that does this for you. Right? Who’s this for? It’s for anyone. Anyone can use this genius tactic, WCI, whether you’re a content writer, a digital marketer, PR specialist, e commerce manager, in advertising, it doesn’t matter if you’re creating content for the Internet, you can use this plugin pack that we call WCI. There’s a reason. Don’t worry. I’m getting to it. There’s a reason we’re talking about this while we’re talking about Zapier. So here’s what happens. And I have videos on our YouTube channel that shows this all live. This isn’t made up, but in one prompt, it’s color coded. I’m not gonna go through it. but, essentially, by connecting these different plugins and being very strategic about it, in one prompt, you can research and read multiple different articles. So in this example, I’m you know, assuming the role of a blogger writing about the best places to visit in Chicago. So I can say, hey, CHPT. Here’s 10 different articles. Read these. summarize it in this way, put my own spin on it. So with plugins, there’s a plugin that’s reading all these different articles. It’s spinning it out Then I’m using in this example an SEO plugin. I’m saying, hey. I want this content to rank high in search engines. So it’s creating a keyword list. And then it’s also updating that content using the SEO keyword list. And then in the end, it’s creating a document and an image generation plug in an AI image generation plugin. I don’t know if you can ever want can everyone grasp what’s going on here? It’s it’s wild. This is people’s jobs that it’s being done in seconds. if you know how to use plugin packs. And then in the end, you’re getting a full blown article with AI generated images. In seconds, this would usually take hours or multiple days for one person to do it properly. in seconds by using a plug in pack. Okay? We’re giving chat GPT superpowers. However, There’s a downside. At the end of this, we still have a lot of manual work to do. to get that, you you know, we essentially have different outputs. We have all this text that we’re gonna need to copy and paste and format. We’re gonna need to and then we have all these images, and we’re gonna have to do the same thing. So this is what happens. You know, I talked about all these manual tasks to get the blog live, but what happens then? If you swap out just one of those 3 plugins and put Zapier in, when we’re working in our green zone, which is the sweet spot between automation and creation. Okay? So in this example, I just said, alright. gonna take out the SEO plugin because, again, you can only have max of 3. So we’re having the browser plugin in step 1 still read all those different articles, and we’re we can still tell it in the prompt, create an SEO optimized across these things. Right? You can we can use your brain as well. and that we’re getting a fully research and optimized article with photos as well. And then With one click inside Zapier, if you put take out just one plugin or make sure one of your 3 plugins is always Zapier, Do you see what’s what’s happening now? Now one click and it’s all locked. I don’t have to copy, paste, reformat, Go into, you know, 3, 4 different programs. Nope. You have to set it up once. One click in its life. That is that green zone, right, in our in our little venn diagram there. That perfect spot Between automation and creation, Zapier doesn’t create. Chat GPT is not great at automating, when you combine the when you combine the 2. That is when ChatGPT and the power of generative ai is on full display. Is anyone out there still thinking if you made it this far, is anyone else out there still thinking, oh, chat EPT can’t do much for my business? Yeah. We’ve developed more than a dozen high quality, high performing plugin packs. And when you throw Zapier into the mix, there’s very few. If you’re if if you work in front of a computer, There’s very few tasks just with this setup. With 2 other plugins plus Zapier, there’s very few tasks that it can’t automate and create 95% of the way. In seconds instead of hours and days and seconds. You still think? Chat EBT can’t do anything for your business? I’m showing you guys here. I hope this I I hope you guys are finding this valuable. I hope you are. Neighbert saying this episode is giving me new ideas. Woozy. Shout out, woozy. What’s up? Woozy. I hope this one’s a woozy. He says great info. Sorry. I I really had to force that joke in there. Nadia’s saying she loves it. Yes. Like like what Harvey is saying here. If you wanna create a zap, cons consider using chat, you could use Zapier plug in, to help you create this app. Right? That’s that’s how I started the show. If if if you’re not a Zapier expert or if you haven’t used it before, I I showed you that live. Right? You can just talk to chat TBT and say, here’s what I want Zapier to do. And you saw it created a 4 step conditional logic zap for me. I’d still had to go in there and, you know, put in a little bit of information, but it did 80% of the heavy lifting for me. Right? Guys, is any am I the only one excited? Maybe maybe I’m a dork. Maybe it’s it’s it’s my background of of scaling and building businesses and working in marketing, advertising, communications, And I I’ve been using Zapier for for more than 10 years. I’ve been using the GPT technology since 2020. I’ve been using plugins since the day they came out. Y’all, this is extremely powerful way to help automate and scale just about any business. So you guys already know what the result is. It is creation, automation, and publication, all from within 1 platform.

Jordan Wilson [00:40:45]:

Wow. I hope I hope y’all I hope this was a a helpful episode. There’s a lot of comments. I’m gonna see I’m gonna make sure real quick to get to a couple of these comments as we wrap up. So Doug is just asking, does anyone know anyone with the new chat, GPT Enterprise? Is the data more secure with confidential data? Great question, Douglas. I’ve reached out to OpenAI many times. I don’t have it yet. I applied for it. if you’re unaware of the news, chattyBT or OpenAI announced an enterprise version about a week and a half ago. We covered it on the show. I think it’ll be a game changer. But, yes, it is more. it it gives you a little bit more options in terms of protecting your data, keeping some things local, not sharing certain information. I don’t know anyone else yet, Doug, aside from, I I think I’ve seen some random things online, but, yeah, I’m excited to get my hands on chat EBT Enterprise. So if you’re listening on the podcast because I’m always I’m I’m always, kind of shocked. You know, I I’ll get emails from people from IBM, from Google, from Apple saying, hey. I listen to your podcast. So If someone out there does have that check, UPT Enterprise or, you know, if you’re watching live right now, let me know. I’d love to get get my hands in. See, get my hands dirty. See what it looks like. Alright. I think I think we got to most of the questions. I didn’t wanna drag this on too long. I’ll take 40 some minutes as a huge win. Nadia says she’s super excited. Doctor Harvey Castro says, amazing. Woozy said saying great stuff as always. Thank you all. So if this was helpful, do me a favor. Do me a favor. Click that repost button on LinkedIn. I’ve got something special. If you’re still listening on the podcast, go ahead. Just click the show notes. We leave all these links in there. Go go share this post on LinkedIn on Twitter. I’m gonna reach out to everyone that does. I’ve got some little something special for you related to this. related to automating your business with generative AI. Alright. I hope this was helpful, y’all. As a reminder, please go to your everyday ai.com. Alright? sign up for that free daily newsletter. We put a lot of work into it. You saw people here in the comments said it was great. I think it’s great too. So every single day, we recap what we talked about on the live stream. it’s usually not just me. We have great experts tomorrow. We have an HR leader from IBM coming on to talk about generative AI and HR, which I’m extremely excited about. But go ahead. Go to your everyday dot com. Sign up for the free daily newsletter. If you can’t join us live on the live stream every day or if you can’t catch us on the podcast, or maybe you do catch us. You catch the show. Still open and read that newsletter. Not only do we recap and go much more in-depth on the topic that we talk about each day, but we cover just about everything else that’s consequential for your business, your career, in the newsletter. So other pieces of AI news other AI softwares, tools, techniques. We do daily tutorials just about every single thing that the everyday person needs. Did not just learn AI, but how to leverage it. Alright. This was a marathon episode. I hope y’all enjoyed it. Thank you for joining me, and I hope to see you again tomorrow and every day. 4 more everyday AI. Thanks y’all.

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