Ep 94: Boosting Sales with AI Tools – Personalization Tips for Success

  • 5 Sep, 2023
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In today’s highly competitive business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. One of the keys to achieving this is leveraging the power of AI tools. While some may argue that AI takes away the personal touch in customer interactions, it’s fascinating to explore how these tools can actually enhance personalization and drive more sales. In this article, we will delve into the realm of AI tools for better personalization and increased sales, shedding light on the transformative potential they hold for businesses.

Empowering Sales with AI:

AI tools offer significant benefits in streamlining repetitive tasks and enhancing copywriting. Tools like Chargebee and Claude are proving to be game-changers in the realm of AI-supported copywriting. With the ability to craft templates, generate drafts, and optimize messaging, these tools save time and enhance the quality of content.

One area where AI truly shines is in sales prospecting. Targeting the right audience for your products or services is crucial for success. AI-powered tools can help you define the ideal customer profile (ICP). By analyzing existing customer data within your CRM, you can extract valuable insights and identify common customer interests. This fuels the creation of more targeted and relevant sales campaigns.

Unleashing the Power of Automation:

Automation is a core feature of AI tools that can bring immense value to businesses. From automating lead generation and nurturing processes to providing personalized recommendations, AI-powered automation allows businesses to scale up their sales efforts efficiently. By leveraging automation, businesses can allocate more time to building relationships with customers and focusing on high-value activities.

Enhanced Customer Experience through Personalization:

Personalization is key when it comes to winning over today’s discerning customers. AI tools can collect and analyze vast amounts of data, allowing businesses to tailor their offerings and communications to meet individual customer needs. By utilizing AI-driven recommendation engines, businesses can provide customers with personalized product suggestions, improving overall customer satisfaction and driving repeat sales.


AI tools are transforming the landscape of sales and personalization. By automating repetitive tasks, optimizing copywriting, and enabling targeted sales prospecting, these tools empower businesses to boost their sales efforts. Moreover, AI-enhanced personalization allows businesses to create unique and tailored experiences for customers, fostering long-lasting relationships. As the business world continues to evolve, embracing AI tools becomes essential for staying competitive and driving growth. So, unlock the potential of AI and unlock the doors to increased sales and better personalization for your business.

Topics Covered

Primary topic: AI news
– Discussion of Goldman Sachs’ report on AI stock valuations
– Mention of AI’s impact on global economies, particularly in China
– Announcement of x.ai’s use of data from Twitter to train its models
Primary topic: Guest introduction
– Introduction of Jeremy Grandillon, owner of the forge
– Mention of his background in sales and his decision to start his own venture with the forge
Primary topic: Jeremy’s experience with AI in sales
– Discussion of initial hesitation towards AI, which then turned into recognition of its potential benefits
– Mention of reducing time-consuming tasks in sales, particularly in copywriting and sales prospecting
– Examples of AI tools like Chargebee and Claude for copywriting and data analysis for building ideal customer profiles
Overall, the text covers the introduction to the Everyday AI podcast and episode, AI news updates, introduction of the guest Jeremy Grandillon, and a discussion on his experience with AI in sales, focusing on time-saving tasks and specific AI tools.

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:17]:

One of the knocks about AI is that it takes away the personal touch, but what if you could use different AI tools to actually be more personal and to maybe make more sales. That’s one of the things that we’re gonna be talking about today on everyday AI. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Wherever you’re joining us from, my name’s Jordan Wilson. I’m so excited. to have you on today’s show where we’re gonna talk about, different AI tools for actually better personalization and more sales. So what is Everyday AI? Everyday AI is a daily live stream podcast and free daily newsletter helping everyday people like me, like you, helping us all better learn and leverage AI. So much of that is is you know, cutting through the fluff. This is a live unedited show. So this is real right here.

Daily AI news

So before we get down into the reel of AI tools for better personalization and more sales, let’s talk about what’s going on in the world of AI news. Alright. So first, our AI stocks valued too high. Well, Goldman Sachs actually says that, no, They aren’t. Goldman Sachs just came out with a new report that said, yes, AI stock valuations are a bit high, but they’re not excessive. They’re actually kind of right on track. It’s something that we’ve talked about a lot on the Everyday AI show just about how, especially here in the US, how different AI stocks are really helping to just hold the economy up. 

So speaking of the economy worldwide, AI is helping economies boom in China is is finally able to, kind of ride this AI wave. So after finally receiving a lot of needed regulatory approval, China is now being flooded with approved large language models hitting the market. So recently, they just announced that more than 70 different AI models with billions of parameters have been released in China. So we’ve talked about a couple of them, here on the show already. but, I would be prepared to see a lot of new, innovation and AI tools coming out of China now that a lot of these regulatory, kind of steps have been met.

