Ep 99: AI and Marketing – A Freelancer’s Secret Weapon

  • 12 Sep, 2023
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In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, small businesses often face an uphill battle when competing against larger, established companies. However, the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has leveled the playing field, providing freelancers and small businesses with a secret weapon to thrive in the digital age.

Harnessing the Power of AI:

As a business owner or decision maker, it is crucial to understand how AIcan empower your ventures. AItechnology can extend beyond automating routine tasks; it has now become a pivotal tool for marketing and driving growth. The recent podcast episode of “Everyday AI” sheds light on how freelancers and small businesses can leverage AIto their advantage.

SEO Revolutionized:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has long been a cornerstone of digital marketing strategy. While some claim that SEO is losing importance, it remains an essential aspect of online visibility. Understanding the core principles of advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and utilizing AIeffectively can help entrepreneurs dominate their niche and achieve success that was once exclusive to larger corporations

Local Algorithms and Smaller Entities:

AI’s impact on local algorithms can prove to be immensely beneficial for smaller entities. As discussed in the podcast, local algorithms often operate at a slower pace than the main core algorithm. This opens up opportunities for entrepreneurs to implement AI-driven strategies to optimize their local presence, effectively targeting regional customers and gaining a competitive edge.

The Freelancer Advantage:

The rise of AItechnology has transformed the freelance landscape, providing unprecedented opportunities for individual professionals to make a mark. In the podcast, the guest speaker, Mike Forsy, shares their experience as a freelance local marketing specialist. They found solace in relying on AIto generate content ideas, dramatically reducing their workload while creating unique and engaging materials for their clients.

Unlocking Growth Potential:

AI-driven tools can facilitate optimization across various fronts, including SEO, copywriting, and the creation of service pages. Mike Forsy, in the episode, introduces a comprehensive guide featuring 19 useful SEO tools that extend far beyond traditional optimization practices. These tools can help business owners scale their operations, efficiently manage content, and stay ahead in the competitive online landscape


In the modern business landscape, AIhas become an indispensable asset for small businesses and freelancers, empowering them to compete on a level playing field with larger enterprises. By understanding the core principles of AI-driven marketing, optimizing local algorithms, and harnessing the tools available, entrepreneurs can seize new growth opportunities and build sustainable success. Embracing AItechnology is no longer an option; it is the secret weapon that will propel your business towards a brighter future.

Topics Covered

1. Using AIas a freelancer
2. How small businesses can leverage AI
3. Saving time on marketing with AI
3. AItools for marketing and SEO

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:18]:

AIand marketing is an intersection that you probably want to live at. Even if you’re not a marketer or a freelancer, or anything like that. In the end, so many of us are responsible for doing some sort of marketing and AIis an incredible tool that can help us all market better. That’s one of the things that we’re gonna be talking about today on Everyday AI. This is your daily live-stream podcast and the free daily newsletter. Don’t forget about that. Helping everyday people like you and me not just learn what’s going on in the world of AIbecause you can do that anywhere, but how we can actually leverage it. That’s what it’s all about. Everyday AI. We bring on guests who are very knowledgeable in their fields, and they spell their secrets for you. So we can all take those things and help grow our companies, grow our careers.

Daily AI news

 So, before we talk about that, let’s first recap the AInews. Something we do every single day. And, again, if you’re joining us for the first time, we do this Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM Central Standard Time, and put it out on the podcast and the newsletter shortly thereafter. But let’s start off with this story. Strange one, but AIis coming to your mouth. It’s it’s it’s a so taste buds, your taste buds to be specific. So AIand Coca Cola have kind of teamed up or Coca Cola is using AIand, their recent collab with street rare, street rare brand Ambush. So, Coca Cola, they use AIto help determine the flavor and packaging of this beverage, and they’re selling this Coca Cola Y3000 limited edition beverage that’s allegedly supposed to taste like the future, whatever that means. So, yeah, more on that in the newsletter, if you’re interested, 

Next, the US Senate is trying to tackle AI regulation again. Didn’t go so well the first time around. Essentially, you know, big tech companies signed a little letter to self, self-regulate themselves, but now a bipartisan group of US senators have proposed a one page legislative framework for regulating AI. And also, Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, is holding an AIinsight forum where all 100 US senators will hear from tech and AIleaders. So interesting to see what comes out of that. Hot take. I don’t think any real legislation is going to be coming, to regulating generative AI. It’s I think right now it’s way too important for the US economy. So I don’t really see any, anything too restrictive or prohibitive.