Last but not least, X.AI, is going to train its model off of X. That’s confusing. That’s alph that’s alphabet soup. Right? so essentially this, Twitter. Right? Elon Musk, is launching and will be launching his new kind of large language model, Xai, but kind of it was just recently, recently announced that they will be using models or or or sorry. They will be using data from acts formally known as Twitter to train its models. So, they are updating their terms of service to allow for that data scraping and data training.

About Jérémy and The Forge

But enough enough AI news. Let’s talk about what y’all probably came here to listen maybe why you clicked on this on the podcast. Let’s talk about more sales because whether you’re in marketing sales or something else, so much of life is sales. So Let’s talk about how we can use AI to get more sales. So I’m very, very excited to, have on the program, Jérémy Grandillon, the owner of the forge. Jeremy, thanks for joining the show. Tell us —

Jérémy Grandillon [00:03:49]:

Thank you for having me.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:50]:

— about The Forge, and everything you have going on here.

Jérémy Grandillon [00:03:54]:

Yeah. Yeah. Actually, it’s very fresh news for me because I’m I I’ve been head of sales for 3 years, and, it ended last last week. So, yeah, I’m launching my own team, my own business, and, I named it, the forge because the goal of of of it is to actually provide, knowledge in sales and marketing and AI, obviously, to help people, business owner, from their salespeople to, actually sell on the course. So, yeah, that’s the idea.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:24]:

Alright. And thank you. thank you, Jeremy, for for sticking on us. We dealt with some, technical difficulties and and thank you. Yeah. Thank you everyone else in the audience who still still sticking with us. So, you know, Val Ahmed Audrey, thank you all for joining. you know, Jeremy, maybe let’s go a little bit into your background. So, you know, you’re, we’ll talk here in a minute about the forge and and what that is, but you have a pretty pretty large background in sales. so so just let’s quickly talk about that and and maybe also why you kind of decided to to start your own, venture as well with the forge.

Jérémy Grandillon [00:05:03]:

Yeah. Yeah. Actually, I’ve I’ve think I’ve I’ve done everything possible. I made all the mistakes, and I’ve tried everything, including AI, to make more sales And, and I felt like, okay. It’s no time for me to share it. Share this knowledge. Share this experience. And, yeah, I wanted to to do my own thing. I’ve I wanted to do this, for a long time. So, yeah, now now some something like a good time. And, and, yeah, I felt ready. I’ve I feel like I have a lot knowledge and experience to share. So, yeah, here. Yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:36]:

So, you know, kind of when ai was was first kind of making, a splash, so to speak. I think a lot of people were hesitant to really give it a try or to put it to use, you you know, in different aspects of business. you know, what about AI? did you see in, you know, you saw, hey, in sales, this could actually help. So what was it that kind of, made you believe or, you know, kind of through your own experience, but talk us through what that was like when you were like, oh, no. Sales can actually really benefit from AI.

Jérémy Grandillon [00:06:14]:

Yeah. Yeah. Actually, funny funny story. It’s, for the 1st month of this explosion of AI, I was, like, in the hesitant 1 And I was like, okay. Is it what is this buzz? Well, it’s it’s just hype. but, yes, after what I I take a I took a look. a bit closer in it. And, yeah, I found that, it would definitely up to reduce the time of, sort of repetitive tasks. so if there is any salespeople in the audience, they know that you this is time consuming. You need to if you want to do it well, you have to personalize everything. I’m speaking more more specific speak specifically to about sales prospecting, but, yeah, you need to pro you need to personalize, everything. And it’s very time consuming, and AI can just literally do more than the the alphabet.

Using AI to speed up repetitive tasks 

Jordan Wilson [00:07:09]:

Yeah. Let’s let’s talk about that because I know that probably a lot of people joining us live here on the show do have some experience in sales, but maybe Jeremy, for those that don’t, let’s kind of go through maybe what some of those more repetitive tasks are or some of those more time consuming things. And then let’s also talk about how AI can help specifically in those in those areas. So whether it’s it’s it’s a different tool, software technique, but, yeah, what are those more repetitive tasks and then how can people use AI to help help make it better?

Jérémy Grandillon [00:07:45]:

Yeah. I think the first, the obvious thing is about copywriting when you are writing some offer when you are writing some, messages called messages, warm messages. You want it to be properly write it. So Chargebee or Claude, which is pretty good in copywriting, can really be helpful in this and save you a lot of time making templates or just you can just drive, write a draft and put it in the in the tool and and it would be better. so this is the first thing. I think it’s free time time saving. The second thing I see is in sales prospecting. So it’s a lot to say in here. starting with ICP, ideal customer profiles. if you want to be efficient in sales, you will have to target the right people for your offer. And, building actually the ICP is not that easy. and AI can be really helpful. it depends if you already have customers, you can just extract the data from your CRM, for example, and put it in a code interpreter in Chargebee plus and, just ask what are the common common interest of my customers, what are, I don’t know, anything. You can ask, just give me 10 analysis of this data, and it would provide you some things you will you would ever think about. So this is really super super powerful. if you don’t have any customer yet, you can also use your guts, obviously. try to make some research, but also use, use, a strategy peachy plus or or or anything also on also chat to craft your ICP, like, okay. This is my offer. this is the value I want to share. Who is the perfect profile, that I should target, and it will help you to to craft your ICP. I think it’s a this is the the first step, which is very important if you want to make some sales prospecting, and, it’s it’s super helpful.