Last but not least, Will AIbe able to predict crime? Well, maybe, and, a lot of companies don’t like that. So a tech company called Voyager Lab, a recent report, is showing kind of a ongoing feud between Voyager Lab, which is using social media posts. It says that they can use their AIalgorithm and social media posts to help predict, who may be committing crimes based on their social media activity. And there’s currently a, a new lawsuit between, Meta and Voyager Labs doing to, in in Voyager, due to, what Meta is saying improper scraping data. Wow. A lot going on.

 And and and also, hey. Before I bring on our guests for today, real quick. I just wanna mention. It’s it’s a really cool, I think milestone here because, we’re we’re hitting our 100th episode. Tomorrow, wild time time flies when, generative AIis coming. Uh-uh. So so quickly, right, it it seems like we just started this yesterday. So I wanted to 1st thank you all for your support, but also invite you. So if you’re listening to this on the podcast, there’ll be a link, but invite you to the livestream tomorrow We’re gonna be doing, a, hopefully, a real fun recap of of some of our favorite episodes, some of our favorite moments. I’m gonna come in with hotter takes, than I’ve ever had before. And we’re also gonna be doing some some secret giveaways. So I hope you can tune in for that, but you tuned in today to talk about freelance marketing.

Mike Forgie and his freelancing career

So let’s not delay it any longer because our guests, I’m very excited to have Mike Forsy, a freelance local marketing specialist join the show. Mike, thank you so much for joining.

Mike Forgie [00:04:32]:

Super so to be here.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:35]:

And and and also, Thank you. That that was probably one of my most long winded intros ever, but luckily, you know, Mike, you’ve, you’re in the comments all the time, and he’s always helping people you know, as we’re talking about things. So I I’d love it when we can get people who are, you know, participating in the everyday AIcommunity to come on the show. So so first, Mike, just tell everyone a little bit about what what does that mean? Like, a a local marketing specialist? Like, so tell people kind of what it is you do and and kind of how you’re starting to use AIto to, help do that.

Mike Forgie [00:05:07]:

Sure. So, I’ve been a freelancer for, I’m well over a decade. Officially. I think that’s when my LLC Star Root was, like, a decade ago. And I focused on mainly local businesses auto dealers, dentists, things like that, helping them with anything digital marketing and as I went through the whole, like, social media marketing agency type stuff, I ended up just really focusing on the Google, like, algorithm, search engines, which I like to call buyer intent marketing where people say, I need this thing, and you need to show up there as the business. So Local ended up being really beneficial for me. National, I I do national. I have a few national clients that but I really enjoy helping people who have a, like, a local business, whether it’s service providers, like landscapers, home builders, things like that, or if it’s, like, retail or, like, dentists, places where, people go to. So I focus on those mainly, and the goal is basically Whatever someone says, like, I need this. I want my clients to be the top ones that are, you know, offering that service.

Will AI search affect SEO?

Jordan Wilson [00:06:16]:

No. Yeah. Absolutely. And and and one thing, I’m gonna go straight into hot take, hot take mode, Mike. We’re gonna take this in another, in another direction because Speaking of local marketing, I think that’s one of the few areas, when it comes to, you know, search engine optimization or for local, for even just business discovery. I think it’s one area that’s not gonna change too much. You know, because you have companies like like Microsoft, and Google moving more into this generative or AIpowered search. But I think local, local marketing and local business discovery isn’t gonna change very much as much as other, you know, product services. What’s your take on that, Lynn, and and how do you see just the local marketing industry, you know, changing or not changing with generative AI?