How AI can boost sales

Jordan Wilson [00:09:45]:

Yeah. And, I think even in my own experience, Jeremy, I’ve I’ve seen a lot of people in sales. It seems like using AI can can be somewhat divisive because I think that there’s people that have maybe been in sales for a very long time and and and they say, hey, AI systems can’t, you know, understand my customers like I can, or they can’t help me, you know, AI can’t help write an email like I can because I’ve been in sales for, you know, multiple decades. not asking you to respond to that hypothetical, but If someone is kind of in that line of thinking, what’s, advice or maybe even from your own experience what would you offer to say, hey. Actually, AI is pretty good, when it comes to sales.

Jérémy Grandillon [00:10:37]:

Yeah. I think that’s the good thing in this right way to see it is, you should see the AI tools, any AI tools as an assistant, a super assistant, actually. And these people say, okay. I’m I’m I’m writing my own emails. Yeah. They probably have sometimes they have an assistant or human assistant. And it can do the same even more. So you can see it like this, and I think it’s it would be super helpful. You can in in sales, in the sales world, as I said, you do a lot of repetitive tasks, and it’s time consuming. And and sometimes you want to do more, but you can’t because this is the end of the day. And, your super assistant can do the repetitive task for you, and you can focus on what is very valuable in your job. So, yeah, I would I would I would say that to these people.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:26]:

Yeah. and and and just as a reminder, thank you all for still sticking with us as we had some technical difficulties this morning. So If you do have questions, for for Jeremy, please go ahead and drop them in now as we as we go through them. So great question here from from Brian Jeremy. So, Brian is asking, do you combine automation tools with AI? And if so, how?

Jérémy Grandillon [00:11:52]:

not yet. I’ve seen I’ve seen some stuff on this. I think you can, for example, enrich your prospect clicks, your ICP lists, with information based on, I don’t know, LinkedIn or even Google or or whatever. I have a a tool to to share with you in this topic, but afterwards. And, and yes, yes, you can you can boost it with automation, I think. But my advice in this would be before automate or even use AI, actually, in any field or any topic, you should first improve your skills and your knowledge to master it because if you are doing the wrong thing and you automate it, will just spread the a mistake, a lot. And this is kind of risky, so be sure to, yeah, do it in your sandbox first. Try a bit, and then you can, you know, scale.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:51]:

Yeah. Ahmed Ahmed here, saying, you know, the advice is just try ChatGPT. You know, that’s it’s it’s actually, like, it sounds funny. but you’d be surprised. I think how many people still learn about chat, GBT, and they hear it. And maybe they even talk about it, but they’re not using it. so Jeremy, I’m actually curious. What’s what’s kind of the best way that you’re using, chat GPT? So you kind of, you know, gave an example of using the the mode formally called code interpreter. It’s called something else now, but to use code interpreter to essentially you know, crunch, you know, sales data, but what other kind of easy or practical, ways are there for people to use, chat to be to improve their sales or marketing?

Jérémy Grandillon [00:13:38]:

Yeah. I think to to refine and improve their ICPs, it would be a good start, just asking it. Okay. Here here is my ICP. I’m setting this and this. what do you think? That would be a first step. Would be in I think it would be in thing. you could also do the same thing with your current, you know, call call demating or call messages, on Indian sequences, you could say, okay. This one is performing that well. This other one is performing that well. Give me an analyze of this. that would be helpful. I think, what else you can improve your copywriting, of course. and then I have some some inside, but it would involve code interpreters. So you tell me.

Tools for email and automation

Jordan Wilson [00:14:21]:

Yeah. Val here are the great comments saying, he uses ChatGPT GBT and his sales process to determine if certain customers really fit, the ICP, which is which is a great a great use case. and then, Audrey. Alright. We gotta ask this because Audrey, Audrey, thank you for joining us. So Audrey’s asking Do you know of any tools that are great for building an automated flow? We’re waiting. I think I think you’re teasing a couple, but, you you know, what what kind of tools might help with automation. And, you know, I know automation can be a a tricky subject because not all platforms encourage it. but, you know, even just within marketing automation, tools like Zapier, you know, web scraping, Jeremy, do you have any tools you know, that you might be able to recommend whether they’re more AI or more automation that can really help in the sales process.