Mike Forgie [00:07:05]:

One is that I’ve been told SEO is dead since I started search engine. As long as there’s a little search bar somewhere, that’s a search engine. So I’m not worried about it at all. I can go from, you know, YouTube, like, to, like, any social media. So if you’re just optimizing for any search engine, just how you tweak it. For local, the local algorithm is usually a little bit behind or a lot of it behind the main core algorithm. So that’s gonna be pretty beneficial. It’s usually the underdog the people that are smaller and wanna put into work will win those. Because you wanna get that Google map. You have a physical entity you’re gonna or, like, a actual physical position, you’re gonna enter that. What I do find is, like, what happened with Facebook and Instagram advertising is I think a lot of people are gonna enter it and try doing things without without really understanding the core principle of it. Which is one of the reasons why, like, AIdid take off. You could do things very easily. It’s very easy to start putting things together. But without understanding the core of it, you’re not gonna know what to do next. And that’s where I think the specialists, people who are like, okay. Maybe SEO is dead. Like, okay. Yeah. You say that because you’re only putting in a little bit of effort, and then there’s the guy that’s gonna go in, and be like, well, I know AIfor SEO, and I’m gonna dominate they start a very small small agency and start dominating with it. So I think that’s where it’s going is just learning how to use it.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:39]:

Yeah. And learning how to use it seems like a like a tall task. Right? But but but that’s what we’re here for today. And, actually, thank thank you for everyone else joining us. So you know, Cecilia with the comment, you know, joining from Chicago, grateful to be a part of the learning community. Blair, thank you for joining. She’s saying as a freelancer, very excited to hear this one. Audrey, former guest. Audrey, thanks for coming on saying Mike is a super cool dude. With also super great hair, by the way. If you’re not joining us live, you know, Mike Mike’s got some great hair and and as someone that would want long hair, You know, I’m I’m a little jealous.

How small businesses can use AI to compete

Brian’s saying shop local. Shop small is what drives local economies. Let’s let’s even go there. Might be because I’m I’m very interested in your take, because I think sometimes the the smallest of businesses might have found it too difficult, you know, to compete, you know, if you’re a small, you you know, shop that is, you know, sells kind of like Etsy esque products, or, you know, there’s so many small niche local businesses. And I think for, you know, a decade plus, it’s been hard for them because it can be expensive. So could you just talk about how, you know, AIcan kind of help level the playing field, not just for, you know, freelancers, you know, marketing freelancers, but also for small businesses?

Mike Forgie [00:09:55]:

Small businesses are absolutely awesome. I actually did a a test with a real estate agent, Zillow Trulia, all those are obviously the they are the mech of the people that you wanna beat. And our goal was to dominate a local area, but we chose something specific, which was homes for, adult communities, 55 plus, Our goal is to be the best resource for that and then support it. Well, his budget’s small. He’s a single agent. I ended up ranking him with using his service pages, used AIto find out everything that Google liked on anything that was ranking number 1, and I actually have a free training on all this for you guys. So it’s gonna be awesome. He so we did that, and then I supported it with blogs written by AI. The difference is what I I like to explain is these blogs, they are not going to be your, you know, your memoir. These are made for information purposes. These are semantic related content, which means there’s the content related to the subject that you’re you’re talking about. So, you know, if we’re talking about 55 plus homes, it’s what to do in a 55 plus community, what to expect, what to expect from an HOA. Now that seems generic, but HOA’s can go to condos, can go to town like townhouses, things like that, these specifically linked to these pages, all create an internal linking thing. And I did this all with AI, and I’d say maybe at the most five prompts at the most. So it’s just these things. Once you learn how to use them, you can make that you could scale very quickly.