Jérémy Grandillon [00:15:12]:

Okay. Okay. I I will share some gems here. So, okay, I, when you are going to send your first email, your first messages, you want to create a good, icebreaker. So I’m thinking of a tool named human linker, which is actually a a Chrome extension, and it can scrap data from LinkedIn. So you go you’re going to your prospect LinkedIn page, and it will scrap the information you need from it, but also add also information, like what kind of tone of voice I should use with this, profile. yeah, that’s it. what are the latest news of the industry? What are the latest news of the company of this prospect etcetera. So this is really, really helpful. It will save you a lot of time to, you know, craft to write, icebreakers. then I’m I’m using also sometimes, another tool named broseai, which is an automation tool, actually, boosted with AI. and it allows you to monitor some information. Let’s say, for example, you are setting something related to HR, you can just monitor website of your target and see when they are recruiting. For example, if they’re HR page is changing. So this is this is kind of helpful too. It can be, at least, regarding automation, of course, you have to send these messages, you you can send this, this email. So lemlist is the first coming in my mind. it’s also powered by by AI. So this is kind of powerful. I think it’s it’s super super helpful. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. This one.

Balancing tools and personal connection in sales

Jordan Wilson [00:17:02]:

We finally we finally got a little bit out of you. We got a little bit out of you. You know, Audrey Audrey had to pry, a little bit there, but, Thank you, Jeremy, for for for sharing some of your, tools. So I guess I’ll ask this. So I think one thing especially in sales and marketing, people sometimes always like to, you know, always find the next tool for this or tool for that. what’s what’s your best advice for people to balance between, you know, jumping all of these, you know, jumping between all of these different softwares and all of these different, you know, SAS products with still being able to keep in touch, you know, with the person that they may be selling to. So how can people find that right balance, you know, between still using AI and saving time, but still really being in good connection with their customers and with their pain points. How can people do that?

Jérémy Grandillon [00:17:56]:

Yeah. I think at some point, it’s it’s always a human buying from from you, and there’s a human. So you need to maintain this this relationships. This this this has to be true. this can be replaced by AI. So you can automate with AI with tools, all the process. You can, be faster when crafting the messages, scrapping the data to to actually create open this conversation, but at some point, you will have to take it manually because at the at the end, the the the final prospect, if you want him or her to become your client, a customer, they want to buy from you, not a not a robot. So I think that’s that could be a good, you know, trigger.

Jérémy’s advice on personalized sales

Jordan Wilson [00:18:44]:

Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. So we’ve we’ve been through a lot in this call, Jeremy. We’ve we we’ve talked about different tools. We’ve talked about chat GPT. We’ve talked about trying to balance, you know, AI and automation with, you know, keeping keeping in in close contact with what your customer actually wants. so so what what would be kind of your your one tech, your one takeaway for people or your one piece of advice? So if they’ve listened to you and if they feel excited, about being able now to go tap into, you know, new tools or techniques. What’s kind of that one piece of advice that you hope people can follow to have, you know, more personalized marketing and and sales copy, to to help improve, to improve their business.

Jérémy Grandillon [00:19:30]:

I have 2 pieces of advice in this in this topic in this area. the first one is first do it manually. just learn about it. don’t don’t burn steps. It’s it’s really important because I said it before, you will you will replicate a mistake, probably. So first, master it’s mana master’s and knowledge master’s, the the process. And, and the second one is test test, you won’t find the right, email sequence. In the first time, you won’t find the right script called call in the first time. So you have to iterate and and and be, yeah, persistent. it’s not an easy job. You will have a lot of no before you have a a yes, so keep going.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:15]:

Yeah. That’s that’s that’s a great point. You know, I think in sales and marketing, people can just be a little scared of of the nose, but, you know, like like Jeremy just said there, that’s great advice. you’re gonna hear a lot of nos and and see a lot of nos on your screen before you get that. Yes. so so, Jeremy, thank you so much for joining the, the everyday I show, the live show because, hey, as we saw, sometimes, sometimes you get hiccups. but, hey, thank you so much. And, for for joining and very excited for your new venture, which we’re gonna be sharing about. So make sure, make sure you go to your everyday ai.com sign up for the free daily newsletter. Jeremy’s got some exciting things coming with his business that we’ll be sharing about. So, Jeremy, thank you again for joining us on the show.

Jérémy Grandillon [00:20:58]:

Thank you very much. Thank you.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:00]:

Alright. And, hey, like I just said, thank you for sticking with us. Even though we had a couple hiccups in there, and, dude, please go to your everyday ai.com. We have a lot of other great live shows for you in store this week with hopefully fewer technical issues. So we hope to see you back then. and every other day for everyday AI. Thanks y’all.

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