AI saves time in marketing

Jordan Wilson [00:11:34]:

Yep. And and, yeah, Mike did mention some free stuff and Harold says free stuff. Awesome. Yeah. So So make sure you, you stick around to the end. Mike’s gonna tell you guys about that, and then we’re gonna have it in the newsletter as well. So check the, the show notes. If you’re not signed up for the newsletter, make sure you go do that. You one one thing I’m I’m, you know, like, you’re kind of describing, the, the approach and, you know, as a I also have a, you know, boutique digital strategy company, and we’ve been doing, you know, SEO and advertising and all these things for clients for a long time. So talk a little bit about just some of those manual processes, that are involved, in marketing, and and how generative AItools are are changing this. So so, yeah, just talk a little bit about just the sheer time savings, that using generative can can give to someone, you know, if they’re in marketing, just period.

Mike Forgie [00:12:27]:

Yeah. This is a this is huge because as a freelancer, I’ve done the agency thing where I’ve scaled way bigger than what I’ve ever wanted to. And I was and it it just basically imploded on me. I don’t like getting my time monopolized by things that Like, I’m sitting there all day at the computer. I’m very much a, I’d say, like, the free stereotype. I like to roam around. I like to visit my clients across the country. So, like, I like to road trip. So AIactually helped me monitor and implement things much faster. So, for example, I have a client that, you know, they talked about it. I have a a client that’s smaller. They’re on the small end, they’re smaller budget. And I’m able to help them by setting up AIto monitor and tweak their, Google ads as we’re going. And this is just it’s just like a a simple I gotta write a couple headlines and I actually use ChatGPT to tweak some of those headlines and customize them. Then I just, you know, put them in put them in my software. I’m like, alright. Here’s my budget. And then I get fed back that. Now I could take that and customize it. It helps me launch them very quickly. Whereas, like, Google Ads, I don’t know if anyone knows. It’s like, sit there. Set up a campaign, set up the budget, set up the time, and you still do that stuff, but the AI, like, ask the questions rather than being like, welcome to this form that you don’t know how to do. And once you set it up once, it kind of everything’s already connected. So that cut time very quickly. So where I would spend, you know, if I want to spend a few hours on a client, that time is my is money. But with these people, it’s like, hey. I could I could help you because AIis gonna feed me back this stuff. So I know it’s a little long winded. I hope it answered the question there. It just cuts my time, but it’s again. Okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:19]:

Yeah. And and and with that, you know, Mike, I’m I’m curious because I’ve heard this from, a lot of different people actually that, you know, marketing or, you know, especially as as as a freelancer as a small business owner. But I think marketing in general can, It can be a lot, right, and and it can it can wear on you, because you have, you know, new new tasks and new responsibilities as the industry innovates and changes. How would you say AIhas has changed your, approach or attitude because I’ve heard from other people that it’s, AIhas completely kind of reinvigorated, how they approach marketing. What’s what what’s your take on that and how has AIchanged your your attitude, or your, just just just kind of how you look at market

Mike Forgie [00:15:06]:

Definitely sparked it up in me again. Doing, you know, doing ads and SEO when you write as many blogs and service pages and meta titles and descriptions. At one point, I was doing meta titles and descriptions for 70 page websites by hand and then writing about, I think, like, upwards of 50 blogs in a week. And just burning out. That’s why I end up becoming a freelancer. I couldn’t do that at an agency anymore. I was like, alright. Cool. Like, I could scale down. I could do, like, whatever, like, write a good blog. And then, you know, after a while, you get tired of writing about the same thing and you’re you’re you get, like, anything else. When you know what you know, you start focusing on what you know. If you know about, you know, a home builder. You’re gonna keep writing about, like, custom construction and new flooring and stuff like that. But now I can ask AI, like, hey, man. Like, Give me more ideas. And they’re like, what are people actually looking for? Which, you know, the research as a freelancer, they’re it’s it’s you’re doing this as a one a one person army. You’re research, tweak, put your spin on it. That’s how you become unique, and that’s how you make a client unique is I’ve researched this. I put our spin on it, and now we’re a unique company with a unique view. I can actually put that into AIand be like, this is who we are. Help me create some more content on it. So I don’t have to it’s almost like talking to someone, being like, let’s brainstorm, but you’re giving me everything that I need, almost the end product. Like, 85% of the end product because we’re just chatting.

Using ChatGPT for marketing

Jordan Wilson [00:16:46]:

Yeah. And, Mike, you brought up such an important point there. But I think there’s a very commonly mistaken school of thought out there. When it comes to tools like ChatGPT, you know, people think, you know, you can copy and paste something, and you’re gonna get gold on the other side, but you just brought up a great tip. You are talking, you know, with, presumably, I think you were talking about ChatGPT there, but you’re talking to ChatGPT like a person, which I think is what smart marketers do. Talk a little bit about your process using just ChatGPT because I think there’s also, you know, another comment here. You know, Brian’s asking even what plugins you use, but just talk about how you use ChatGPT, and and maybe, some of your, kind of secrets that you’ve learned, over time that you can share with others.

Mike Forgie [00:17:44]:

I love AIPRM only because it’ll spit out something generic and then I take it from there. So I don’t need. I’m very which it it’s a I’d say it’s a a benefit and also, like, a burden is I’m very independent always been like that. I like to take something someone gives me and change it. So, like, I’ve used the paid version of ChatGPT, and I use the free version, depending on what I wanna do. Like, I will go to the free version and be like, hey, IPRM, spit me out, like, you know, I’ll use the Google Ads, headlines and descriptions. Like, I did that this morning, and I was like, now give me other basically variations of what I’m already saying, and that just pushes everything out. The other one I do use Claude as well it’s gotten really good at creating small blog posts. Mhmm. Same thing as, like, I asked for semantic related content. And then I go, alright. So can you create me, like, so there’s smaller version rather than, like, getting you guys into, like, my whole process. I was like, Give me 10 semantic related blog post topics for X Y Z. And then it’ll give me all of them, and I’ll be like, I like these ones. Write me a blog post. And if it’s really good, I’ll just be like, write me a blog post for, you know, number 1, or I’ll go write me a blog post, and I’ll take what they gave me and elaborate to get what I want. So it’s almost like if you were an SEO specialist, I would be like, you know, Jordan, what are, like, good semantic related topics? And you’d be like, Mike, like, this, this, this, this, and this, and this, I’m like, dude. Like, I like that one. Can you can you give me like a draft on that? And you’re like, yeah. So rather than being that informal, but that’s basically what you’re doing. Like, can you give me a draft on that? Not like, can you give me the best polished version of something that’s ever gonna be ever perfect? And it’s like, hang on. Give me that. And then I’ll work on you just have to expect that. Like, it just wants to help you.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:39]:

Yeah. Yeah. And like like Audrey just said, it’s it’s a hybrid model. You know, I think the best relationship with generative AI. It’s a lot of human input on the front end and a lot of back and forth. Right? We have a lot a lot of questions about plugins. So before before we transition, because I wanna get into other things, Mabrit asking some of your favorite plugins. I think, you know, Brian was mentioning plugins. What what plugins are you are you using consistently, in ChatGPT and and, maybe that marketers or small business owners could also take advantage of

Mike Forgie [00:20:09]:

I’m not using any, man. Right? Honestly, I’m waiting for your PPP course. I started using it up, and then I started breaking things. Like, I was like, wait. Now I have to choose 3, and I started this. And I was like, if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do it like, in a focused effort. And I look at this as, like, a minimal viable product. Mhmm. My minimal viable product, and it’s it’s because I don’t need full AIto do everything for me. I like I said, I like to touch. I like to feel everything as the freelancer. I’m a little different where I’m not, like, focusing on a team. So when I talk to a client, I have to be in the know of everything. So, like, AI, it’s like, I could easily, like, start doing these plugins and then outsource it and do that that’s the slippery slope that I see myself leading into. The ones I was most interested in are, anything that connects to the internet right now. Because it’s like, when you’re when you’re in, like, the free version, you’re sitting there and you’re

Jordan Wilson [00:21:08]:

like, Uh-huh.

Mike Forgie [00:21:09]:

Oh my god. Like, now I gotta, like, figure this out, but I also found that one thing that benefited was rather than having it scrape something. I like to choose what I want it to scrape and then put it in there. Almost like getting a little more accustomed. So I’m a little bit of a niche right now of doing that. I know I I know I am going to be investing a lot of time into plugins, but, again, like, one person, I’m not gonna go and be like, oh, let me I tried it. I, I’m not gonna curse.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:39]:

No. No. That makes sense.

Mike Forgie [00:21:41]:

And — — the, the adding into the plugins. And I was like, I’m gonna mess this up. And then I I joined your free course and then I saw the PPP, and I was like, when I have time to dedicate all this time to Jordan, going back.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:53]:

There we go. I promise y’all I didn’t I didn’t pay, pay Mike to promote the course, but since he brought it up, just, type type PPP in the comments or, you know, if you’re listening on the podcast, there’s always an email, my LinkedIn, just, you know, just send send me a message. I’ll send you info to the free prime prompt and polished course.

Mike Forgie [00:22:12]:

That’s a big part of freelancing, by the way, is find someone that already knows what they’re doing and learn from them rather than being like, like, I am a hard headed. I need to learn this. But over the years, I’m like, I don’t need to be the guy from the ground up I need to, like, learn from someone like Jordan. And then if anyone ever asks me, like, how do you know all this stuff? It’s like, learn from a specialist because that’s what I do. I find people who are good at what they do, and then I I hope that.

AI tools for marketing

Jordan Wilson [00:22:38]:

That’s that’s that’s a smart it’s a smart approach to everything. Right? Is is is finding finding someone smarter than you and every aspect and bringing them in because then that makes that elevates, you know, your own knowledge or your, you know, your companies, as well. So a lot even more questions. So, Joe is asking Joe. Thanks for joining the show. Joe’s asking what other, AIsoftware do you use? I saw this one. I’m like, let me save this for the end because I know that that, you know, Mike has a lot of good resources, a lot of different, generative AItools that that he’s using. So maybe highlight, you know, 2 or 3 of your favorites, Mike.

Mike Forgie [00:23:14]:

Alright. So we’ve talked about this one. I think in, like, last classes, some people don’t like it. I love it as phrase, but I use it for specific reasons, which is, phrase will you wanna rank a service page, you type in your keyword, it goes and finds all the top results, all the headlines. So the headlines are the the thing that Google’s searching for, and basically, he’s going like, hey, H1, H2 H3s. Those are big, the big headlines. And you can take all of your competitors headlines, the the ones that Google’s these are the best ones. This is how I want you to structure your page. You could take all of those, and then you can you can ask it to create prompts for writing. So if you have a writer, you can do that, or you can have the AIcreate you a draft. Based on all those headlines.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:05]:

What took me hours and hours and

Mike Forgie [00:24:06]:

hours and hours of research takes me, like, click let it do its thing and then walk away and then, like, find the next one. Click let it do its thing and then walk away and go, look. I have this draft. I can hack this up. My computer’s moving. My dog has now decided to just, like, run into the, the desks. Yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:26]:

Hey. We like we like four legged friends on the show.

Mike Forgie [00:24:29]:

Phrases, definitely one. I love ChatGPT, and I I said AIPRM. I think it was that’s a a very good one. It’s a free resource. I believe they have, like, a the paid version, but use the free stuff. Then, hey, stop it. Then it’s, I like Claude. I like messing with Claude. I think it’s a new one and, not a new one. It’s like an underdog in what’s out there. I stopped liking a lot of the AIwriters mainly because I was getting a lot of the same content and human. I know that there’s a the human like content is it’s a Audrey and I, actually, Audrey, I hope your flight didn’t get canceled. I hope that you’re you’re here because, you know, you’re you’re lucky enough to be here, but, There’s a we did one on the human like content and AIreadership. Now I do Google does not care if you use AIas long as it’s high quality content. They care about quality, and I want this, like, this is something for all small business owners, things that you can understand. Google is not in the business of advertising. Google is in the information business. Which is give the best information. That’s how you beat places like Zillow. You are the best resource for all of the information for that niche. That’s a huge thing. And AIwill help you get all that information if you just ask. So phrase, Claude, I will admittedly say I use AIfor connections and requests because I want to touch base So I will touch base with a lot of my, connections in different social media just because I don’t have the time Mhmm. Like, I don’t wanna hire a marketing specialist. I wanna have someone just go, hey. How are you? What are you up to? Boom. And then if you answer back, we start a conversation. If not, hey. I know that’s a good someone that’s not really active on social media. That’s fine. I don’t think there’s any problem with that. I think it it’s authentic and you’re like, I want you to be connecting with my audience. When they connect back with you and you connect, that’s So I I’ve used, closely. I don’t know if you’ve used that. That one’s for LinkedIn. Usually, it’s just Hey. How are you? Or if I have a an article I’m writing, like, I need some special like, unique information, something like, hey. I’m writing an article on this. I actually just did one on, yacht problems, which is, like, basically a joke. Like, I asked them, like, hey. What’s problems that yacht owners have? Because, you know, we all focus on our problems and things like that. These people have problems. You can solve them and make money. They have more money than you. They have money to want those problems to be solved. What’s their problems? And that’s how to kind of think of like, hey, I wanna side business. Maybe it’s something like that. That’s a big one. Man, I can’t even think, oh, Otter. I just downloaded Otter. Otter.ai, which is I highly suggest everyone records their first meeting with a client or first meet 1st in the introduction meeting and, when you start talking business, because they are going to say, oh, you promised this, and you could be like, bam, it’s it’s in my my recording. It says, in this transcript, I did not say that I was gonna get you, like, 10 leads in 10 days. You know, it’s like, I said this. Here’s the recording of it. Good one.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:51]:

Yeah. Huge. Yeah. And and, sorry. I’ve I’ve been distracted, Mike, because I’ve just been thinking about yacht problem. You know, I’m like, oh, I want I want you problems.

Mike Forgie [00:28:01]:

It was really fun to write. I’m I guess a lot of freelancers are are we we look at ourselves like I can always be better. I could always be better. And I’m like, man, I’m like, man, I could be better. How do how do I figure this out? I was like, well, these people have yachts. Like, why don’t I just ask them? Like, were they gonna say no? Like, I don’t I you just get over that. And that was one of us. Like, I’m gonna ask y’all brokers, all things like that. Like, hey. What’s what’s wrong with it? Like, what what problems happen? And then if you had someone like me just going, hey, man, like you said, your biggest thing is finding, you know, slips in Florida, finding slips all on the East Coast. Well, what if I mapped out and then what if I found a way to use ChatGPT, like, you know, or I’ll just be a business, find out how to get a map of every slip I’ve been putting down the East Coast and then find out how to tap into what ones are open. Then you have always open slips, and that could be always open slips.com. And you can, like, feel like that, but, like, but that’s, like, that’s what I like to look at, and that’s how I try to think and and pivot. Like, how do you use AIfor that? It’s, like, Oh, what are pro I could ask AIwhat’s the main problems, but you might actually be pulling my blog post now. True.

19 SEO AI tools

Jordan Wilson [00:29:19]:

Yeah. I love it. And And, you know, Mike, there are so many problems you can solve with AItools. There’s there’s so many, different softwares. And and and I feel it can be a little overwhelming. A little overwhelming at times. Right? Like, even what what Blair just said that there are so many AItools. It’s hard to know which ones will be best, but you actually put together, something to help everyone out there kind of, help help make sense of everything that’s going on. A little offer that that that you put together. Hey. Someone said they like free. But, why don’t you just shout that out? We we we appreciate you putting it together, but just go ahead and let people know, and and we’ll share more about it in the newsletter.

Mike Forgie [00:30:00]:

Yeah. So I do, a lot of consulting for other, like, 1st business owners, but other marketers, I do a lot of consulting. I also as a freelancer, I’m also a white labeler. So you’ll see me in other people’s agencies. When I consult for anyone, I am always suggesting tools. So I started putting them in Excel sheet. So it’s like, hey. You need this. Like, I can go over. So for everyone here, I put together, a free guide of, I said, 19 ish tools, for SEO to optimize your website. Some of these are also beyond if you’re jot into SEO, like, Blair’s a copywriter, I believe. These are how to make those service pages and as a bonus in there, I have a video of how to use these tools to write the service pages than write the supporting blogs. Things like that on the minimal viable product, like what I talked about before. So, usually it’s, like, paid for, like, the full full pdf, but I created a coupon code that’s thank you, Jordan, just all one word. It’s good. We’re go we’ll put it in the newsletter so that we’re not like, spamming doing stuff like that. It’s thank you, Jordan. You get access to, like, 19 tools, and it literally says, to do this, use this tool to do this. So technically, if any of you guys wanted to get into SEO with AI, you could start an agency, like, tomorrow. Do SEO with AIand, like, well, I’ve optimized your on page, off page, started link building, doing all this. Boom. You could do just rinse and repeat over and over again.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:32]:

Yeah. So thank you, Mike. Like, like, I’m gonna say that. The code is thank you, Jordan. I’m gonna say thank you, Mike. For putting that together because as as someone that’s been, you know, in different marketing and communications field for 20 years, Mike sent me the list, and I’m like, yep. This is good stuff. This is good stuff. So, make sure to check that out. Go in. If you haven’t already, please go to your everyday ai.com. Sign it for that newsletter so you can get access to that. Mike, we we covered literally so much of of everything using generative AI, how marketing is changing, some of your favorite, you know, tips and, you know, tools that you use. Any one last piece, of advice as as we wrap up this, amazing episode on AIAnd Marketing.

Mike Forgie [00:32:14]:

Zach, my favorite. I’ve been saying this for, like, ever. Just You’re not gonna break the internet, and you’re not gonna break AI, play with it as much as possible, just like go in there, mess it up, like I said, I tried the prompts. I I was like, I got, not the prompts, the plugins. I got too overwhelmed. It was also when I was, like, trying to do a 100 different things. I was really into, like, learning all AI. Like, break it and then back off. And if the worst case scenario cost you a couple of bucks, like, to to invest in something, I mean, you’re investing in yourself. You’re not, like, buying something you don’t need. It’s something that’s gonna help you learn. So get in there, break it, and use people, like, like Jordan, use anyone that’s like a makeshift mentor. Follow these people. They know more than you admit it. Like I said, the PPP course, I’ll shout it out because you, you’re doing something awesome. It’s free. It’s awesome. Do it. Do I put the time to the side? And don’t don’t be shy to talk to random people. No one’s like, I’m no one’s that mean. Let’s put it that way. And if they are, then don’t talk to them.

Jordan Wilson [00:33:19]:

Love it. Yeah. Again, such such great advice is just tapping into, the the knowledge of others. So, hey, even as a reminder of that, tomorrow is our 100 episode. I hope y’all can join. Yeah. I hope y’all can join. It’s gonna be fun. Mabritt saying a 100 episodes, such a milestone. Monica saying congrats. So I hope y’all can join tomorrow for an 100th episode. We’re gonna be highlighting, like what Mike said, we’re gonna be highlighting some of my favorite episodes some very smart people that gave some great advice. So if you don’t have, you know, 50 hours to go back and listen to a 100 episodes, tune in tomorrow. We’re gonna go over some of the highlights. Mike, again, thank you for joining, and we hope to see everyone back tomorrow and every day on everyday AI. Thanks y’all.

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